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A. Introduction

    The President’s Challenge is an annual series of community–based activities

    initiated by President S R Nathan in 2000. The aims of President’s Challenge are

    twofold; firstly, to increase awareness of how the community can get involved in

    helping the less fortunate and secondly, to raise funds for the social service sector.

    It is hoped that by doing so, a more cohesive society will be created. The Challenge

    also aims to convey that the more able in society have a special responsibility to

    help the rest of society and that all Singaporeans can make a difference in our

    community. The Challenge thus highlights the role of the public, people and private

    sectors in meeting these aims through their participation in the events organised.

2 Prior to the President’s Challenge, there were several charity events carrying

    the President's name organised at different points during the year. President Nathan

    decided to consolidate all these events under a single President's Challenge

    platform and make this the premier annual project for the social services sector to

    rally the public towards helping those in need.

3 President’s Challenge raised just over $12 million for 40 beneficiaries and the

    Community Chest in 2008, and over $70 million for more than 400 beneficiaries

    since 2000.


4 Every year, various agencies will come forward to be involved in organising a

    variety of events under President’s Challenge. These agencies include schools,

    institutions of higher learning, private corporations and public service organisations.

    5 The President’s Challenge Steering Committee, chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS),

    oversees the administration of President’s Challenge. The Steering Committee comprises representatives from major partners that are involved in organising the

    events for President’s Challenge as well as representatives from the National

    Council of Social Service and the President’s Office.



6 Each year, the President selects a list of charitable organisations that are in

    need of funds or have problems raising funds on their own as beneficiaries of

    President’s Challenge.

7 Organisations who wish to be considered for nomination as a President’s

    Challenge beneficiary may fill out the nomination form which can be found at the

    President’s Challenge website at The minimum criterion for eligibility is that organisations must have Institute of Public Character (or IPC) status.

President’s Challenge 2009

8 President’s Challenge 2009 will be held from April to October 2009. However,

    PC events may be held outside this period though it is best to hold your event by

    end October 2009 at the latest so that the proceeds may be submitted before the

    end of the year.

9 This year, we are renewing our focus to reach out to the community to raise

    awareness of the beneficiaries and their causes. We are therefore encouraging

    communitybased events, although we continue to welcome all efforts, big or small.

10 Parties interested in getting involved in the Challenge are welcome to contact:

    President’s Challenge 2009 Secretariat

    c/o Community Relations and Engagement Division

    Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

    512 Thomson Road


    MCYS Building

    Singapore 298136

    Attention: Ms Karen Bartholomeusz

    Tel: 6354 8794




B. Administrative Details

The PC 2009 Secretariat team residing at MCYS consists of Ms Karen

    Bartholomeusz (, tel: 6354 8794) and Mr Mohammad Faizal (, tel: 6354 8348). Our

    fax number is 6256 7250.

Before Your Event

1 GuestofHonour.

    If you wish to invite the President to be the GuestofHonour at your event, President’s Challenge Secretariat may assist you with your invitation by checking on

    President’s availability. Once this is confirmed, you may write in directly to Mrs Doris Tan, Asst Principal Private Secretary (PPS) to The President, The Istana, Orchard

    Road, Singapore 238823. You may also reach her at

    and indicate that you have informed PC Secretariat (Ms Karen Bartholomeusz) of

    your intention to hold an event for President’s Challenge.

2 Event WriteUp.

    Please fill in the template in Annex A and return it to Faizal so we can update it on

    our calendar of events and website.

3 Guidelines on Fundraising

3.1 Funding of fund-raising costs for PC events

    ? Funding for an event/project is subject to a limit of the total expenditure for

    the event/project or 5% of the proceeds from the event, whichever is lower.

    ? For funding exceeding such limit, the fund-raisers have to seek prior

    approval from President’s Office c/o PC Secretariat at least one month

    before the event. Approval will be on a case-by-case basis.

    ? Fund-raisers should not net off expenses from the funds raised, as PC

    had all along operated on the publicly-declared basis of every dollar raised

    going to the beneficiaries. Where special situations make it impractical

    for the gross proceeds to be given to PC (for eg, where a fund-raiser

    allocates only part of amount raised to PC), fund-raisers should obtain the

    PC Secretariat’s prior agreement before proceeding to organise events

    and raise funds under the PC banner. Fund-raisers are not allowed to

    claim any funding for expenses if they have deducted expenses from their

    collections, i.e. they remit only collections (net of expenses) to PC.

    ? When claiming funding for expenses, fund-raisers should submit the final

    consolidated Income and Expenditure statement of their event to the

    Secretariat and, where practicable, supporting documents to substantiate

    the figures. See Annex B for the format for submission of Income and

    Expenditure statement.

3.2 Donations Collected


    Organisers are strongly encouraged to donate all proceeds of your

    fundraising event towards PC. Costs incurred during fundraising may be

    covered either by sponsors, the organiser or reimbursement from MCYS

    (refer to 3.1).

    3.3 Beneficiaries Designated by Fund-raisers

    Fund-raisers may designate not more than one-third of the funds raised by

    their proposed PC event to non-PC beneficiaries. Fund-raisers are to seek

    prior approval from PC Secretariat before the event.

    Also, where an organiser wishes to donate funds to a specific PC beneficiary,

    the total amount donated to that beneficiary should not exceed the final

    amount that the President’s Office will allocate to the said beneficiary (which

    takes into account its budgetary deficit). Funds raised over and above the

    allocated amount may be directed to other PC beneficiaries.

4 Public Fundraising

    If you wish to solicit donations from the public, you need to obtain a public

    fundraising permit from the Singapore Police Force (SPF). This can only be applied 1 Public fundraising for online at

    mainly refers to street and housetohouse collections such as flag days and solicitation of donations from strangers. PC Secretariat will assist in providing a letter

    of confirmation or memorandum of agreement (MOA) for you to expedite your permit application. Take note that the normal processing time for SPF to process this

    permit is 10 working days. Detailed guidelines are below:

4.1 Requirements for License

    4.1.1 A House-to-House & Street Collections (fund raising) license is

    required if:

    ? The proceeds for the fund raising appeal are for charitable causes;

    ? Public participation is required in the fund-raising.

    4.1.2 Applicant must fulfil the following criteria before applying for the


    ? He must be a fit and proper person, e.g. free from criminal records;

    ? If he is a foreigner, he must hold a valid work permit or employment

    pass; and

    ? He must represent a registered business, company, society or

    organization that is promoting the collection.

    ? He also needs to obtain his SingPass (Singapore Personal Access)

    from the nearest CPF office or apply online at in order to apply

    for licence.

4.2 The application should be submitted not later than 14 days (or 10 working

    days) before the proposed date of commencement of the collection.

     1 FAQs and contact information for SPF are available at the top right hand corner of the website.


4.3 A memorandum of agreement from the intended beneficiary (in this case,

    President’s Challenge) acknowledging the fund raising activity to be held in its name

    must be submitted within 5 working days from the date of submission of the

    application. The letter must be faxed or posted together with the acknowledgement

    slip generated by PLUS (Police Licensing CompUterised System) to the following


     Police Licensing Division

     391 New Bridge Road #02-701

     Police Cantonment Complex

     Singapore 088762

     Fax No: 65386647

4.4 For any enquiries, please contact the Licensing Division, Tel: 6835 0000

    Fax: 6226 1089 or email:

    4.4.1 For events that are to be held at shopping centres, housing estates

    and along the road (if booth is to be set up), letters of support are

    required, where applicable, from the management/owner of buildings,

    Town Councils and the Land Transport Authority respectively.

    4.4.2 A person below 16 years of age is not allowed to act as a collector.

    4.4.3 A license holder has to submit a statement of accounts to the

    Licensing Division one-month after the completion of the collection.

    All accounts furnished must be certified by external auditors who are

    members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore.

    4.4.4 In planning for a cost-effective event, as a rule of thumb, the cost

    relating to the organizing of any event should not exceed 30% of the

    proceeds of the collection.

    5 Tax Deduction. To allow your donors to receive double tax deduction for their donation, you would

    need to obtain their personal information such as their full name, NRIC, address and

    contact details. To expedite the issuing of these tax deductible receipts to your

    donors, we need your kind assistance to fill in their personal information in the

    spreadsheet found in Annex C.

5.1 Individual donors do not need to claim deduction for donations in their income

    tax form if they have given their NRIC No. or FIN No. at the point of donation. The

    donation details will be provided to IRAS by the approved IPC and the donation

    deductions will be included automatically in the individual's tax assessment.

5.2 Tax deduction is given for donations made in the preceding year. For

    example, if an individual makes a donation in 2009, tax deduction will be allowed in

     his tax assessment for the Year of Assessment 2010.


5.3 All companies or individuals have to make donation claims in their income tax


5.4 Take note that IRAS has stringent criteria on donations that are eligible for tax

    exemption. Only donations that provide no material benefit to the donor are eligible. For more information on tax exemption eligibility, please refer to the circular from the

    Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) at


    Please contact us or IRAS at 6351 3347 if you have any queries.

6 Public Communications

    You may adapt the information in the introduction (Section A) for your own use in press releases, letters to sponsors etc. Please run all publicity materials by the

    Secretariat at least 2 weeks before you intend to use them.

7 Use of PC Logo.

    You can attach the PC logo to your publicity collaterals relating to your PC event

    only. Please write in to Faizal for the logo, pantone codes and printing colour codes

    via email.

After Your Event

8 Submission of Funds Raised.

    Please submit the proceeds from your event to NCSS within a month of the

    completion of the event. All cheques should be made payable to “President’s Challenge 2009, and sent to the address below.

    President’s Challenge 2009

    c/o National Council of Social Service

    170 Ghim Moh Road


    Singapore 279621

    Attention: Ms Mae Kng

     Partnership Events


    8.1 Please write the name of your event on the back of each cheque to ensure that the correct amount is attributed to your organisation,

8.2 When handing over the proceeds to NCSS, fund-raisers should also enclose

    a cover letter (Annex D) stating the event name, contact details of the person to

    contact for inquiries, and the total amount of the proceeds sent in. The letter should

    also state the method/s used to raise the funds, e.g. outright donations,


merchandise sales, pledges, event registration fees, etc. This will facilitate

    processing of donations for tax exemption eligibility.

8.3 For any inquiries on tax deduction, please contact IRAS at 6351 3347. The

    contact person at NCSS is Mr Lee Ann Kee who can be contacted at 6210 2606 or

9 Reimbursement of Expenses.

9.1 MCYS can process your reimbursement request once all the proceeds have

    been given to NCSS. Please provide an invoice stating the total amount raised and

    submitted to NCSS. Please also submit the final consolidated Income and

    Expenditure statement of your event to the Secretariat and attach copies of

    supporting documents of expenses being claimed Refer to paragraph 3.1.

9.2 Please provide an explanation if the expenses differ significantly (>10%) from

    the estimate provided earlier. Note that MCYS can only transfer funds via InterBank

    Giro (IBG), thus do allow 30 days for the transfer to be executed. We will notify you

    once we initiate the transfer.

10 Contact Details

    Do keep us informed of any changes in your contact information so we can invite

    you to our annual Thank You Reception.


C. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I direct the funds that I have raised to specific beneficiaries on the

    President’s Challenge Beneficiary List?

    A1. Yes. Do inform us beforehand, as we may be able to advise you on the

    amounts you wish to designate based on the needs of the beneficiaries.

    However, as the President’s Office will usually decide on the sum to be

    allocated to the beneficiaries based on the amount they need, there may be

    instances whereby the funds raised by your organisation for a specific

    beneficiary exceeds the amount allocated for it. For such cases, we seek your

    understanding that any amount over and above that allocated be redirected to

    other PC beneficiaries.

Q2. Can I channel some of my proceeds to other charitable causes besides

    President’s Challenge?

    A2. You may direct not more than a third of the funds raised to non-PC

    beneficiaries. Please seek prior approval from PC Secretariat before the

    event. However reimbursement limit for expenses will only take into account

    the portion of funds going towards PC, as it is difficult to justify the

    reimbursement of a large portion of your expenses in this case.

Q3. Does my organisation qualify for tax deduction or can we get a tax

    deductible receipt for the funds donated?

    A3. If the money had come from your organisation, then you may receive a tax

    deductible receipt. If it had come from fundraising from individual donors, then

    these donors are the ones that qualify for tax deduction. Your organisation will

    still receive a receipt (normal) to acknowledge the funds transfer.

Q4. I am not sure who to turn to for help with my queries is it NCSS or


    A4. NCSS handles all matters relating to donations and the submission of

    proceeds. MCYS handles all other matters relating to PC. You may also liaise

    with the President’s Office directly if you are inviting President to your event.


     ANNEX A


Attn: Ms Karen Bartholomeusz (MCYS)


    Fax: 6256 7250

    Add: 512 Thomson Road, MCYS Building, #08-00, Singapore 298136

Thank you for your interest in President’s Challenge! Please provide me with the

    following information of your event:

     Name of Event

     Description of

    < State locations, tentative dates and times, whether you Event

    have secured the approval of the relevant authorities to

    hold your event at that location, how many people are

    involved, estimated costs of holding the event, how you

    intend to cover the administrative costs of running the

    event, whether you are working with any corporate

    sponsors, and provide a brief description of the event >

     Target Amount

    to be Raised

     Name of


     Contact Person

     DID / Mobile



     Mailing Add



Our Reference:

17 June 2010

Ms Mae Kng

    National Council of Social Service

    170 Ghim Moh Road


    Singapore 279621

Dear Mae,


     I am pleased to enclose [a cheque / cheques] for $X raised by the event

    [event name] organised by [event organizer] for President’s Challenge 2009.

2 The method of fundraising was [short description]. The list of individual

    donors [if collected] is attached in the Appendix.

3 Please acknowledge by sending an official receipt to the following address:


4 Do feel free to call me at DID: 6XXX XXXX if you have any queries.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,




cc (by fax) Karen Bartholomeusz (Fax No: 6256 7250)

    President’s Challenge Secretariat 2009

    Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports


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