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Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan


    Primary Agency: (Examples) Fire Department/EMS

    Support Agencies: (Examples) Road commissioner

     Emergency Management Director

     Police Department

    State Support Function: SSF4 Firefighting (Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation and Department of Public Safety, Fire Safety Division)

I. Introduction

    A. Purpose

    To provide a coordinated response of local resources for the mitigation of wildland fires,

    urban/rural fires, structural fires, and incidents of a magnitude that require the expertise of the fire

    fighting community resulting from a natural, man-made or technological disaster.

    B. Scope

    This FA shall include actions taken through the application of personnel, equipment, and technical

    expertise to control and suppress incidents that have exceeded available resources.

II. Situation

    The Fire Department functions include fire safety/prevention, fire surveillance, reporting

    procedures and fire fighting for all types of fires.

    The Fire Department is a “Call” organization of xx members headed by a part-time fire chief and

    is as well-equipped to perform its assigned functions as any community of a comparable size. It is

    a member of the xxxxxxx Fire Mutual Aid System. The Fire Station has emergency back-up


    The Fire Department is the largest single source of manpower in the community, but in a major

    emergency it would probably need additional personnel and equipment to perform all of its

    assigned tasks. Due to the nature and size of the emergency, mutual aid assistance may be

    unavailable or severely limited, so expedient measures may have to be developed at the time of


    The Fire Department maintains Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) for fire suppression and

    regularly trains its personnel in those procedures, and coordination with other emergency services

    is standard procedure.

2006 FA #4 - 1

    Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan

    III. Concept of Operations

A. General

The Community Fire Department is the primary agency responsible for local operations to

    mitigate the effects of urban and wildland incidents in the Town.

B. Organization

The functional organization structure of this FA is shown in Figure 4-1.

    FA 4


    Fire Department

    EMD Public Works Police Department EMS

    Figure 4-1

C. Notification and Activation

Upon notification of the Fire Department of an emergency requiring implementation of this EOP,

    the EMD will be requested to activate and coordinate FA-4 activities from the EOC.

D. Emergency Response Actions

Upon notification of an impending emergency the ranking officer in charge will perform the

    following functions:

? Begin warning procedures per guidelines, upon approval of the Town Administrator

    ? Begin call-up of additional department personnel

    ? Recruit additional personnel if needed

    ? Begin emergency communications procedures

    ? Notify the Town Administrator and the Emergency Management Director of the state of

    readiness of the department and request outside assistance if necessary

    ? Report to the EOC when directed by the Town Administrator and delegate the on-scene stcommand of the department to the 1 Assistant Chief ? Disburse personnel and equipment to predetermined strategic locations

    ? Extinguish and/or contain all fires

    ? Report any power outages to (identify serving power company).

    ? Provide personnel to other emergency services to augment their capabilities, if available

    ? The Fire Department will implement existing operating procedures, mutual aid agreements,

    and notification as outlined within existing protocols

    2006 FA #4 - 2

    Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan

E. Recovery Actions

In the post-disaster recovery period, the Fire Department will perform the following functions:

    ? Coordinate decontamination functions, if necessary

    ? Assist in providing security for disaster-affected areas, if requested ? Coordinate in clean-up operation

    ? Coordinate outside fire-suppression assistance

    ? Perform such other functions as requested by the Town Administrator to alleviate suffering

    and return the citizens of Community to as near normal conditions as possible

F. Deactivation

Partial deactivation would occur based upon the current level of response and recovery operations

    and at the discretion of the EMD. Full deactivation would occur following termination of

    response and recovery field operations.

    IV. Roles and Responsibilities

     The Fire Department will:

? Extinguish and contain all fires.

    ? Receive the notification of an actual or impending emergency and forward it to the Town

    Administrator and the Emergency Management Director per discretion of the Fire Chief.

? Disseminate emergency warnings to the general public.

    ? Perform such other functions for the protection of life and property as deemed necessary

    by the Fire Chief in accordance with VSAs.

    ? Train fire personnel for multi-hazard response and discipline.

    ? Establish procedures to provide fire protection in evacuated areas and to provide roving

    fire watch patrols.

    ? Maintain an up-to-date inventory of personnel and equipment.

The Road commissioner will:

    ? Provide highway equipment and personnel support during large scale firefighting operation.

    ? Maintaining transportation routes to provide access to emergency response vehicles.

The Police Department will:

? Coordinate traffic control.

    2006 FA #4 - 3

    Name of Community, VT Emergency Operations Plan

    ? Coordinate emergency transportation routes.

    The Emergency Management Director will:

     V. References ? Establish the Emergency Operations Center, as needed

     A. Standard Operating Procedures/Guides (SOPs/SOGs)

    Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for fire suppression.

    Police SOPs for Response to Hazardous Materials

    B. Interagency Agreements/Compacts/Mutual Aid Agreements

    List any and all agreements

VI. Attachments

    A. Forms

    See Appendix F at the end of this EOP

    2006 FA #4 - 4

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