Rank - Titles used for this tune (and other not

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Rank - Titles used for this tune (and other not

Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    1 Reel Bucks of Oranmore, The / Bocannaí Uaráin 20 Tune

    Mhóir / The Bucks of Carranmore / The Info

    Bucks of Cranmore / The Hearty Bucks / The

    Bucks (also with fewer parts)

    2 Reel Flogging Reel, The / The Floggin' / Floggin' 16 Tune

    Reel / The Slashing Reel / Ríl an Lasctha / Info

    The Flaggon Reel / The Flagon / The

    Humours of Bantry Bay / The Newry Lass /

    The Fife Reel (compare 1st part with 1st part

    of Pirrie Wirrie #3326)

    3 Reel Hand Me Down the Tackle / Sín Chugam 15 Tune

    Anuas an Tácla / The Pure Drop / Tom Steele Info

    / Reidy Johnson's / The Hielander's

    Kneebuckle / The Hielanman's Kneebuckle /

    Búcla Glúine an Híleantóra (4th in set

    Humours of Galway on FG 2) (compare

    settings included here of The Callan Lasses /

    The Callan Lassies, The Drogheda Lasses,

    and The Pure Drop)

    4 Reel Star of Munster, The / The Bright Star of 15 Tune

    Munster / Birds in the Bushes / Kitty's Wishes Info

    / The Greenfields of America (IDM 1 2nd

    tune in O'Dowd's Favourite Reel Medley)

    (also 2nd part singled) (also in G Dorian or G


    5 Reel Miss McLeod's Reel / Miss MacLeod's / Miss 14 Tune

    McCleod's Reel / Miss McCloud's Reel / Mrs. Info

    McLeod / Mrs. MacLeod's Reel / Mrs.

    McCloud's Reel / Misses McLoud's Reel /

    McLeod's Reel / Macleod's Reel / Hop High

    Ladies / Hop Light Ladies / Hop Up Ladies /

    The Enterprising Boxer / Did You Ever See

    the Devil, Uncle Joe? (also in A, also with

    parts reversed in American music) (compare


    6 Reel Woman of the House, The / Bean an Tí ar lár 14 Tune

    / The Lady of the House (compare Old Info

    Woman of the House #1471)

    7 SetD Blackbird, The / An Lon Dubh (compare 13 Tune

    #2936, as hornpipe #2274, as air #165, song, Info

    and reel #162) (by Kiely (set dance version


Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    8 JigD Paddy O'Rafferty / Paddy O'Rafferty's / 13 Tune

    Páidín O'Rafferty / Paidin O'Rafferty / Info

    Paudeen O'Rafferty / Páideen O'Rafferty's /

    Páidín Ó Raifeartaigh / Paidin O Raifeartaigh

    / Paidin O'Raifearta's / Little Pat Rafferty /

    Drink of this Cup (SSt in set The Pup Jig;

    mislabeled on MvC 2 as Cook in the Kitchen)

    (also in G and in Mixolydian mode) (very

    wide range of settings with from 2 to 5 parts)

    9 Reel Toss the Feathers / Toss the Feathers #1 13 Tune

    (compare especially #2663) Info

    10 Reel Steampacket, The / The Steam Packet / The 12 Tune

    Steam-Packet / An Bád Gaile / The Mountain Info

    Lark / The Mountain Lark No. 2 / Fuiseog an

    tSléibhe / The Gauger / An Colamóir Súgach

    / An Colamór Sugach / Last House in

    Connaught / The Connacht Rangers / Lady

    O'Brien's Reel / Frieze Kneebreeches / The

    Father Henebry's Reel / O'Connell's Reel (GP

    after The Banks of the Suir, GCJR in set

    Ballinakill Reels)

    11 Reel Boys of the Lough, The / The Boys at the 12 Tune

    Lough / Buachaillí na Locha / Stócaigh an Info

    Locha / Johnstown Reel / The Rose of


    12 Reel Rakish Paddy / Pádraic Réice / Caper Fey / 12 Tune

    Cabair Féigh / The Deer's Horns / The Castle Info

    Street Reel / Glastertown's Downfall /

    [mislabeled as:] The Wheels of the World

    (Plx 4 after Bean Phaidín) (Donegal setting

    included here)

    13 Reel Milliner's Daughter, The / The Millner's 12 Tune

    Daughter / The Gardener's Daughter (GCJR Info

    in set Ballinakill Reels, Drv in set Drag Her

    Round the Road) (also singled)

    14 Reel Morning Dew, The / The Hare in the Heather 12 Tune

    / Hare among the Heather / Giorria sa Info

    bhFraoch (also in D Major) (compare

    Morning Dew #2512)

    15 Reel Abbey Reel, The / The Abbey / The Moher 12 Tune

    Reel / The Pullet / The American Reel / Info

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    Touhey's Favorite (also in G)

    16 Reel Boys of Ballisodare, The / The Boys of 11 Tune

    Ballysadare / The Boys of Ballisadare / The Info

    Boys of Balisodare / Miss Roddy's (also in F

    with no third part) (compare Dublin Lasses /

    Douse the Monkey / Last Night's Work / Miss

    Roddy's / Miss Roden's Reel included here)

    17 JigD Garrett Barry's / Garrett Barry's Jig / Rogha 11 Tune

    Ghearóid De Barra / Gearóid de Barra / Info

    Garret Barry's Jig / Tune the Fiddle / The

    Ladies' Fancy (also in D minor and also as

    hornpipe on Ev) (compare Sergeant Early's

    Jig #2353 and the single jig Port an Achréidh)

    18 Reel Foxhunter's Reel, The / The Foxhunters / 11 Tune

    Fiagaí an Mhada Rua / (on Ch BIH in set Info

    Chasing the Fox and in set Horses of Ireland -

    Part 2) / Miss McLeod's / Greig's Pipes / The

    Fiddler Is Drunk / The Tailor's Choice (also

    in A) (compare Clare Reel #333)

    19 Reel Scotch Mary / Scots Mary / Irish Molly / 10 Tune

    Knocknagow / Knocknagow Reel / Máire na Info

    Sop / Mary O'Wisp / The Fintown Reel / My

    Love Is Far Away (also doubled, also with

    3rd part by John Doherty) (compare as

    highland #3162)

    20 JigD Kitty's Rambles / Kitty's Ramble / Kitty's 10 Tune

    Rambles to Youghal / The Rambles of Kitty / Info

    The Heart of my Kitty for Me / The Heart of

    my Kitty Still Warms to Me / The Heart of

    My Kitty / The Cobbler / Dan the Cobbler /

    The Ladies' Triumph / The Ladies Triumph /

    Young Ettie Lee / I'm a Man in Myself Like

    Oliver's Bull / Linehan's Rambles / Murray's

    Maggot / Strap the Razor (MC first tune of

    The Frost Is All Over) (also with 3 or 4 parts)

    (very similar to The Cobbler #349)

    21 Reel Bag of Spuds, The / The Bag o' Spuds /The 10 Tune

    Bag of Potatoes / Sack of Potatoes / An Mála Info

    Fataí / The Sligo Dandy (also in G)

    22 Reel Limestone Rock, The / Lime Stone Rock / An 10 Tune

    Chloch Aoil / Tit for Tat (also doubled) Info

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    23 Reel Green Groves of Erin, The / Garráin Ghlasa 10 Tune

    na hÉireann / The Groves of Erin / Erin's Info

    Groves / Down the Groves / The Green Fields

    of Erin / The Gay Fellow's Favourite / The

    Good Fluter / The Castlecomer Lasses / The

    Queenstown Lasses / The Heather Breeze /

    Miss Shaw's Reel / Mary in the Mall (MC

    2nd tune in The Real Blackthorn Stick) (also

    in A Mixolydian)

    24 Reel Ladies' Pantalettes, The / The Lady's 10 Tune

    Pantalettes / The Duke of Leinster's Wife / Info

    And His Wife / Gardner's Favorite /

    Gardiner's Favorite / Johnny Sally's Reel (also


    25 Reel Galway Rambler, The / Lord Wellington / 10 Tune

    Tiarna Wellington / Wellington's / Paddy Info

    Finlay's Favourite / Paddy Finley's Fancy /

    The Fairy Hurlers / Manchester Reel /

    Walsh's Favourite / Walsh's Favorite

    26 Hpipe Stack of Barley, The / The Little Stack of 10 Tune

    Barley / The Stacks of Barley / Little Mary Info

    Cassidy / Evening Was Waning / Patrick

    Condon's Vision (also as song Kerry Long


    27 Reel Doctor Gilbert / Dr. Gilbert's / An Dochtúir 10 Tune

    Gilibeart / The Dispute at the Crossroads / Info

    The Loughros Point Reel / Donegal Gilbert /

    John Doherty's (also in D) (compare #522)

    28 Reel Miss Thornton's / Miss Thornton's Reel / 10 Tune

    Miss Thornton / Miss Thorton / Iníon Uí Info

    Dhroighneáin / Coming thro' the Field /

    Coming through the Fields / Thro' the Fields /

    The Boat Street Lasses / The Maid of the

    Forest / Lady Anna Hope / The Creeping

    Mouse / Down the Street / Spike Island

    Lasses / Salamanca / O'Loughlin's Reel (WW

    1 in set The Moving Bogs Medley; KHe

    mislabeled as Reevey Johnson) (compare 2nd

    part with 2nd part of Music at the Gate


    29 Reel George White's Favourite / George White's 10 Tune

    Favorite / George White's Fancy / George Info

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    Whyte's Fancy / Rogha Sheoirse de Faoite /

    George White's / The Lass of Carrowcastle /

    Lasses of Carracastle / Carracastle Lasses

    30 Reel Glen of Aherlow, The / The Glen of 10 Tune

    Aherlough / Lafferty's / Lafferty's Reel / Info

    Laverty's Reel / The Woman I Never Forgot /

    Canny's / Rediggan's (by Sean Ryan)

    31 Reel Seán sa Cheo / Sean sa Cheo / Sheán sa Cheo 10 Tune

    / Sean sa Ceo / Sean sa Céo / John in the Fog Info

    / Seán is Sinéad / Jack and Jill (also in G)

    (also with a 4th part) (compare 2-part setting

    #1408) (by Neillidh Boyle?)

    32 Reel Tear the Calico / Rip the Calico / The Fair 10 Tune

    Wind / A Fair Wind / Burren Reel / West Info

    Clare Reel (Chlr in set West Clare Reels) /

    Tommy Glenny's Reel [mislabeled on CTL 3

    as:] I Have No Money (also in G, also with

    parts doubled, also with 1st part last)

    (compare Tear the Calico #2106)

    33 Reel Morning Star, The / Belles of Omagh (WW 1 9 Tune

    also in set Donovan's Reel, Ch 7 in set Away Info

    We Go Again)

    34 JigD Humours of Ennistymon, The / Humors of 9 Tune

    Ennistymon / Hartigan's Fancy / Little Info

    Fanny's Fancy / Cavan Lasses / Coppers and

    Brass (3rd part possibly by Johnny Doran)

    (Drv in set Peata Beg) (compare 1st 2 parts

    with Larry Grogan / Coppers and Brass


    35 Reel Pigeon on the Gate, The / Pidgeon on the 9 Tune

    Gate / An Colúr ar an nGeata / Pigeon on the Info

    Pier / League and Slasher / Lagan Slashers /

    Gallagher's Best / Reidy's Reel / The Athol

    Braes / The Scotch Braes / The Drinking Reel

    / The Drunken Tailor / The Wandering Tinker

    (also in A or G) (compare The Drunken

    Landlady #549)

    36 Reel Miss Monahan's Reel / Miss Monaghan's / 9 Tune

    Miss Monaghan / Mal Ní Mhuineacháin / The Info

    Green Fields to America / Stormy Weather /

    Belles of Tipperary / Connacht Lasses / Kerry

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    Star (MC 2nd tune of The Pigeon on the


    37 JigD Frieze Breeches, The / The Frieze Britches / 9 Tune

    Frieze Breetches / The Friar's Breeches / I Info

    Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her /

    I Buried My Wife / On St. Patrick's Day I

    Was Gay (Plx 4 in set Cúnla) (wide range of

    settings) (compare 2-part setting I Buried My

    Wife and Danced on Top of Her #3436)

    38 Reel Maid behind the Bar, The / The Barmaid / 9 Tune

    The Green Mountain / Judy's Reel / The Judy Info

    Reel / Little Judy (TC in set Kitty O'Shea)

    (compare with third part of FrCan reel

    Snoring Mrs. Gobeil / La Ronfleuse Gobeil

    included here and compare The Green

    Mountain #2336)

    39 Reel Dublin Reel, The / Jackson's Reel / Jackson's 9 Tune

    Reel II / The Westmeath Hunt / The Clogher Info

    Reel / Jim McCormack's / Boys of

    Ballisodare (parts in various orders, and

    compare D Major setting #554)

    40 Reel Farrell O'Gara / Farrell O' Gara / Farral 9 Tune

    O'Gara / Farrel O'Gara / Faral O'Gara / Info

    Fearaíl Ó Gára / Fearghal Ó Gadhra /

    Fearghal O' Gadhra / Fearghal O'Gara /

    Fergal O'Gara / Feargal O'Gara / Farral Gara /

    Farrell Gara / Mist on the Mountain

    41 Reel Mason's Apron, The / The Mason's Cap / 9 Tune

    Práiscín an Mhásúin / The Mason Laddie / Info

    Lady Carbury / Gallagher's / Wake-Up, Susan

    / Wake Susan / Carton's Reel (also in G, also

    with up to 7 parts, the extra parts by Sean

    Maguire) (compare American tune Jack of

    Diamonds included here)

    42 Reel Colonel Fraser / Colonel Frazer / Colonel 9 Tune

    Frazier / An Coirnéal Frazer / Green Fields of Info

    Ireland (also with each part doubled, also

    with extra 5th part) (compare Donaghmore

    #526, West Wind #2049, and Braes of Busby


    43 Reel Five-Mile Chase, The / The Five Mile Chase / 9 Tune

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    The Four-Hand Reel / The Four Hand Reel / Info

    Lamb on the Mountain / The Wild Fire Chase

    / Ballyvaughan / Corporal Casey / Miss

    Gardner / The Yellowhaired Laddie (also in


    44 Reel Bonnie Kate / Bonny Kate / Cáit Bhóidheach 9 Tune

    / The Bonny Lass of Fisherrow / The Bonny Info

    Lass of Fishirron / The Boys of Limerick

    (wide range of settings, including in C Major)

    (by Donald Dow?)

    45 Reel Salamanca, The / The Salamanca Reel / Wild 9 Tune

    Salamanca / The Salamander / The Tartan Info

    Plaid / The Maigue's Tide / The Coronation


    46 Hpipe Boys of Bluehill, The / Boys of Blue Hill / 9 Tune

    Beaux of Oak Hill (compare old-time tune Info

    Keep the Ark A' Movin included here)

    47 Reel Tarbolton, The / Tarbolton Reel / Tarbolton 9 Tune

    Lodge / Cooleen Bridge / Hatton Burn (Ch 7 Info

    in set Away We Go Again) (mislabeled on

    PK 1 as The Job of Journeywork)

    48 Reel Miss Patterson's Slipper / Miss Patterson / 9 Tune

    Master Crowley's / Master Crowley's No. 1 / Info

    Master Crowley / Shark's Favorite / Clarke's

    Favorite / John Bowe's / Na Coinnle Corra /

    The Bluebells / Raymond Roland's (also

    played 1st part single, or both parts single, the

    setting in D Minor is slightly different but

    included here, and John Doherty's three-part

    setting is also included here)

    49 Reel Heather Breeze, The / The Heathery Breeze / 9 Tune

    Leoithne an Fhraoigh / The Heathery Braes / Info

    The Heathery Braes of Ballyhealey / The

    Heather Bloom / Coppers and Brass / Coppers

    of Brass / Limerick Lasses / Lady's

    Pantaloons / The Humours of Appletown /

    The Dublin Lasses / The Green Fields of Erin

    / McNamara's Reel / Crossing the Fields (also

    with a 3rd part, also doubled) (compare

    setting in E Dorian #3378)

    50 Reel Dowd's No. 9 / Dowd's #9 / Dowd's Number 9 Tune

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    Nine / O'Dowd's No. 9 / A Naoi Ó Dubhda / Info

    An Samhradh in Éirinn / Summer in Ireland /

    Jackson's #9 (mislabeled on JWh as The Old

    High Reel) (also 1st part singled)

    51 Reel Bank of Ireland, The / The Banks of Ireland 9 Tune

    (compare Spike Island Lassies #1807 and Info

    Reidy's Reel)

    52 JigD Scatter the Mud / Scaip an Puiteach / 9 Tune

    Rambles with Rory / The Noonday Feast / Info

    Port Jack Walsh / Jack Walsh's Jig / Smash

    the Windows (compare The Maids of

    Tramore / The Maid of Tramore included

    here, which has different 2nd part)

    53 JigD Newport Lass, The / Gearrchaile Bhaile Uí 9 Tune

    bhFiacháin / A Trip to Athlone / The Trip to Info

    Athlone / O'Brien's Fancy (for dance The Trip

    to Athlone) (Ch BIH during song Galway


    54 Reel Trim the Velvet (also in D) (compare Potlick 9 Tune

    #3426) Info

    55 Reel Wise Maid, The / An Stuaire Stuama / All 9 Tune

    around the World / Johnny Doherty's Reel / Info

    Doherty's Reel (Plx 1 and Plx 4 in set The

    Jolly Beggar) (also in C) (by Johnny


    56 Reel Sporting Nell / Sporting Nellie / O'Gorman's / 9 Tune

    Gorman's / Johnny Gorman's Reel (compare Info

    Gorman's #1446)

    57 Reel Flowing Bowl, The / The Wild Irishman / The 9 Tune

    Glenties Reel / The West Clare (also with Info

    parts reversed) (Donegal setting included


    58 Reel Dark-Haired Lass / The Dark Haired Lass / 9 Tune

    The Black-Haired Lass / The Blackhaired Info

    Lass / The Black Haired Lass / The Dark

    Haired Girl / Cailín na Gruaige Duibhe / An

    Cailín Donn / The Dark Gate Girl / The

    Smoky House (in track Don Niperi Septo on

    SE 4; 5th in set Away We Go Again on Ch 7)

    (also doubled, also in A Dorian)

    59 JigD Wandering Minstrel, The / An Ceoltóir 9 Tune

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    Fánach / The Dandy Scholar (compare Willy Info

    Walsh's and The Merry Maiden)

    60 Reel Farewell to Ireland / Slán le hÉireann / Slan le 8 Tune

    hEireann / Farewell to Erin / Leitrim Thrush / Info

    The Maid in the Cherry Tree (by Michael


    61 Reel Crooked Road, The / The Crooked Road to 8 Tune

    Dublin / The Smiles and Tears of Erin / Gol Info

    agus Gáire na hÉireann (1st in set The Lady's

    Pantalettes on DC1; mislabeled on WC 2 as

    The Ravelled Hank of Yarn)

    62 Reel Kerry Reel, The / The Kerryman / Rogha 8 Tune

    Chiarraí / The Green Fields of Rossbeigh / Info

    Green Fields of Rosbeigh / Greenfields of

    Rossbeigh / Páirceanna Glasa Ros Beithe /

    The Green Banks of Rossbeigh / The Witch

    of the Glen / Tom Clark's Fancy

    63 Hpipe Rights of Man, The 8 Tune


    64 JigD Butcher's March, The / The Butchers' March / 8 Tune

    The Butcher's Jig / The Butchers of Bristol / Info

    The Lark's March / The Bog of Allen / Bogs

    of Allen / Along with the Girls I'd Like to Be

    / The Boys of Clones / Bloody Oul' Hag, Is It

    Tay You Want? (also with parts reversed and

    with more parts)

    65 Hpipe Dunphy's Hornpipe / Cornphíopa Uí 8 Tune

    Dhonnchaidh / Miss Dunphy's Hornpipe Info

    66 Reel Duke of Leinster, The / Diúc Laighean / The 8 Tune

    Dandy Reel (1st part varies widely) (also Info

    singled) (3rd in set No. 6 the Coombe on Ch


    67 Hpipe Byrne's Hornpipe / Cornphíopa Uí Bhroin / 8 Tune

    Bryant's Favourite / Kimmel's (also in G) Info

    (MC in set Tommy Hills' Favourite)

    68 Reel Green Fields of America, The / Greenfields of 8 Tune

    America / Garranta Glasa Mheiriceá / Molly Info

    Brallighan / Molly Brallaghan / Mollie

    Brannigan / Charming Molly Brannigan /

    Charming Molly Brannagan / Molly

    Brannigan / Charming Mollie Brallaghan /

    Explanation Explanation Number of

    Rank Rhythm Titles used for this tune (and other notes) Recordings

    Charming Molly Brallaghan / Purty Molly

    Brallaghan / Judy Brannagan / Judy

    Brallaghan / Whiskey before Breakfast (also

    in A) (compare Old Mother Flanagan in FF,

    jig #774, and as air #3291)

    69 Reel Ballinasloe Fair / The Ballinasloe Fair / The 8 Tune

    Fair of Ballinasloe (also with 2nd part Info


    70 Reel Daisy Field, The / The Daisyfield / The Daisy 8 Tune

    Fields / Páirc na Nóiníní / The Wild Irishman Info

    / The Irish Girl / David's Delight (also

    doubled) (compare The Broken Bridge #233)

    71 Reel Old Bush, The / The Old Bush Reel / The 8 Tune

    Bush Reel / Captain Rock / The Long Hills of Info

    Mourne / Cnoic Fhada Mhughdhorna / Five

    Leaf Clover (compare Captain Rock #278)

    72 JigD Maid on the Green, The / The Maids on the 8 Tune

    Green / Night of the Fun Info

    73 Reel Longford Collector, The / The Longford 8 Tune

    Beggarwoman / Longford Beggar Woman / Info

    Longford Maid / The Longford Tramp /

    Bailitheoir Longphoirt / Sailor's Bonnet

    (mislabeled on PK 1 as The Job of


    74 Reel Jenny's Chickens / Jennie's Chickens / Jock 8 Tune

    and Jill Info

    75 Reel Humours of Westport, The / The Humors of 8 Tune

    Westport / The Milestone at the Garden (also Info

    with parts reversed and also single, also in G

    or D) (compare Scottish reel The Clydesdale

    Lasses included here and Pretty Peggy #1612)

    76 Reel Maud Miller / Maude Miller / Maud Millar / 8 Tune

    Maude Millar / Dunnigan's Reel (2 different Info

    settings) (also as hornpipe in F titled

    Morrison's, included here)

    77 Reel Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel / Póg an 8 Tune

    Ghearrchaile ar Chúl an Bhairille / The Maid Info

    behind the Barrel / Kiss the Maid behind the

    Barn / The Maid behind the Bar / An

    Gearrchaile taobh thiar den Bheár / The

    Bruisus / Clonmel Lasses (also doubled, also

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