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    280 River Road, Apartment 61-A

    Piscataway, NJ 08854


Summary of Experience

    Philip Thompson has 3.5 years of bridge inspection, bridge and building design, and construction experience as a Structural Engineer. Mr. Thompson’s experience includes inspection of steel multi-girder bridges, prestressed

    concrete multi-girder bridges, steel bracing systems, Girder/Floorbeam/Stringer steel bridges, masonry arch bridges, reinforced concrete culverts, steel deck trusses, and suspension bridges. Philip has been involved with the design of modern bridge substructure, superstructure and wall systems as well as retrofit of existing structures for AASHTO, AREMA, AISC, and ACI LRFD requirements as well as experience with ASD and LFD approaches. Philip also has experience in Railroad and Highway construction, operations, and construction support coordination and review. Philip has extensive knowledge of various design, geometric, and scheduling software packages, including STAAD, SAP2000, GTStrudl, Leap Bridge, Seisab, COGOPC, MathCAD, Excel, Microstation, InRoads, AutoCAD, Autodesk Land Desktop, Primavera, as well as Excel, Microstation, and MathCAD Visual Basic for Applications programming. Philip’s graduate research involved an in depth evaluation of the Proposed

    AASHTO Guide Specification for LRFD Seismic Bridge Design.

Graduate Coursework

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

    Prestressed Concrete Design

    Advanced Construction Engineering Management

    Advanced Steel Design (Including Plates and Shells)

    Advanced Structural Analysis

    Finite Element Method

    Design for Lateral Loads (Dynamics and Seismic Design)

    Advanced Foundations

    Bridge Design I

    Special Project (See Abstract Below)

Abstract - “An Evaluation of the Proposed AASHTO Guide Specification for LRFD Seismic Bridge Design”

    The AASHTO T-3 Committee for Seismic Design has adopted and is soon to publish the AASHTO Guide Specifications for LRFD Seismic Bridge Design (T-3 Guide Spec) The T-3 Guide Spec will introduce new design, analysis, and detailing requirements as well as alter the source of hazard information and definition of Design Spectra Curves for use in the design of highway bridges. This study intends to investigate the seismic performance of four structure types during seismic events prescribed by the T-3 Guide Spec for each of the four Seismic Design Categories (SDC’s). The structures will be modeled utilizing SAP2000 Finite Element Modeling thsoftware. The pier columns for each structure will be proportioned to sustain AASHTO 4 Edition LRFD Strength I

    load levels, and will then be verified for Extreme Event I in accordance with the T-3 Guide Spec. Each section of the T-3 Guide Spec will be discussed through the progression of this study during the description of the models, the determination of the anticipated loads, and the analysis and design of column components. The finite element models will be utilized to determined the Strength I load levels and Extreme Event I displacement demands for each SDC. The Portland Cement Association’s PCA Column software will be used for the initial proportioning of columns, and the SAP2000 CSI Section Designer will be utilized to perform moment curvature analysis for the column sections used. The columns will be re-proportioned for the elastic performance of the structures in thaccordance with the most recent AASHTO LRFD Interim Seismic Provisions (4 Edition LRFD, through 2008

    Interims). The quantities of concrete and reinforcement, the level of analysis and design effort, and the displacement performance versus quantities will be compared between structure types, SDC’s, and structural systems. Finally, recommendations for designs and analyses will be given.

Detailed Project Experience

    South Jersey Transportation Authority, Atlantic City Expressway Westbound Widening Section 2, NJ Structural Engineer for the widening of the Westbound roadway of the Atlantic City Expressway from milepost 17 to 31. Design responsibilities include the checking of prestressed concrete AASHTO Type II beams, deck and abutment design, and horizontal and vertical geometry for the widening of one structure as well as the checking of the design for the lengthening of two culverts.

    New Jersey Turnpike, Interchange 6-9 Widening Program Contract 201, New Jersey Turnpike, NJ Structural Engineer providing construction support coordination for the first contract of Section 2 of the New Jersey Turnpike’s 6 to 9 Widening Program. Acts as liaison between the AECOM design team and the Widening Program’s Construction Management team to expedite the review of shop drawings and responses to RFI’s. Responsibilities include the coordination of shop drawing and RFI reviews with the multidisciplinary design team, correspondence with the Turnpike’s Resident Engineer and Contractor on behalf of AECOM, and overseeing the

    implementation of AECOM Document Control Standards for project correspondence.

    New Jersey Department of Transportation, Culvert Replacement Program, Southern New Jersey Structural

    Engineer for the structural assessment and replacement prioritization for 18 culverts across Southern and Central NJ. Responsibilities include an existing condition assessments of each culvert with roadway and environmental experts to determine the need and feasibility of a quick replacement.

    Somerset County, Blazier Road Over Dock Watch Hollow Brook, Warren Township, NJ. Structural Engineer

    for the replacement of the existing Blazier Road Bridge Over Dock Watch Hollow Brook with a laminated timber superstructure. Responsibilities included review of contract drawings, bar list, bridge geometry, and abutment design, as well as the design of the laminated timber superstructure for HS-25 loading.

    Quanta Services, Wilderness Fiber Optic Line, Phillipsburg to Carteret, NJ. Structural Engineer providing

    structural engineering support for the 60 mile New Jersey leg of this fiber optic line which will stretch the approximately 500 miles from Cleveland, OH to Carteret, NJ. Responsibilities include support for the design of bridge attachments and horizontal directional bores beneath bridges, interchanges, and waterways, as well as route planning to minimize permitting and bridge attachment requirements.

    New Jersey Department of Transportation, Route 1 Over The Millstone River, West Windsor, NJ. Structural

    Engineer providing construction support coordination for the fast paced staged replacement of the Route 1 bridge over The Millstone River in Lawrenceville and West Windsor, NJ. Responsibilities include the coordination of shop drawing and RFI reviews with the multidisciplinary design team, review of Shop Drawings and RFI’s for structural tasks, as well as overseeing the implementation of AECOM Document Control Standards for project correspondence.

    New Jersey Department of Transportation, Roff Avenue Over Route 46, Palisades Park, NJ. Structural

    Engineer for the superstructure replacement of Roff Avenue Over Route 46 with responsibilities including production of contract drawings for proposed architectural parapets to match the existing historic parapets, design of the architectural parapets for induced loads due to the addition of proposed light poles and sign support structures, calculation of deck elevations, and development of the architectural parapet bar list.

    New Jersey Department of Transportation, N. Marginal Street Over Park Avenue, Weehawken, NJ.

    Structural Engineer for the bridge deck replacement of this historic bridge on the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel to NYC. Responsibilities included calculation of deck elevations, development of bar list, determination of change in deflection due to deck removal for the elevated structure supported by the N. Marginal Bridge, as well as coordination of special provisions, NJDOT production checklists, and submission package.

    George Harms Construction Co. Inc., Rt. 1&9T St Paul’s Viaduct Replacement, Jersey City, NJ. Structural

    Engineer providing construction support for the NJDOT’s replacement of Route 1&9T over St Paul’s Avenue, NJTransit, and Conrail Shared Assets. Responsibilities for this GEC contract have included Finite Element Modeling of the 8 span non-prismatic horizontally curved bridge for staged construction to determine loads to temporary shoring piers, verification of the stability of a balanced cantilever erection scheme on a single column pier, and Finite Element Modeling and structural design of a rigid frame shoring tower for the demolition and replacement of a reinforced concrete pier.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Section 2 Widening, New Jersey Turnpike, NJ. Structural Engineer for

    Section 2 of the New Jersey Turnpike Widening Program which includes 12 bridges and over 2000 linear feet of proprietary and cast in place cantilever retaining walls. Responsibilities have included calculation of bridge geometry and vertical clearances, Finite Element Analysis of multiple span integral bridges with integral piers for seismic effects and substructure loading, cost estimating for bridges and walls, design of jacking diaphragms for future bearing replacement, design of bridge bearings and anchor bolt connections as well as preparation and review of contract drawings.

    Kiewit, Cross Hudson Cable Project, Ridgefield, NJ to New York City, NY. Structural Engineer for this design

    build installation of an 8 mile 345 kV electrical conduit running from Ridgefield, NJ under the Hudson River and into Manhattan. Structural tasks included the design of duct bank in embankments, design of a one mile stretch of railroad tunnel duct bank for train derailment loading and falling rock loads, Finite Element Analysis and design of two types of buried vaults for AASHTO and AREMA loading conditions, as well as two utility bridges spanning up to 120 feet.

    CSX Transportation, Construction Monitoring Services, New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area. Structural Engineer and Construction Monitoring Representative providing construction support, coordination, and oversight for CSX Transportation. Responsibilities include project and flagging coordination, monitoring of railroad sensitive construction, and reporting on various outside party construction contracts on the behalf of CSXT. Acts as liaison between project sponsors, contractors, CE&I engineers, and the CSXT staff. Holds preconstruction meetings with parties involved with each project to layout guidelines, requirements, and expectations of CSXT regarding impact to railway operations. Monitors each project for compliance with CSXT directives and the approved means and methods for construction. Projects have included: New Jersey Turnpike Deck Repair over the North Bergen CSX Intermodal Facility, TBTA Triboro Bridge Bearing Replacement and Seismic Retrofit over thCSXT, NYCDOT Willis Avenue Bridge Replacement over the Harlem River, NYCDOT 145 Street Bridge

    Replacement over the Harlem River, NYCDOT BQE Widening Phase 2 Bridge Replacements over CSXT, NYCDOT Repairs to the Metropolitan Avenue Bridge over CSXT, City of Poughkeepsie Walkway over the Hudson Project, NYSDOT Newburgh Beacon Bridge Deck Joint Replacement, NYSDOT Short Clove Road Bridge over CSXT, NJDOT Greenwood and Van Dyke Bridge Replacements, NJDOT Route 80 Bridge Painting, NJDOT Route 46 Pier Repair adjacent to CSXT, as well as various pipe jacking and tunnel boring projects under CSXT.

    NYSDOT, Brooklyn Bridge Special Inspection, New York City, NY. Assistant Team Leader for the inspection

    of the 210ft Franklin Square Span (Span 35) of the Brooklyn Bridge. Tasks included the general inspection of the original wrought iron upper truss and it’s newer supporting steel arch, and the 100% hands on inspection of all fracture critical portions of the structure. The hands on inspection included the rigorous inspection of wrought iron eyebars and supporting steel arch “permanent falsework” utilizing visual inspection and dye penetrant testing. This contract was a portion of the NYSDOT’s response to the collapse of the I-35W deck truss bridge in

    Minneapolis, MN.

    Broward County Aviation Dept., Terminal 1 In-line Baggage Screening Solution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Structural Engineer for the design of platforms to support new baggage screening equipment and personnel in the existing Terminal 1 of the Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Airport. Responsibilities included structural modeling of the proposed structure and portions of the existing structure utilizing the Finite Element Method for the purpose of designing steel elements and analyzing impact on the existing Terminal 1 building’s reinforced concrete superstructure and foundations, as well as the origination of design calculations for various steel connections, hanger connections to existing concrete beams, reinforced concrete slab, and estimation of existing loads and capacities of the existing structure.

    Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Inspection of Newark Int. Airport PID’s, Newark, NJ

    Structural Engineer performing inspections of nearly 9000 linear feet of Perimeter Infiltration Defense walls surrounding secure areas of the airport. Inspection included the condition assessment of the cast in place concrete barriers as well as the security fence attached along its length.

Middlesex County, Replacement of the Sidney Road Bridge over Ambrose Brook, Piscataway, NJ

    Structural Engineer for this contract which included the replacement of the existing structure with a precast 3-sided rigid frame with wingwalls and approximately 200 linear feet of cast in place cantilever retaining structures. All inboard and outboard faces of the parapets, walls, and rigid frame were designed to include architectural stone cladding with blue stone coping. Responsibilities included the modeling of vertical and horizontal geometry, structural design of cast in place cantilever retaining walls and three sided rigid frame.

    New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Turnpike Extension 16W Improvements, E. Rutherford, NJ Structural

    Engineer for the design of five bridges and four retaining walls. This contract included two single span bridges utilizing integral abutments, prestressed bulb-tee beams and wrap around mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) 2-stage retaining walls with stub abutments, one three-span flyover bridge consisting of curved steel plate girders on multi-column piers, as well as the widening of the existing structures carrying Ramp WT over Route 3 and South Service Road while maintaining the existing minimum vertical clearance. Was responsible for calculations including seismic design and modeling, stability and reinforcement design of cast in place cantilever and integral abutments, multicolumn pier stability and reinforcement, camber of straight and curved steel plate girders, concrete haunches, preparation of bid item quantities, as well as the preparation of Contract Drawings utilizing Microstation V8.

    New Jersey Department of Transportation, Route 139, Contract 3, Conrail Viaduct, Jersey City, NJ Structural Engineer for this contract which included the deck replacement, structural rehabilitation, and seismic retrofit of the Conrail Viaduct. Responsibilities included review and preparation of deck elevations, framing geometry, and structural modeling.

    NYSDOT, 2006 Biennial Brooklyn Bridge Inspection, New York City, NY. Assistant Team Leader for the

    inspection of the Brooklyn Bridge. Assistant in full inspection of this famous suspension bridge crossing New York City’s East River. Tasks included the inspection of suspended floorbeam and truss system, masonry and brick

    arches and vaults, decks, suspension and stay cables, and various other structural components. New Jersey Department of Transportation, Route 139, Contract 2, Jersey City, NJ. Structural Engineer for

    construction support services. This contract included the complete deck removal and replacement with High Performance Concrete (HPC), seismic retrofits, and superstructure component rehabilitation/replacement for the thth1562 ft long 12 and 14 Street Viaducts at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. Responsible for assisting in the review of various shop drawings and the field inspection of steel bents and bracing systems. South Jersey Transportation Authority, Atlantic City Expressway Widening Inspections, NJ

    Structural Engineer assisting in the inspections of approximately 20 steel and prestressed concrete multi-girder bridges and box culverts along the Atlantic City Expressway from Milepost 8 to 31.

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