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We hold the international healthy and nutritious edible oil industry exposition every year, many exhibitors of famous brands of edible oil companies participate in and professional visitors from variable sectors also come here. The exposition gains great success every time.

    China (Beijing) International

    Healthy and Nutritious Edible

    Oil Industry Exposition


    The 5China (Beijing) International Healthy and Nutritious Edible Oil Industry Exposition(2011)


    2011 International Edible Oil Industry Economic and

    Trade Fair

    ththDatesMay 7 9, 2011

    VenueChina International Exhibition CenterBeijing


    The 6China (Shanghai) International Healthy and Nutritious Edible Oil Industry Exposition(2011)

    nd th Dates: Aug 22 24, 2011

    VenueShanghai Pudong International Exhibition Center

    Subject: health, activity and high-end oil products

    Position: cast the wind vane of high-end edible oil brands

Approved by:

    Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C

    Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce


    China Health Care Nutrition Council

    High-end Edible Oil Committee of China Health Care Nutrition Council


    Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., LTD

    High-end Edible Oil Committee of China Health Care Nutrition Council


    China (Beijing) International

    Healthy and Nutritious Edible

    Oil Industry Exposition


    The International Olive Council

    Oil Tea Industry Association in Anhui Province


    Nisshin OilliO (China) Investment Co., Ltd Nantong Healsmile Biological Technology Co.,Ltd China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation Gansu Yipinhong Vegetable Oil Development Co. Ltd

    Chengdu Axin Biological Technology co., Ltd Liaoning Sinopaddy Joint-Stock Co., Ltd Beijing Zhongqihuaye Food co. Ltd Heilongjiang Wanheyuan Oil and Fat Co. Ltd Beijing Jiudinghuixin Biological Technology co. Ltd Beijing Airunyisheng International Technology and Trade Co. Ltd

    Qingdao Green Olive Import and Export Trade Co. Ltd Shanghai Anbei Oil and Fat Co. Ltd

Cooperation organization:

    TV station: CCTV-2, CCTV-4, CCTV-7, CCTV-10, Beijing TV, China Education TV

    Newspapers and magazines: China Health Care and Nutrition , Fresh Nutrition, China Quality News , Health News, Farmers Daily , China Agriculture News, China Market news, Beijing Evening News , China Food Quality , China Food , China Food Quality Safety, Food Industry, China Oil and Fat, Nutrition Study, China Health Care, etc

    Web: all together 55 webs support the conference (for more information please check the official web

Last Exhibition Review:

    thThe 4 national oil exposition attracted more than 189 exhibiters from 8 countries and regions, exhibition

    2space reached 6,000 m, and created a historical record. 36,423 visitors (34873 of them are Chinese people, the rest 1550 ones are foreigners) from 23 relevant institutes of embassy in China and 27 countries saw the unprecedented scenes of this event together. Domestic brands become a strong force in the exhibition; they take up equal space with foreign ones, and constantly present new products. The sponsors expand the scale, at the same time highlight the quality of the exhibition, present the extent of specialized, internationalized and brandied exhibition, improve service quality and management level, turn the big edible oil exhibition into the

    strong edible oil exhibition, and form new concept of international A grade oil exhibition .Exhibitors and visitors think high of this exhibition, and believe it gains a great success in the scale of visitors and organization and management. More than 91% exhibitors suppose that the effect of this exposition is beyond expectation, express much satisfaction on quality and quantity of visitors, and plan to participate in next exhibition. Many enterprises receive orders and get benefits on spot, quotation in their own words “this

    exhibition indeed plays the role of a trade platform, help us increase new customers, and expand international

    thmarket further, which is what we really want. At the moment the exhibitors recruiting has all started, the 5 oil

    exposition will be a top trade and negotiating platform which includes exhibition, display, brand spreading,


    China (Beijing) International

    Healthy and Nutritious Edible

    Oil Industry Exposition

and applying forum.

    Well-known oil brands home and abroad, converges in the exhibition , including International Olive Council Group , Oil Tea Industry Association Group in Anhui Province, Jinlongyu, Nisshin Oillio ,aolifu,xiangchi, Imperial Gemels , Spain Ecologia , African dragon and others. As the most scaled and influential exhibition in China high-end edible oil industry, the sponsors will provide an ideal advertising platform for domestic and foreign top oil enterprises expanding their market, with fully advertising and perfect service. Nutritious and healthy edible oil are becoming the focus of the market, in the worldwide green waves of “back

    to nature. Beijing and Shanghai, the two biggest cities of China, will meet friends from all over the world in 2011. The oil exposition will propagate vigorously in the following seven regions: northeast, south of China, north of China, east of China, central china, southwest, and northwest, fully connecting popularity, luck in making big money and market demands together to win business opportunity for our customers.

     thAdvantages of participating in the 5 oil exposition:

    Have the opportunity to get the “gold medal, recommended products, science creativity, health and

    nutritious edible oil certificate,

    Have the opportunity to become the member of the China Health Care and Nutrition Council or the member of High-end Edible Oil Committee of China Health Care Nutrition Council

    Have the opportunity to be recommended to group purchase by organs direct under central government Directly become the member of expanding brands in national oil exposition official web (limited number)

Professional visitors come from:

    ? Edible Oil industry dealer, agent:

    1 powerful dealer, retailer, agent, application dealer, distributing company, and high-end edible oil supply center from Beijing with terminal sale web

    2 grain and oil sale section of province, municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the Central Government and autonomous region and edible oil industry sales department and agents in the provincial capital

    ? Purchasers and tradesmen:

    1 old cadre bureau of office affiliated to central government and old cadre bureau of office affiliated to Beijing, the person in charge of group purchase in cadre rest place of troop stationed in Beijing 2 purchasers facing to China, import and export Trade Company, and more than 130 business offices of foreign embassy stationed in China

    3 agricultural products wholesale market, huge supermarket, edible oil and green food chain shop and special counter, community chain supermarket and convenient shop, professional market etc. 4 health care food sales center, comprehensive pharmacy, and health care food direct sale company etc. 5 hotels, bar, entertainment places, western restaurant, big clubs, and holiday village etc

    ? Scientific study colleges and universities:

    1 Professional institute of edible oil production enterprises home and abroad, edible oil manufacturing and processing base, technological person in enterprises and high-ranking manager etc


    China (Beijing) International

    Healthy and Nutritious Edible

    Oil Industry Exposition

2 industry association, more than 50 provincial and municipal business office stationed in Beijing , central

    enterprise labor system of state-owned assets inspection and management committee, kindergarten and colleges and universities and science study institute

Exhibition products items:

    1. High-end Vegetable Oil: Maize Germ Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Camellia Oil, Walnut Oil, Grape Seed Oil,

    Rice Bran Oil, Flax Seed Oil and other High-end Nutrition Oil

    2. Non-genetically Modified Edible Oil: Non-genetically Modified Peanut Oil, Non-genetically Modified Soybean Oil, Non-genetically Modified Blended Oil etc;

    3. Refining Palm Oil, other Nuts Edible Oil etc;

    4.Other Nutrition and Health Edible Oil: Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Rapeseed oil, Camellia Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Piperales Seed Oil, Month Amaranth Grass Oil, Garlic oil, Perilla Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Tomato Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Deep Sea Fish Oil, Milk Thistle Oil, Cedar Seed Oil, Delicate Cotton Oil, Corn Oil, Canola oil, Pine-Seed Oil, Poppy-Seed Oil, Silkworm Pupa Essential Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Lycopene Edible Oil;

    5. Many kinds of flavored oil,

    6. Synthesis of high-grade health oil, Synthesis of high-grade nutrition oil, high-grade health formula oil 7. Various oil-bearing crops: Peanut Seed, Soybean, Sesame, Sunflower Seed, Rapeseed, Camellia Seed, Walnut, Gaize Germ, Wheat Germ, Perilla seed, Flax seed, Almond, Pine Nuts and other special raw materials;

    8. Oil Equipments for: Pressing, Splitting, Transporting, Filling, Packing etc

The first part:

    Choose to participate in Beijing exhibition or Shanghai exhibition

Type Specification Unit Domestic Customers Joint venture Foreign Customers

    3m×3m standard piece RMB9800 RMB11800 USD3500

    Specially Decorated Space At least 36 ? ? RMB980 RMB1180 USD350

    Deluxe 3m×3m piece RMB13800 RMB18000 USD4500

    Choose to participate in Beijing exhibition and Shanghai exhibition

Exhibition Area Specification Fee of Foreign Fee of Domestic Space only (at Fee of Foreign Fee of Domestic

    Enterprises Enterprises least 36 ?) Enterprises Enterprises

    International T 3m×3m USD5800 RMB17800 USD200/? RMB780/?



    China (Beijing) International

    Healthy and Nutritious Edible

    Oil Industry Exposition


    A. 10% surcharge for two-side opening booths(corners);

    B. The fee of Standard Booth includes 9? exhibition space, wallboard of 2.5m height, lintel board

    making, one desk, two chairs, one 220V power socket, two daylight lamps, safety guard ,and clean


    C. The price of space only includes exhibition space, safety guard, and clean service

    D. The empty space could be rented for no less than 36?,the building and making of the booth fee is not


    E. Sequence of arranging the booth: early application, early payment, early arrangement

    F. Payment in US dollars can pay respondent sum of RMB at the sold price in foreign currency trade

    market on that day

The second part:

Advertising prices:

Catalog Catalog Cover Black and White Catalog Color Page Color Pages

    Cover (the second, Pages of Catalog Back Cover Spread Inside of Catalog third page)

    USD2,700 USD2,200 USD1,500 USD1,800 USD750 USD300

    Ticket Invitation Letter Visit Ticket Handbag Stair Banner Pillar(40)

    USD750/10,000pcs USD750/1,000pcs USD1,300/10,000pcUSD750/1,000pcs USD2,700/piece/ USD3,000/per

    s per exhibition exhibition

Balloons(diameter 3m) Roman Pillars(span Lanterns(diameter 5m) Wall Banner Flag

    banner: 15m×1.4m 20mheight 10m) banner 15m×1.4m Dimensions: 24m×3m Dimensions1.5m×0.45m

USD1,200/pcs USD1,800/pcs USD3,700/group USD2,700/pcs USD50/pcs

The specification of the journal: 210cm × 135cm

    The specification of the handbag: 300mm × 400mm

    The specification of the ticket: 100mm × 120mm

    The specification of visiting ticket and invitation : 90mm × 125mm

    The specification of exhibitors ticket: 90mm × 125mm

The third part

Forum and lecture price table:


    China (Beijing) International

    Healthy and Nutritious Edible

    Oil Industry Exposition

Forum Within 3 hours USD1,200 Notes:(containing the following service )

    1 providing meeting room for less than 150 people and relevant Forum Within 2 hours USD1,100 basic facilities

    Technology Within 2 hours USD1,000 2 providing the power source, projector, stereo, microphone etc.

    exchange 3 providing Guide in the exhibition center and Ads board

    Attract investment Within 1 hours USD1,000 position;

    Product Within 30 USD900 4 Broadcasting service

    Introduction minutes

Summit / Sponsors:

    A diamond sponsor institute: one company only, well-known to the industry, good brand effect Sponsor catalogue: A diamond sponsor institute, exclusive sponsor, sponsor amount: RMB480, 000 B white gold sponsor institute: one company only, with foreign market, good fame in the industry Sponsor catalogue: white gold sponsor institute, sponsor amount: RMB280, 000

    Telephone the organizing committee about reward for the sponsorship This exhibition provides for exhibitors the sponsorship of the above activities. According to their contribution for the activities, different exhibitors enjoy respondent rewards. Other conditions could be provided according to the demands of the sponsor enterprises after consultation by the two parties and agreement by the organizers of this exposition,

Participation Procedures and Illustrations:

    1. Exhibitors must have valid hygienic license, business license, Logo registration, Trademark Entitled and

    products legal approval documents; the products conform to relevant standard after examined by national

    approved examination institution

    2. First after making sure to attend the exhibition, contact with organizing committee, choose a desirable

    booth type, and fill in the “Exhibition Application Form” and agreement form .After stamping it, fax or mail it

    with signature to the organizing committee. Stamped faxes or copies are valid. The faxes and copies are

    also valid.

Company: Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd

    Address: Room 904, Cell 4, Building 1, No.69 (Fortune Street tower) Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District Beijing

    Tel: +86-10-85759407 +86-10-85841055 shift 8011 Fax: +86-10-51413308

    Contact: Miss Angela Liu Mobile: +86-13264553393 Skype: shibowei2 E-mail:



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