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Compiled UML diagrams (sequence, static structure, use case) for all areas of the system (five OOAD (Object-Oriented analysis and design). Oracle 8i

    T. Brent Long, Architect, Sr. Technical Lead, Developer, Manager PO Box 1151, Allen, TX 75013 ? 501-658-1580 or 972-369-6300 ?

    Professional Summary:

    Experienced lead developer/architect using Microsoft technologies. Excellent application, database, and internet design

    and development skills with strong financial and accounting experience. Strong web-based architecture experience including web services and SOAP. Experienced with full life cycle development, including design and development of

    several commercial software products. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written (English and Spanish). Able

    to manage teams of developers and coordinate with multiple stakeholders for implementation of projects. Industry experience includes banking, financial, accounting, medical, educational, entertainment, government, retail,

    supply chain management, telecommunications, human resources and manufacturing. Employment History:

    January 2007 Technologies and Languages: State of New Mexico June 2007 Santa Fe, New Mexico BizTalk, C#, InfoPath 2007, .NET Framework 2.0,

    Type: Contract Sharepoint 2007, SQL Reporting Services, SQL Senior Solutions Architect / Developer Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, WebServices,

    XML, XQuery, XSD. Contact: Filipe ? Design and development of InfoPath forms and web services to support a new trading partner

    Pinto management system. Web services and forms were designed to be very loosely-coupled,

    necessitating a good deal of specialized logic within the InfoPath form code-behind.

    ? Design and development of a Sharepoint portal solution for hosting of trading partner

    management system forms and enhanced collaboration within the Human Services


    ? XML schema design for HIPAA claims processing entities using BizTalk.

    ? Database design implementation including schema collections and heavy use of XQuery. November 2006 Technologies and Languages: Hewlett Packard Corporation January 2007 Palo Alto, California C#, InfoPath 2003/2007, .NET Framework 2.0, Type: Employee Sharepoint 2003/2007 (MOSS), SQL Server 2005, Senior Solutions Architect, North American Visual Studio 2005, WebServices, XML, XSD. Technology Leadership Team Reason for


    Breach of Offer

    Contact: Parag ? Responsible for prescriptive architecture with regard to Sharepoint and Infopath technologies

    Doshi for HP customers in the Americas.

    ? Participated in formulating responses to requests for proposal from companies such as Pfizer,

    California DMV, DeKalb Public Schools and others.

    September 2006 Technologies and Languages: Administaff, Incorporated November Houston, Texas ADO.Net, BizTalk Server, Citrix, C#, Informix, 2006 Infragistics Controls, .NET Framework 2.0, SQL Senior Solutions Architect / Developer Type: Contract Server 2000, Visual Studio 2005, WebServices,

    WinForms, XML, XSD. Reason for




Contact: James ? Development of user controls and middle-tier components for desktop benefits management

    Navaira application.

    ? Schema design and web service implementation for communication with legacy system.

    ? BizTalk mapping to convert legacy data structures into structures suitable for the new system.

    Technologies and Languages: Compassion International March 2005 Colorado Springs, Colorado Present ADO.Net, ASP.Net, BizTalk Server, C#, EDAF,

    EDRA, .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0, SQL Server 7 Senior Solutions Architect / Developer Type: Contract and 2000, SOA, SOAP, Ultimus, Visio, Visual Studio

    2003/2005, WebServices, WinForms, Windows

    Services, XML, XSD. Contact: Dan Fox ? Design and development of services layer for a service-oriented architecture application using

    the Microsoft Enterprise Development Application Framework and Reference Architecture

    components (including EIF and MS Application Blocks).

    ? Conversion of BizTalk schemas to C# .Net schema classes; collaboration with BizTalk and

    Ultimus via WebServices.

    ? Design and development of development utilities including a reflection-based tool used to

    create populated xml documents corresponding to compiled schema classes and a

    deployment tool to push the latest version of files to remote servers.

    ? Design and development of windows service (framework 2.0) to retrieve files from partner

    company website and store them locally.

    ? Design and development of custom XML conversion application to map partner company's

    generic schema into messages ready for processing through the new SOA. September 2005 Technologies and Languages: Anheuser-Busch Enterprise and February 2006 Wholesaler Systems ASP.Net, C#, Oracle 9i, TOAD, Visio, Visual Studio Type: Contract St. Louis, Missouri 2003.

    Reason for Senior Solutions Architect / Developer




    ? Design and development of enterprise-reusable components. Contact: Mike

    Stehr ? Guidance and mentoring of seven developers, including code reviews and conformity to RUP-

    based methodology.

    ? Design and development of chain-of-responsibility application to manage requests for access

    to resources.

    August 2004 Technologies and Languages: Alltel Corporation March 2005 Little Rock, Arkansas ADO.Net, ASP.Net, C#, MS-Access, OOAD, SQL Type: Employee Server 2000, Telnet, UML, VB.Net, VB6, Visio, Senior Solutions Architect / Developer Visual Studio 2003, WinForms, Windows Services, Reason for XML. Departure:


Contact: Bob ? Architecture and development of a code generator application which scans a SQL Server

    Connolly database and creates a web application with editor pages for each object encountered.

    Application also generates header, menu and footer controls as well as stored procedures for

    select, insert, update and delete operations.

    ? Architecture and development of centralized security system for user authentication and

    authorization (single-sign-on system).

    ? Architecture and development of replacement system for an Access97 database application

    used to investigate unlocated toll calls for billing.

    ? Development of application for telnet communication with switches. Application allows for

    manipulation of phone line records within the switch.

    ? Development of stored procedures to allow for manipulation of SQL Server Users/Logins and

    Group membership.

    ? Development work on application for managing and reporting costs based on FCC Part32 and

    Part64 regulations.

    ? Creation and delivery of customized training materials including C# language migration,

    database modeling and coding standards.

    ? Code review and enhancements to remove security flaws and performance issues related to

    state management.

    Technologies and Languages: June 2004 Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks August 2004 St. Louis, Missouri ADO.Net, ASP.Net, C#, OOAD, Service-Oriented

    Architecture, SQL Server 2000, SOAP, SOAP Type: Contract Principal Web Services Architect for Product Extensions, UML, Visio, Visual Studio 2003, Web Collaboration System Reason for Services, WSE, XML. Departure:



    Contact: Denny ? Architecture and development of a service-oriented solution to enable storage of product Boynton information across the enterprise. Compiled UML diagrams (sequence, static structure, use

    case) for all areas of the system (five packages); object model includes 73 classes.

    ? Secured web service with WSE 2.0 using User Name Tokens, Derived Key Tokens and

    Encryption (token-based, later upgraded to x.509 binary cert encryption).

    ? Designed system database using Visio; data model included roughly 50 tables with

    associated indexes, triggers (for auditing purposes) and approximately 50 stored procedures

    and user functions.

    ? Communicated with multiple stakeholders including accounting, marketing and information

    security to assure that model was ready to support future releases without major

    modifications. Worked to assure that methodology and SDLC was compliant with the

    Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

    ? Architected interfaces for an administration application using the web service. Application

    consists of features to create new products/items/PLUs and functions in a very-loosely

    coupled manner to the web service. Wrote helper functions to assist offshore development

    team in manipulation of the object model.

    ? Prescribed best practices for off-shore team including use of base classes, serialization

    issues for state management and re-use of existing assemblies for functionality such as

    logging and security.

    March 2004 Technologies and Languages: Vartec Telecom June 2004 Carrollton, Texas ADO, ASP, ATL, COM, C++, DCOM, Javascript, Type: Contract OOAD, Oracle 8 & 9.2, PVCS, UML, VB, Visio, Principal Architect for DSL/ISP provisioning XML, XSL system enhancements Reason for




Contact: Pat ? Architecture and development of enhancements to existing telephone line provisioning

    Anderson system which will allow client to provide DSL and ISP offerings for the customer. This

    includes refactoring of legacy code where possible. Lead team of ten developers in effort.

    ? Development of Oracle stored procedures, tables, triggers and functions as well as code

    enhancements to C++ console apps to provide functionality for communicating with business

    partner APIs via XML over HTTP.

    ? Modifications to existing ASP and C++ COM object code for API communication with third-

    party vendors using XML.

    ? Architecture of attribute management system to begin migration away from INI file usage.

    Technologies and Languages: January 2004 Fairview, Texas March 2004 ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#, HTML, IIS, .NET

    framework, OOAD, SQL Server 2000, UML, Visio, Principal Architect Type: Contract Visual Studio 2003, XML, XSL Reason for




    Contact: Jeff ? Analyzed business requirements and designed application for interchange of information

    Wielan between individuals driving to various locations and individuals needing transportation.

    Application leverages ASP.NET RAD features including DataGrid, Repeater and Calendar

    controls, as well as custom-built user controls.

    ? Trained development staff for maintenance and enhancement activities. March 2003 Technologies and Languages: CapitalOne Auto Finance Group January 2004 Plano, Texas ADO, ADO.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, C++, COM,

    Type: Contract Crystal Reports, DHTML, Empirix E-Tester Suite, Lead Architect/Developer for Automated Sales HTML, IIS, JavaScript, Merant PVCS Tracker iNet, Force Applications Reason for Mercury (Astra) LoadTest, MSMQ, MS-Departure: Project, .NET Framework, OOAD, Outlook, Remedy, Budget/Rate Seagate Info 7.5, SQL Server 2000, SourceSafe, cuts. UML, VB, VB.NET, VBScript, Visio, Visual Studio

    2003, Windows Services, XML, XML4, XSL

    Contact: Mike ? Architecture and development of aspect-oriented error logging system providing attribute-

    McKiggan based logging of errors to a variety of repositories including error logs, text files, web services

    and tables. Implemented via customized Message Sinks.

    ? Architecture and development of asynchronous processing components for a B2B distributed

    loan origination application. System utilizes MSMQ monitored by a .Net-based Windows

    Service spawning multi-threaded processing objects. Application also relies on .Net

    Remoting to offload captured signature image processing to separate servers. ? Architecture and development of a contact management system to track calls from sales

    representatives to dealerships.

    ? Re-architected and developed a reporting application for area sales managers. Utilized a

    data warehouse approach to reduce risk of impact to OLTP databases. Application

    capitalized on inheritance and encapsulation where possible. Produced project charter,

    architectural design (UML diagramming), technical design and support documentation. ? Designed and implemented a .Net-based Windows Service application (C#) to monitor a

    Crystal-Reports-Info-Desktop-Managed directory on a remote machine and store files as

    image data in a SQL Server database. Timing interval settings were built-in to allow the

    service to run on multiple machines without risk of database table contention. Also delivered

    the application as a C++ console application harnessing a VB6 dll for machines not

    utilizing .Net.

    ? Designed and implemented .Net-based Windows Service application (C#) to copy/move files

    from multiple directories to multiple locations. Service included timing interval manipulation


    ? Designed and implemented multi-threaded report generation harness (C#) to generate reports

    for multiple recipients simultaneously. Application provided timing interval manipulation as

    well an instance throttle to prevent processor over-utilization.

    ? Maintenance of legacy reporting application using Crystal Reports, ASP, SQL Server 2000,

    XML, XSLT.

    ? Enhancements to DTS packages to accommodate changes to data structures.

    May 2001 Technologies and Languages: CitiGroup Citicards Technology March 2003 Irving, Texas ADO, ASP, ASP.NET, Bluegill, C#, C++, COM,

    Type: Contract DCOM, DHTML, HTML, IIS, Java, JavaScript, System Enhancement Project Mercury TestDirector (Web Defect Manager), MS-Manager/Architect/Developer for Private Label Reason for Project, MTS, .NET, OOAD, Oracle, Outlook, Web Applications Departure: 18-Remedy, SOAP, SQL Server, SiteMinder, month contract SourceSafe, Tomcat, UML, Unix, VB, VBScript, limit Vignette, Visio, Visual Studio, Web Services, Win32


    Contact: Steve ? Oversight of maintenance and enhancement projects for Private Label Web Applications.

    Creek This includes research into system enhancements, analysis of security issues and

    coordinating input from multiple internal groups in support of three separate online credit card

    access applications which host nearly 30 separate private label credit cards. ? Built team of developers and drove projects to create intranet applications for use by technical

    support call center associates. Designed applications with a flexible XML-based architecture

    and managed implementation of 25 separate functional units.

    ? Manage eight persons as direct reports plus additional staff as needed from a pool of


    ? Migration of applications to a .NET web services architecture using both VB.NET and C#. ? Account Center Online (user base approximately 1 million)

    Maintained constant communication with business team members for enhancements and

    updates to online credit card access application. Application hosts credit card information for

    multiple credit card brands and allows access to statements, unbilled transactions, payments

    and account maintenance functionality.

    ? Account Online: (user base approximately 2 million)

    Managed project to redesign statement parsing functionality for products hosted on Java/Unix

    platform. Designed and implemented an asynchronous exe-server based statement loading

    system which was able to better-utilize system resources. Redesign resulted in a

    performance increase of more than 700%.

    Designed and developed a VB.NET batch process to load text files received from the

    mainframes into SQL Server databases for cardholder registration.

    Managed database storage reorganization project to consolidate statements and account

    information by product line. Designed and developed a C# application to retrieve data from

    existing locations and transform data to new databases (using SQLClient libraries).

    Worked on SOAP-based web service for communication to multiple mainframe hosts.

    ? Business Strategy

    Driving project to replace third-party statement parsing software with a product from a new

    vendor. New product will improve efficiency and decrease annual license fees. ROI from this

    endeavor will be realized in the first year.

    Driving project to migrate applications from older platforms to the most recent version of our

    applications. When project is complete, we will realize a savings of over $20,000 per month in

    hosting fees as well as additional TCO and infrastructure savings. ? Miscellaneous

    Routinely utilize C#.NET and ADO.NET for creation of internal applications and building

    blocks for enhancements to existing online applications.

    Technologies and Languages: November 1999 Ericsson Telecommunications April 2001 Richardson, Texas (extensive travel) Access, ADO, ASP, CDPD, COM, CSD, DAO,

    HDML, HTML, IIS, Java, Java Servlets, JavaScript, Type: Full-time Presales Technical Manager, Sr. Wireless JSP, MS-Project, MTS, OOAD, Oracle, SQL Server, permanent Solutions Architect for Ericsson Mobile Internet Tomcat, UML, Unix, VB, VBScript, Visio, Visual Consulting Group Reason for Studio, WML, XML, XSL Departure: Entire

    group laid off

    Contact: Wally ? Coordinate application design, development and deployment for operators and content

    Schlaegel providers desiring to enter the wireless internet market. Oversaw development efforts for

    ExpoComm trade show in Mexico City where we featured a number of wireless applications

    including mapping, membership verification, email, package tracking, stock trading, secure

    mobile e-commerce and Prodigy News.

    ? Directed full life-cycle development for Internet World Wireless trade show application.

    Application served mobile clients with pertinent show information, including speakers, events,

    location, hours and registration information. Also included utility for lookup of exhibitors with

    automatic dialing.

    ? Served as technical lead for development and deployment of a wireless B2C service

    application for Intel. Led team of five development and testing personnel. ? Designed solutions to mobilize existing applications; remodeled and optimized application

    architectures; evaluated third-party tools and technologies; provided educational services

    including training of internal staff as well as public speaking engagements to train developers

    and architects (Internet World Wireless and WirelessWorld); participated in proposal drafting

    and responses to RFPs.

    ? Led team of developers in the architecture, design and development of eight separate

    wireless demonstration applications (including mobile instant messaging) for a wide variety of


    ? Managed project to convert construction material ordering system to the platform.

    Application included internationalization (i18n) features to service multiple user communities in

    the European, North and South American regions.

    Technologies and Languages: KPMG for United States Air Force August 1999

    Dayton, Ohio November 1999 ActiveX Controls, ADO, COM, MS-Project, OOAD,

    Sheridan Data Controls, SQL Server, VB, Win32 Technical Lead for the Activity Based Costing Type: Contract API Module of the CASMIS Project Reason for




     ? Led team of four programmers in design/development of business objects and ActiveX Control

    user interface elements for an Activity-based costing application. Application design utilized

    disconnected recordsets to achieve necessary connectivity goals on a server with minimal

    client access licenses. Application coordinates payroll information to activities and events for

    which Air Force personnel expend time, allowing for calculation of activity cost from an all-

    inclusive perspective.

    October 1998 Technologies and Languages: General American Insurance Co. July 1999 St. Louis, Missouri Access, ActiveX Documents, ADO, ASP, COM, Type: Contract Crystal Reports, HTML, MS-Project, OOAD, Lead developer with full SDLC experience, Platinum Enterprise Project Manager, Sheridan Data project management, estimation and Reason for Controls, SQL Server, VB, Visio architecture. Departure:



    Contact: Jeff ? Converted financial recordkeeping package from Access 2.0 to Access 97 and then into

    Cromwell VB/SQL Server environment. Analyzed, documented and managed the delivery of feature

    enhancements to legacy system during its redevelopment in an n-tier architecture.

    ? Business analysis, object identification, system design and implementation of a financial

    recordkeeping package for a commercial investment system tracking over six billion dollars in

    assets. Analyzed business needs and developed business logic components. System

    accommodates a wide range of client-driven versatility while providing a full set of decision

    support functions for management. Provided interface to a mainframe system for

    interoperability with company's accounting package. Completed package with all system

    requirements in place and hired support staff to implement feature enhancements requested

    during development of the system.

    ? Design and implementation of browser-based application that calculates annualized rates of

    return on investments held in 401k plans. System retrieves daily rate information from a

    remote server and manipulates data for consumption by a web interface as well as a

    telephony application. System provides information to an additional application that compiles

    individual benefit reports for plan participants.

    ? Design and implementation of a browser-based bug tracking system supporting multiple users

    and providing prioritization and assignment of issues. System provides a repository of

    debugging information for multiple in-house development efforts. Completed system and

    administered implementation of feature enhancements. April 1998 Technologies and Languages: Computer Paradigm Group October 1998 Las Colinas, Texas Access, Apex TrueDB Suite, ASP, CDO, COM, Type: Full-time Crystal Reports, DAO, DDE, HTML, PawET, Senior consultant, analyst and architect permanent Peachtree, SocketTools, SQL Server, VB Reason for



    Contact: Larry ? Design and development of enterprise-wide invoicing systems, including a package that

    Lassiter collects information from a medical diagnostic machine via a serial communications port,

    processes it into invoices and exports the data to Peachtree Accounting.

    ? Design and development of a complete contact and employee management system

    encapsulating payroll, contact management and hourly billing of clients with multiple billing

    and compensation rates. System also interfaces with Peachtree Accounting and provides

    web access to employees for reporting of hours.

    ? Design of safe-deposit box management system for banking institutions that tracks rent with

    options for ACH payments or direct billing.

    Technologies and Languages: PenteSoft LLC 1995 Present McKinney, Texas Access, ADO, ASP, C#, C++, ChartDirector, COM, Type: Crystal Reports, DAO, DHTML, Drumbeat, President Partnership FrontPage, HDML, HTML, InstallShield, IIS, Interim JavaScript, OOAD, Peachtree, PWS, SourceSafe, consulting and SQL Server, VB, VB Helpwriter, WML, WSE, XML, off-hours XSL development

     ? Business analysis, architecture and implementation of secure (SSL) Diabetes tracking

    application ( utilizing ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000 and C#.

    Application allows secure storage and retrieval of key information related to a diabetic lifestyle,

    including dosage, blood glucose, weight and carbohydrate tracking. Application also provides

    graphing, detailed statistical analysis and collaboration features to allow for transmission of

    data directly to physicians.

    ? Direction of full-scale (concept to shrink-wrap) development efforts for commercial software

    products, most of which are database-related. Design included project specifications and

    architecture descriptions. Full commercial descriptions are available at .

    ? 21Spins: Bingo-style game runs as a Win32 app.

    ? BibleBright: Database-driven study and presentation tool. Presents graphics with text and

    optional sound.

    ? PrayerTracker: Database-driven prayer ministry management software.

    ? QuizTastic: Database-driven Bible Quizzing package. Includes features for score analysis,

    import/export, document generation and question authoring.

    ? Mobile home rental management system that tracks multiple lots, individual rental prices and

    multiple tenants. System also provides for sales of mobile homes financed by lot owners,

    giving flexibility of multiple interest-rates and late fee structures (flat fee or percentage),

    monthly billing and interest calculation with choice of compounding options and annual basis.

    ? Auction administration package tracking bid items, customers, receipts.

    ? Consulting services for small companies.

    1997 1999 Technologies and Languages: Gateway College of Evangelism

    Florissant, Missouri Type: Employee / Access, Crystal Reports, DAO, OOAD, VB Consultant Financial Consultant, Accountant

    Reason for



    ? Oversight of all financial business of the college including payroll. Contact: Tim

    Dugas ? Installed and implemented Local Area Network, and reorganized financial accounting

    procedures using MS-Money and MS-Access.

    ? Business analysis, design and coding of college management system. System tracks

    recruitment and follow-up, student billing and accounts receivable, grading, attendance and

    retail sales of textbooks.

    1994 1997 Technologies and Languages: New Life Center

    Bridgeton, Missouri Type: Employee Access, Crystal Reports, DAO, VB

    Treasurer, Director of Operations Reason for



    ? Oversight of all financial business of the church, daycare and school operations. Contact: Garry

    Tracy ? Reduced facilities budget while improving quality of operational maintenance.

    ? Maintained membership database, implemented payroll tracking software and reorganized

    financial accounting procedures.

    Additional Employers and Freelance Projects

    1986-1994 ? RFD Publications

    Advertising typography and design

    ? Western Specialty Products

    Advertising typography and design

    ? DataPage Technologies

    Book and Manuscript Text conversion and Document Generation

    ? Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Portland, OR

    Document Generation

    ? Hewlett-Packard Medical Products Group, McMinnville, OR

    Mainframe Data Transformation and Document Generation

    ? The Oregonian Newspaper, Portland, OR

    Advertising Typesetting and Design

    ? Executive Printing, Beaverton, OR

    Church contribution recordkeeping system

    ? Technology Enablers Incorporated, Dallas, TX

    Litigation support package for medical industry claims.

    ? Booz Allen Hamilton for Internal Revenue Service, Washington DC

    Architect/Developer for Criminal Investigations Division Education and Certifications:

    1994 1996, St. Louis Community College 2005 St. Louis, MO

    ? Spanish (Fluency both written and spoken)

    ? Introductory French (2005)

    19921996 Gateway College

    Florissant, MO

    ? BA Systematic Theology

    ? AA Education

    ? Class President 1992-1994

    ? President GMA student organization 1994-96

    ? Founded profitable student concession operation

    ? Led most-profitable yearbook advertising sales campaign in college history

    ? Graduated Valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude May 2000 Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

    Dallas, TX

    ? Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures.

    ? Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft? Visual Basic? 6.0.

    ? Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft? Visual Basic? 6.0.

    ? Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft? SQL Server? 7.0.

    Southern Methodist University - Dallas August 2002 Cox School of Business, Dallas, TX

     ? Entrepreneurship and Business

    October 2004 Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .Net (C#)

    Little Rock, AR

    ? Analyzing Requirements and Defining MS .Net Solution Architectures.

    ? Designing and Implementing Web Applications with MS Visual C# & Visual Studio .Net.

    ? Designing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with MS C# & Visual Studio .Net.

    ? Designing and Implementing XML Web Services and Server Components with MS C# &

    the .Net Framework.

    ? Designing and Implementing Databases with MS SQL Server 2000 Enterprise.

    Other Additional Training

    ? .NET Architecture, InfoSystems, Chicago, IL, January 2001

    ? Essential VB.NET, Developmentor, Portland, OR, March 2001

    ? Various Continuing Education courses related to writing, Collin County Community College,

    Plano, TX, Summer 2003

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