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     公司LOGO 公司名称

    Name of company




    June 4, 2013 Offer Letter A



     DearXXX, ( 8


    2On behalf of (XXX name of company), I am pleased to offer you the full time 1position of xxx(Internal title, external title can be adjusted according to needs and )actual job nature), based in Beijing, China.



    1Commencement Date 5

     As agreed, the commencement date shall be on xxx date. 8


    4Probation Period 5


     You will be required to serve a probationary period of 3 months. You will be

    6confirmed in your appointment after this period if your services are satisfactory. 4




    21. Basic Salary

    7The monthly basic salary will be RMBxxxx monthly, which will be reviewed 3 after your probation. The basic salary will be paid directly to the Employee as a F

    agross amount every month; payable in arrears on the last working day of each

    xmonth. :

    2. Living Allowance (

    8The living allowance will be RMBxxx monthly, which will be paid directly to the 6Employee as a net amount every month. 2


    )3. Sales Bonus

     The Employee will be entitled to a sales bonus payable in arrears at the end of each 6quarter. Following is the Sales incentive bonus structure. 4




    Offer Letter 1 1



     公司LOGO 公司名称

    Name of company

    Achievement of Bonus Base(% of Qtr and Annual KPI 2007 Sales Target Base Salary)

    90% - Individual sales target >0%,<50% 0%

    10% - Performance >=50%,<100% 50%

     >=100%,<120% 60%

     >=120%,<200% 75%

     >=200% subject to negotiation

    Annual Bonus formula = (annual net completion% × % of sales weighting (see

    KPI column) + % of performance weighting (see KPI column)) × % of final

    bonus base

4. Statutory Benefits

    The statutory benefits shall be paid as required by relevant PRC laws and local


5. Year End Bonus

    The Employee will be entitled to an annual bonus payable in arrears at the end of

    each year. The bonus, which is payable at the discretion of XXXcompany, will

    be maximum one months basic salary, subject to the business result of

    XXXcompany and the performance of the Employee.

6. Long Term Incentive Bonus

    If you are still actively employed by XXXcompany when the payment is due to

    be made, x months salary of retention payment of 2008 will then be paid out at

    the end of next year.

7. Taxes and other Fees

    The Employee is responsible for paying all personal income taxes and all other

    governmental fees emanating from this Employment Contract.

    A review of the salary will normally take place in the beginning of each year effective

    stfrom the 1 of January the next year.

    Office Hours

    Office hours are 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

    Annual Leave

    The annual leave entitlement is ten (10) working days during each year of your employment.

Offer Letter 2

     公司LOGO 公司名称

    Name of company


    During the probationary period, the Employment Contract may be terminated by either party giving to the other written notice of no less than 2 weeks; If after the probation, the Employment Contract may be terminated by giving thirty (30) days written notice by either party.

    We very much look forward to you joining XXX Company. Please confirm acceptance of this offer by signing this Offer Letter and return to me by either fax or mail.

Yours sincerely,


    Human Resources Manager

    XXXX Name of Company


    Confirmed and Accepted by

Employee XXX ( 中文名 )

Employee’s Signature



    Please prepare below things before you join in,

    - 6 color photos of 1 inch. (彩色一寸相片6);

    - Original and Copy of ID, (身份证原件及复印件)

    - Original Education Certificate & Other Skill Certificate, etc. ;学历证明和其他资格


    - Employment Termination Certificate with the last employer; ;离职证明及最后收入


    - Pension, Unemployment and Medical Insurance Transfer Certificate;;养老?失业


    - Resident Permit and Employment Permit copy (non Beijing citizenship);北京市


    - Health Check Certificate (体检报告)

    - (Please contact Mr. XXX of FESCO on the health check and on board process

    issues via telxxx)

Offer Letter 3

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