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    I, Mrs. Prajna Bajaj W/o ……………………………. resident of E-6/4, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057 do hereby solemnly affirm, declare and swear as under:

    i. That I had booked a plot admeasuring …………. sq. mtr. (250 sq. yds. (Approx.)

    with M/s Business Park Town Planners Ltd. in their project named “Parklands”, at

    Faridabad, which is a duly Licenced Colony and Licences have been issued by the

    Government of Haryana in the name of its associate Company Namely, M/s

    Countrywide Promoters Pvt. Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Subsequently, a plot

    bearing No.C3-13 admeasuring ……….. sq. mtr. (250 Sq. yds. (Approx.) in block

    C3 has been tentatively allotted to me in “Parklands”, at Faridabad. M/s Business

    Park Town Planners Ltd., M/s Countrywide Promoters Private Ltd., their

    associate Companies and the individuals in whose names the licenses have been

    granted by Director Town and Country Planning Haryana, shall hereinafter

    collectively be referred to as the “Colonizer”.

ii. That the Colonizer has offered me allotment of the above mentioned plot vide

    their letter dated 9/10/2006 subject to my making timely payments of basic cost

    and other charges as mentioned hereinbelow:


    SN Stage Percentage of Basic Allied Chargers

    Sale Price

    1. On or before execution of this 50% 25% EDC

    Plot Buyer’s Agreement. 100% PLC

    50% IDC 2. Marking of Roads* 10% 25% EDC

    50% IDC 3. Marking of Plots* 10% 25% EDC 4. Development of Parks* 10% 25% EDC 5. Laying of Water and Sewer 7.5% PBIC


    6. Laying of Roads* 7.5% CMC 7. On offer of Possession 5% IBMS+UCC+MC+SF+CD

* All the above payments shall be made on the commencement of respective work in the



    HEAD RATE Basic Sale Price

    External Development Charges (EDC) Rs. 1024/- per sq. yds. Infrastructure Development Charges (IDC) Rs. 445/- per sq. yds. Preferential Location Charges (PLC) (i) 5% of total Basic Sale Price in multiples Park Facing (ii) Corner Plot (iii) Plots on for each PLC. road over 12 mtrs. in width

    Club Membership Charges (CMC) Rs. 75000/- per dwelling unit. (Optional)

    Utility Connection Charges (UCC) Rs. 15000/- per plot. Interest Bearing Maintenances Security @ Rs. 200/- per sq. yds. Deposit (IBMS)

    Maintenance Charges (MC) on or before As may be levied by the Maintenance

    possession Agency at the relevant time. Sinking Fund (SF) on or before possession As may be levied by the Maintenance

    Agency at the relevant time. Refundable Contingency Deposit (interest As may be levied by the Maintenance

    free) to be paid before taking possession. Agency at the relevant time. (CD)

iii. That I agree to make the following payments in addition to the amounts stated


     Electrification Charges that include prorate cost of purchasing and installing

    transformer, charges towards construction and installing Effluent Treatment

    Plant/Pollution Control Devices, Firefighting Charges, Maintenance Charges etc.

    as maybe levied in the Maintenance Agreement. That I further undertake to make

    all payments within 15 days of intimation of starting of all stages as mentioned in the payment plan and also that all payments have to be made by Draft/Cheque favoring M/s Business Park Town Planners Ltd. payable at New Delhi.

    iv. That I further undertake to make the payments in respect of the Utility Connection

    Charges i.e. for Water Connection Charges, Sewer Connection Charges, Storm Water Connection Charges, Road Cutting Charges.

    v. That I fully understand and agree that timely payment of basic sale price and other

    allied charges and taxes is the essence of this transaction failing which the Company shall have the full right to cancel/terminate my allotment and forfeit the Earnest Money and other charges which is based on my fulfilling all the representations made by me herein.

    vi. That I shall execute the maintenance agreement in the standard format with the

    maintenance service provider designated/nominated by the Colonizer and make all payments including but not limited to Security Deposit, monthly Maintenance Charges, Capital Cost towards purchase & Installation of D.G. Sets for Power Back-up and other Services, Sinking Fund towards Depreciation of Plant and Machinery and Contingency Deposit etc., as and when demanded by the maintenance service provider / colonizer.

    vii. That I agree to make the payment of basic sale price, EDC, PLC, Infrastructure

    Development Charges, VAT, Maintenance Charges & Security Deposit, and Any Fresh Incidence of Tax as maybe levied by the Government of Haryana / Competent Authority, as and when demanded by the Colonizer.

    viii. That the Colonizer has expressly clarified that the Colonizer is developing the

    Parklands in accordance with the tentative and consolidated layout plans submitted to the Competent / Statutory Authority for final approval and the location of the said plot offered to me may change due to any

    modification(s)/revision(s), in the Layout Plan of the said Licensed Colony under instructions from the appropriate government authority or otherwise at the discretion of the Colonizer. However, in case due to such

    modification(s)/revision(s), I am allotted a plot which is preferentially located, I undertake to pay the preferential location charges for the same.

    ix. That having understood the above clarifications and in token of my acceptance

    thereof, I have simultaneously executed an Undertaking to this effect and have agreed that in the event of modification in the Layout Plan of the Licensed Colony whether effectuated by the Colonizer of his own accord or under instructions from the appropriate authority, I will accept the alternatively allotted plot at such changed location as demarcated and offered to me by the Colonizer and shall not object to it in any manner and in fact do hereby give my consent to such change in the Layout Plant. I agree if there is any increase or decrease in the area of the said

    Plot, revised price shall proportionally be determined by the Company on the

    basis of the original rate.

x. That I have read and understood all the terms and conditions contained in the Plot

    Buyer’s Agreement and agree to execute the same as and when desired by the

    Colonizer and I understand and this Allotment is subject to my executing the Plot

    Buyer’s Agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions thereof. As a

    token of my acceptance I have signed the Draft of the said Plot Buyer’s


xi. That I agree and understand that my allotment is subject to compliance of the

    payment plan, the above terms and all the covenants and clauses of the Plot

    Buyers Agreement.





Verified at New Delhi on the ……… day of ……… 2006 that the contents in Para (i) to

    (xi) of the above affidavit are true to my knowledge and correct to the best of my belief.

    No part of it is false and nothing has been concealed by me therefrom.



I, Mrs. Prajna Bajaj W/o ……………………………….. R/o E-6/4, Vasant Vihar, New

    Delhi-110057 do hereby undertake as follows:

1. That I understand that the plot No. C3-13 admeasuring ……. mtrs. (250 sq. yds.)

    approx. in the Licensed Colony “Parklands” at Faridabad is being allotted to me

    by M/s Countrywide Promoters Pvt. Ltd. which is an associate Company of M/s

    Business Park Town Planners Limited “Company”, on the basis of the Layout

    Plan approved by the D.T.C.P. as on date and I hereby undertake that should there

    be any modification/revision in the Layout Plan of the said Licensed Colony in

    the future for any reason whatsoever, then I shall accept such alternative plot at

    the location as may be offered by the Company.

2. That this Undertaking may also be deemed to be my express permission/consent

    to the Licensee(s)/Owner(s)/Seller Company to act on my behalf for relocation of

    the above plot whenever modification of the Layout Plans as approved by the

    DTCP, is necessitated.

3. That I further undertake to indemnify and keep the Licensee(s)/Owner(s)/Seller

    Company indemnified and harmless from all claims, actions or liability arising in

    this regard by any third party whomsoever claiming or purporting to claim

    through me. Furthermore, any party claiming or purporting to claim through me

    shall at all timers be and remain bound by this Undertaking.

Executed by me …………….. on this …………… day of 2006 in the presence of

    following witnesses:





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