Fix example 5-4 trunking configuration on 1900

By Loretta Nichols,2014-05-07 12:16
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Fix example 5-4 trunking configuration on 1900

CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide

    Second Edition

    Copyright ? 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc.

     ISBN-10: 1-58720-182-8

    ISBN-13: 978-1-58720-182-0

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    First Printing: August 2007

    th9 Printing

    (Includes previous printings)

Page 110 Table 5-5 the table is inconsistent compared with Cd-only appendix I’s

    table I-7. The table as listed on page 110 is correct.

     stPage 141 1 paragraph after Figure 6-6 the timer is per TCP segment. To fix the

    text, in the first line, change "…sets a retransmission timer…" to "…sets a rdretransmission timer per segment…". In the 3 line, change "…all segments again."

    to "…the segment again."

    th7 Printing

    (Includes previous printings)

    Cisco Press ICND1 Exam Certification Guide Errata

    Last Update: December 4, 2009

Page 117 - Step B - 2nd to last line - The text currently reading "R2 forwards the

    packet..." change the first instance of R2 to R1. The text should now read "R1

    forwards the packet..."

    Page 311 Table 11-6 row whose first column lists DSSS add "802.11g" to the right column.

     strdPage 352 1 paragraph 3 line repeats "two-fifty-five" 4 times it should

    instead list that phrase 3 times, followed by "zero", being the wording version of

    Page 445 - Example 14-4 - 7th highlighted line lists "…", which should instead be "".

     ndPage 461 2 bullet point "…16 seconds ago" should be "…20 seconds ago".

    Pg 472 Figure at bottom of the page The address on R2’s S0/1 interface should be changed from to

     stndPage 501 1 paragraph 2 to last line text "… link between R1 and R4" should instead be "… link between R3 and R4."

     rdthPage 504 example 15-10 3 and 4 lines swap the references between FastEthernet 0/0 and FastEthernet 0/1.

    Pg 604 - Last definition on page - "CSU/DSU" Change the word "digital" to "data".

    th4 Printing

    (Includes previous printings)

     ndndPage 83 table 4-2 2 column, 2-to-last row the speed for an E3 is 34.368 Mbps.

     ndPage 119 paragraph before Step 1 2 line - …Routing protocols follow… " should instead be "…Routers follow…". Then, in steps 2 and 3, change the 1 instance of

    "router" to "routing protocol". (These changes make the distinction that the routing

    protocol does the work in steps 2 and 3, but not in step 1.)

    Page 192 table 7-4 last row, right-most column the distance per the specifications is 5Km, not 10Km.

     rdPage 308 last paragraph 3 line "shortwave" should be replaced with "Ultra

    High Frequency (UHF)".

Page 309 table 11-5 first column "900 Khz" should instead be "900 Mhz". In

    the second column, the "M" in ISM stands for "Medical", not "Mechanical".

Page 430 last line on the page "…about 72 MB…" should instead read "…about

    384 MB…".

    Cisco Press ICND1 Exam Certification Guide Errata

    Last Update: December 4, 2009

Page 456 - table 14-4 RIP-1 column row for "supports autosummarization" the

    cell should list "yes", meaning RIP-1 does support autosummarization.

     thPage 485 Example 15-3 4 line lists "" it should instead be "" to match figure 15-1. Likewise, same page, very last line, replace

    "" with "".

Page 493 Example 15-9 the IP address for interface Fa0/1 should be

    "" instead of "".

     ndndPage 495 2 paragraph 2 line "" should instead be


     thrdPage 495 4 paragraph 3 line "…between and…" rdshould list a 3 octet of "5", not "25", in both numbers.

Page 583 Chapter 11, question 1, answer: Replace answer text with “802.11a uses

    the U-NNI band of frequencies (around 5.4 GHz). 802.11b and 802.11g use the ISM

    band (around 2.4 GHz). 802.11i is a security standard.”

    Appendix F (CD only) page 23 table F-6 Column 2, last row reads "Not shown", but instead should say "12.2(25)SE".

    Appendix F (CD-only) page 16 answer to question 6 reference to "7 seconds" should instead be "9 seconds".

    rd3 Printing

    (Includes previous printings)

    Page 156 figure 6-15 upper left section laptop labeled “PC2” should instead be labeled “PC1”.

Page 278 paragraph after table 10-2 - two instances of the word “enabled” should rdinstead read “disabled”. (1) in the middle of the 3 line: “…CDP can be easily thenabled”, replace “enabled” with “disabled”. (2) towards the end of the 6 line:

    “Otherwise, CDP can be enabled…”, again replace “enabled” with “disabled”.

Page 279 figure 10-2 the PC in the upper left should be labeled “Fred”, with MAC

    address “0200.1111.1111”.

     ndPage 286 paragraph before figure 10-3 2 line “…duplex half…” should instead be “…duplex full…”

Page 394 table 12-40 the table should have 10 highlighted lines, as follows,

    based on the first column: Tables 12-2, 12-3, 12-4, 12-9, the lists on pages 356,

    358, and 359, table 12-12, and the two entries labeled as “paragraph”.

    Pages 492 and 494 figures 15-5 and 15-6 PC11, near the upper left of the figure, should have IP address, in both figures. As currently listed with IP

    address, PC11 would not be in the same subnet as R1’s Fa0/0


    Cisco Press ICND1 Exam Certification Guide Errata

    Last Update: December 4, 2009

Page 493 Example 15-9 the two “interface serial…” commands refer to the wrong

    serial interfaces instead of serial 0/0/0 and 0/1/0, the example should list serial

    0/0/1 and 0/1/1, respectively.

Page 494 figure 15-6 upper right part of figure text “Subnet /24

    should instead end in “…/28”.

    nd2 Printing

    (Includes previous printings)

    Page 440 figure 14-1 Router “Seville” – IP address should end in “253” instead of “252”.

    Page 492 figure 15-5 the two bottom routers should be labeled “R3” and “R4”, instead of “R1” and “R2”, respectively.

Page 178 figure 7-6 wrong figure. The correct figure is:

Page 207 last two entries in the bullet list should read “No parity bits” and “1 stop


    Cisco Press ICND1 Exam Certification Guide Errata

    Last Update: December 4, 2009

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