23 Mei 2006

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23 Mei 2006

    13 June 2006


    For immediate use

    Voila!! Ostrich Pizza Countrywide

    A World First

Perseverance has been rewarded. If you try out a recipe and continue to refine it, it is

    bound to become a winner. It was recently announced that the healthy meat of the

    ostrich is now for the first time also available on pizzas nationwide.

After months of intensive testing the national pizza and pasta group St Elmo’s decided to

    use Klein Karoo Ostrich Meat products in their pizza and sub dishes at all their branches

    across South Africa. The inclusion of ostrich meat in pasta meals will follow soon. The

    Group intend to operate more than 60 branches by the end of 2006.

    The idea of incorporating the natural wholesomeness of ostrich in the Group’s take-away meals originated with the co-owner of the Oudtshoorn branch of St Elmo’s, Johan Breunissen.

It goes without saying that the town of Oudtshoorn is synonymous with ostrich meat and

    we simply couldn’t imagine a meat pizza without considering it. It is a unique aspect of Oudtshoorn’s international character, extremely tasty and, moreover, so healthy that

    certain pizza products could ultimately even bear the Heart Foundation seal of approval,”

    says Johan.

    St Elmo’s regional manager: Western Cape, Eugene Stander, heard of Johan’s suggestion and took note of the countrywide demand for Klein Karoo’s meat products.

    All possible uses for ostrich meat in pizza and pasta dishes were tested at the Group’s head office in Cape Town. Gourmets offered their opinion on every flavour and form of

    ostrich in the products.

For Johan and his partner, Danie Maree, it is good to know that their brainchild and

    contribution towards incorporating Oudtshoorn’s ostrich meat in pizzas are now recognised in menus across the country. Klein Karoo’s name and products are

    synonymous with quality and taste in the food industry. “It makes one feel proud,“ said Johan.

    The KLEIN KAROO Group’s manager: meat marketing, Ries Dempsey, thanked Johan and Danie and the St Elmo’s Group for their entrepreneurial spirit. The extent to which the texture of ostrich ham and other ostrich meat lends itself to preparation in wood-fired

    pizza ovens was thoroughly researched. We are grateful that the product of Oudtshoorn

    is now already launched countrywide by way of a special offer," said Danie.

Klein Karoo ostrich meat pizza and pasta products are identified on the menu as the

    healthy option. It is aimed at people who prefer a low-fat healthy alternative.

Compiled and issued by the KLEIN KAROO Group Liaison Division

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