Unit3 Is this your skirt

By Howard Ford,2014-02-17 22:40
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Unit3 Is this your skirt

    B. Read and write

    1.Master the words: skirt, shirt, T-shirt, jacket,


     2.Catch the handwriting of the key sentences: What

    colour is it? Its white.

     3.Understand and read the dialogue.

    4.Talk about the clothes in groups.

    Use the key words and sentences to talk

    about clothes.

     Word cards, clothes pictures, VCD, tape, radio.

    1. Lets do. (P28)

    2. Review the colour words and the clothes.

    T: Is this a shirt (/skirt/ T-shirt/dress/ jacket)?

    Ss: Yes, it is.

    T: How do you spell it?

    Ss: S-H-I-R-T. (write down the word on the board.)

    T: What colour is it?

    Ss: Its. 1. Watch the VCD

    T: (show zip and zooms handwearing) who are they?

    Ss: Zip and zoom.

    T: Yes. They are talking. What are they talking about? Lets watch


    2. Answer the questions:

    ?What colour is the skirt?

    ?What colour is the shirt?

    ?What colour is the jacket?

    ?What colour is the dress?

    ?What colour is the T-skirt?

    3. Read the dialogue together.

    4. Guide the students: Zip has her birthday party today. World you like

    to go to the party?

    Make a dialogue:

    T: I have a shirt for the party. Guess what colour it is?

    Ss: Its white.

    T: Yes. I have a white shirt for the party. What about you?


    1: I have a skirt.

    T: What colour it is?

    1: Its green.

    T: Wow, its pretty.


    S1: Thank you.

    5. Show the model, help the students make a dialogue in pairs.

    A: I have a for the party. B: What colour it is?

    A: Its . What about you? B: I have a for the party. Its .

    6. Cheek the talking.

    7. Go to the party. (sing a song)

    1Copy the words and the sentences.

    2Talk about clothes with your friends.

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