Information under section 4 (1)(b) of the Right to Information Act

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Information under section 4 (1)(b) of the Right to Information Act

     Information under section 4 (1)(b) of the Right to Information Act, 2005

    Item Provision Details


    4.b.i The particulars of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has organization functions and been established under THE SMALL INDUSTRIES duties DEVELOPMENT BANK OF INDIA ACT, 1989 with its Head

    office at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh [hitherto referred to as

    “The Bank”] .


    SIDBI is the principal financial institution for the promotion,

    financing and development of industry in the small-scale

    sector and to co-ordinate the functions of the institutions

    engaged in the promotion, financing or developing industry

    in the small-scale sector and for matters connected

    therewith or incidental thereto. The Bank has also been

    authorised by Government of India (GoI) to provide financial

    assistance to small and medium enterprises.

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    4.b.ii The powers and duties of All the officers of the Bank have certain specified duties and

    its officers and employees delegated powers as required for the day-to-day functions

    depending upon their positions/area of work. The Board

    decides the delegation of such powers of various grades of

    officials. These powers are reviewed / revised, depending

    upon the organization’s requirement and also Government /

    RBI guidelines.;

    4.b.iii The procedure followed in There is a well defined system in the Bank regarding the decision making decision making process. The Bank follows a committee

    process, including based approach for all its lending decisions wherein

    channels of supervision Credit/Settlement committees have been set up right from

    and accountability. branch level depending upon the nature and size of loan.

    Branches receive applications for credit facilities and

    recommend to the appropriate sanctioning authority. In the

    case of major loan products applications are processed at

    branches and Centralised Credit Processing Cells.

    There is a defined organizational structure and clear system

    of accountability based on RBI / CVC guidelines. All credit

    decisions approved by any sanctioning authority are

    reported to the next higher authority for control / monitoring

    purpose. The system of exercising proper delegation of

    power and submission of control reports is in place and they

    are monitored by control officers.

    Administrative decisions are taken at various levels of

    Officers and also by Executive Directors and Chairman &

    Managing Director as per the powers delegated to them by

    the Board.;

    4.b.iv The norms set by the The policies and norms are duly approved by the Board of

    Bank for the discharge of Directors of the Bank and necessary instructions are issued

    its functions. by the Bank’s Policy Departments to the Zonal

    offices/Regional Office/branches and other Depts of the

    Bank. Major policies of the Bank are also made available at

    the Bank’s website from time to time.; 4.b.v The rules, regulations, There are a number of documents like manuals, book of

    instructions, manuals and instructions, codified circulars, delegation of powers,

    records, held by the Bank subordinate legislations etc. issued for internal use by the

    or under its control or employees for discharging various functions.

    used by its employees for

    discharging its functions. A statement of the The documents being obtained at the time of lending are categories of documents preserved at the respective branch offices of the Bank. The that are held by the Bank Bank maintains register of share holders and record of or under its control. proceedings of the Board meetings at its Head Office at


    4.b.vii The particulars of any The Bank’s shareholders are IDBI, LIC, GIC, other arrangement that exists Nationalised Banks / FIs. Representatives of the for consultation with, or shareholders and Industry Association / SSI Sector are representation by, the members on the Board of Directors. The issues concerning members of the public in the policies can be raised by the shareholders in the Annual relation to the formulation General Meetings of the Bank and by members in the Board of its policy or meetings. The Bank also publishes its quarterly and annual implementation thereof. results/reports in the Bank's website and in the news


    4.b.viii A statement of the boards, The Bank has the following bodies:

    councils, committees and

    other bodies consisting of 1. Board of Directors.

    two or more persons

    constituted as its part or 2. Executive Committee

    for the purpose of its 3. Audit Committee advice, and as to whether

    meetings of those boards, 4. Risk Management Committee

    councils, committees and

    other bodies are open to 5. Committee for Supervision of State Financial

    the public, or the minutes Corporations

    of such meetings are

    accessible for public The Board and its Committees meet at regular intervals and

    guide the bank in achieving its objectives. The meetings of

    the Board or Committees are not open to the public and the

    minutes of such meetings are not accessible to public.

    4.b.ix A directory of its officers The list of branches and officers posted therein are available

    and employees. with Zonal / Branch Offices. The list of offices is available at

    the Bank’s website. List of officers is given in the Annexure.

    4.b.x The monthly remuneration The details of Scales of Pay of Officers & Staff are given in

    the Annexure. received by each of its

    officers and employees,

    including the system of

    compensation as provided

    in its regulations

    4.b.xi The budget allocated to There are no plans and budgets for expenditure of public

    each of its agency, money. The provision is not applicable to that extent to the

    indicating the particulars Bank.

    of all plans, proposed

    expenditures and reports

    on disbursements made.

    4.b.xii The manner of execution The Bank does not have its own subsidy programmes or

    of subsidy programmes plans for lending activities. However, the Bank is the nodal

    including the amounts agency for implementing GoI sponsored schemes like Credit

    allocated and the details Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS), Technology

    of beneficiaries of such Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) & Integrated

    programmes. Development of Leather Sector (IDLS). Details / provisions

    of these schemes are available at the Bank’s website.;

    4.b.xiii Particulars of recipients of There is no programme in the Bank for grant of

    concession, permits or concessions, permits, authorization etc.

    authorizations granted by


    4.b.xiv Details in respect of the The general information regarding deposits, advances and

    information available to or other services offered by the Bank are available at the

    held by it, reduced in an Bank’s website..

    electronic form.

    4.b.xv The particulars of facilities The facilities for availing information are available to citizens

    available to citizens for at the Bank’s website. Public can also approach CPIO /

    obtaining information CAPIOs of the Bank whose addresses are given at the

    including the working Bank’s website. Bank does not maintain any library or

    hours of a library or reading room for public use.

    reading room, if

    maintained for public use.

    4.b.xvi The names, designations In-charges of branch offices have been designated as the

    and other particulars of CAPIOs for their respective areas and General Manager at

    the public Information HO, Lucknow has been designated as CPIO. The

    officers addresses of the Bank offices are available at its website i.e.

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