Evolution of the Wisconsin 4-H Afterschool Movement (2001-2007)

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Evolution of the Wisconsin 4-H Afterschool Movement (2001-2007)

Evolution of the Wisconsin 4-H Afterschool Movement (2001-2007)

    By Kathi Vos, Wisconsin 4-H Afterschool State Contact

    Report for Oct. 12, 2007 Youth Line and Oct. 10, 2007 4-H Youth Development Team Wisline

    ? In 2005, 1,965 youth participated 4-H Afterschool in 79 4-H Afterschool Clubs

    ? In 2006, there were 2,972 youth in 114 4H Afterschool Clubs

    That’s an increase of 1,007 youth or 66% increase in one year while the community

    club enrollment remained stable.

Although the Wisconsin 4-H Afterschool Team decided to sunset as a formal Wisconsin

    4-H Work Team on May 29, 2007, until interest and need arises, a big thanks goes out to

    everyone who has contributed to this effort over the years. Here’s an overview of the

    evolution of our work.

Past 4-H Afterschool work team chairs include:

    ? Gloria Fauerbach, Iron County

    ? Paula Huff, Oconto County

    ? Kathi Vos, State 4-H Staff Other work team members included:

    ? Joan Wimme & Sarah Wilcox, Douglas County

    ? Meg Dallapiazza, Florence County

    ? Ellen Andrews, Outagamie County

    ? Jenny Holm, LaCrosse County

    ? Denise Retzleff, Fond du Lac County

    ? Marie Ritscher, Pepin County and many others who are no longer in Extension.

Need Identified in 2001 by the Wisconsin 4-H Curriculum Team

    Although there was a School Age Child Care (SACC) Task Force in place from 1991-

    1995, it did it’s work and moved on to other pressing issues. This current effort in

    Wisconsin, all began on October 10, 2001 at the 4-H Curriculum Team meeting when

    Paula Huff, Mary Thiry, Linda Eisele and Kathi Vos and others noted that we needed to

    customize existing 4-H curriculum materials for use in out of school time programs. The

    existing 4-H project materials just did not work. People wanted simple two page activity

    plans and teaching kits that they could grab and go. This led to the creation of the

    outofschooltime-list-serve in December 2001. Mary Thiry, Kathy Kauth and Kathi Vos

    attended the Out of School Time Conference, February 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio where

    they became convinced that Wisconsin should have a statewide 4-H Afterschool team to

    lead this effort.

4-H Afterschool Work Team 2002-07

    The 4-H Curriculum Team kept working on this until the official birth of the 4-H

    Afterschool Team on December 3, 2002 in Green Bay. This was the first meeting of the

    team at the Brown County Extension office where Greg Hutchins, the Wisconsin 4-H

    Program Director, gave the charge. That first year, seven 4-H staff (Joan Wimme, Meg

    Dallapiazza, Kathy Kauth, Cathy Duesterhoeft, James Pointer, Gloria Fauerbach and

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Kathi Vos) attended and presented at the March 2003 Out of School Time Conference at

    Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. Kathi Vos attended the National 4-H

    Afterschool Rollout Conference in April 2003 in Kansas City, MO and came back with

    the first three resource guides in National 4-H Council’s “4-H Afterschool in a Box.

    Copies of these Eight Resource Guides are FREE on the National 4-H Web site at 4-H

    Afterschool handbooks can be found at http://www.4- and include:

    1. PILOT: Civic - Program Delivery Strategies for After-School Civic Engagement


    2. 4-H Youth Development Programming in Underserved Communities - Reaching

    Out to and Meeting the Needs of Diverse Audiences. (Purchase a Hard Copy)

    3. Designing Workforce Preparation Programs - A guide for reaching elementary

    and middle school youth after school. (Purchase a Hard Copy)

    4. Increasing the Quantity of After-School Programs - A guide for Extension

    professionals to establish community-based After-School programs.

    5. Starting 4-H Clubs in After-School Programs - This step-by-step guide helps you

    establish 4-H clubs in after-school programs.

    6. Guiding Growth: Training Staff for Working with Youth in After-School

    Programs - This introductory resource guide provides youth development

    principles to train after-school providers, staff, and volunteers.

    7. Extraordinary Learning Opportunities: A Sampler of 4-H Afterschool Activities -

    This sampler provides a wealth of diverse, proven "learn-by-doing" curricula to

    implement in after-school programs.

    8. Teens as Volunteer Leaders - Recruiting and Training Teens to Work with

    Younger Youth in After-School Programs

    Feedback from the 2004 statewide and county strategic planning reinforced the need.

    Over the years, many people contributed to this team effort. Staff who have co-chaired

    this effort over the years include Gloria Fauerbach, James Pointer and Paula Huff. In

    2004 the team created their own Wisconsin version of “4-H Afterschool in a Box” and provided face to face training at all 4-H Agent District meetings.

Leveraging Funds

    - In 2004 Wisconsin received a $10,000 J. C. Penney Training grant and provided

    four regional train-the-trainer workshops focused on “Creating Extraordinary 4-H

    Learning Experiences” that reached over 100 trainers.

    - In 2005, the team received $19,500 Dean’s One Time Funds and provided four

    more regional Train-the-Trainer workshops, created a 4-H Afterschool exhibit,

    created and collected existing evaluation tools, and posted this information on

    their newly created 4-H Afterschool website .

    - Many of the 4-H AmeriCorps/VISTA efforts lead by Mary Thiry and now by Sue

    Curtis got involved in 4-H Afterschool programs

    - VISTA Leader, Carrie Hovland is providing .25 FTE support for the development

    of WAN Regional Networks during the 2007-08 year.

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National 4-H Council/J. C. Penney Grants

    - 20004, Training Grant, $10,000 for four regional training workshop

    - 2006, Wood County, $5,000 for 100 slots

    - 2007, $50,000 for 100 slots to Denise Retzleff in Fond du Lac County

    - 2007, $20,000 for 40 slots to Jenny Holm and Bob Matysik in LaCrosse County National Council/Real 4-H! Coke Grant

    - Joan Wimme, Douglas County for $11,000

    NAE4HA National 4-H Afterschool Awards

    - 2005 NAE4HA Excellence in 4-H Afterschool Programming, Joan Wimme,

    Douglas County, $500 award

    - 2006 NAE4HA Excellence in 4-H Afterschool Programming, Denise Retzleff,

    Fond du Lac County, $500 award

    - 2005 4-H Afterschool Opens Doors Award, to Milwaukee County, $500 Award

    given to volunteer to work with Demetrius Brown

    WAE4HYDP State 4-H Afterschool Awards

    - 2005 Excellence in 4-H Afterschool Programming, Joan Wimme, Douglas

    County, $500 award

    - 2006 Excellence in 4-H Afterschool Programming, Denise Retzleff, Fond du Lac

    County, $500 award

    - 2007 Excellence in 4-H Afterschool Programming, Ellen Andrews, Outagamie


    Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Grants

    ? 2004 - $1,750

    ? 2005 - $2,000

    ? 2007 - $7,200 raised at Meat Animal Sale with 25 donors pledging $300 to 4-H

    Afterschool programs

Other funding streams that supported this afterschool movement included:

    ? Children Youth and Families at Risk (CYFAR) grants to Milwaukee and

    Marathon County

    ? 4-H AmeriCorps/VISTA grants that often focused on afterschool programs. Many

    VISTA staff like Anjanette Bauer, Iron County mad major contributions to 4-H

    Afterschool and provided additional staff to build the capacity of local programs.

    ? Curently, Carrie Hovland, a VISTA Leader is working with Kathi Vos to build

    the capacity of the Wisconsin Afterschool Regional Networks.

Wisconsin AfterSchool Association (WAA)

    4-H has hosted 4-H Afterschool exhibits since 1999 at the WAA spring conference. Since

    2004, Kathi Vos has served on the WAA Board and recruited many staff to present

    seminars and attend the annual WAA spring conference such as Mary Thiry, Paula Huff,

    Kathy Kauth, Denise Retzleff, Ruth Schriefer, Jeffrey Lewis and Debbie Moellendorf.

    The next WAA Conference is on April 11-12, 2008 at the Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton,

    WI. The theme is “Inspiring Creative Minds”. To request a presentation proposal contact

    Jen Kovach at or visit their website at

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Wisconsin Afterschool Network (WAN)

    Kathi Vos has been co-leading the Wisconsin Afterschool Network with the Wisconsin

    Department of Public Instruction since October 1, 2005. Wisconsin is one of 32 states

    who have received this three year grant from the Mott Foundation that ends on September

    30, 2008. A three year Mott Foundation Innovation grant is available to continue the

    work from 2008-20011.

The Wisconsin Afterschool Network (WAN) is a public/private partnership of local and state

    organizations that help:

    ? Keep kids safe

    ? Inspire them to learn

    ? Help working families.

VISION: All Wisconsin school age children and youth have the opportunity to attend a high quality

    afterschool program.

MISSION: To support schools and community partners in delivering high quality afterschool programs

    to diverse school age children and youth that increase academic achievement, enhance

    youth development and encourage family involvement.

    GOALS: Partnership - Create a sustainable structure of statewide, regional, local and school-

    community partnerships focused on supporting high quality afterschool programs and

    influencing policy development.

     Policy - Support the development and growth of statewide policies to secure resources

    needed to sustain new and existing afterschool programs.

    Program Quality - Support statewide systems to ensure programs are of high quality.

     For more information about WAN:

    ? Wisconsin Afterschool Network .

    ? Mott Afterschool Networks

    ? Over 400 resources can be accessed on the Mott Afterschool resource webpage

In 2006 the 4-H county staff received $500 - $1,000 to conduct local training on behalf of

    WAN. They were:

    ? Sally Bowers in Dane County

    ? Denise Retzleff in Fond du Lac and Waukesha County

    ? Andrea Grant in Kenosha County

    ? Deb Moellendorf in Lincoln County

    ? Ellen Andrews in Outagamie County

    ? Lori Laberee in Sawyer County

    ? Annette Bjorklund in Washburn County

    For copies of their training plans and resources go to

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MetLife 4-H Afterschool Training Grantees 2007

    In 2007, Kathi Vos, on behalf of WAN, received a $10,000 MetLife Training Grant. She

    recruited 23 experienced staff to help train 500 people at six regional workshops, WAN

    gathering along with Wisline Web sessions and D2L courses. Kathi is working with 4-H

    agents at 11 local sites to train more about 850 afterschool partners. Counties who

    received MetLife Training Funds include:

    ? Bonnie Richter & Sara Hladilek in Barron County

    ? Jim Winkler in Oneida County

    ? Deb Moellendorf in Lincoln County

    ? Jean Berger in Marathon County

    ? Ellen Andrews in Outagamie County

    ? Judy Kennedy in Juneau County

    ? Deb Jones and Wendy Libert in Jackson County

    ? Denise Retzleff in Fond du Lac County

    ? Sally Bowers and Linda Eisele in Dane County

    ? Tracy Strother in Racine County

    ? Andrea Grant in Kenosha County

    For copies of their training plans and resources go to

WAN Regional Network Development

    Kathi Vos helped develop the WAN Regional Network in fall 2006 and coordinated the first WAN Regional Train the Trainer workshops in spring 2007. WAN Regional Networks connect with other local and regional organizations and meet twice a year in

    spring and fall. Mark the dates for the fall 2007 gatherings and watch for more


2007 WAN Regional Gatherings

    ? March 30, 2007, Northwest Region, La Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Convention

    Center, Motivating the Hopeless, Uninterested, and Uninvolved Learner

    ? April 25, 2007, Northeast Region, hosted by Jean Berger at the Marathon County

    Extension Office, 212 River Drive, Wausau, Building Partners and Advocates for

    Afterschool Train the Trainer Regional Workshop

    ? April 27, 2007, Northeast Region, hosted by Deb Jones at Jackson County

    Extension Office, Black River Falls, Building Partners and Advocates for

    Afterschool Train the Trainer Regional Workshop,

    ? May 4, 2007, Southeast Region, hosted by Tracy Strother at Racine County

    Extension Office, Sturtevant, Building Partners and Advocates for Afterschool

    Train the Trainer Regional Workshop

    ? September 20, 2007 in Northeast Region, in Green Bay, hosted by the Boys and

    Girls Club

    ? October 12, 2007 in Southeast Region, hosted in West Allis by the Recreation


    ? October 26, 2007 in Western Region, in Eau Claire, hosted by the Boys Scouts

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    What’s Next? UWEX 4-H Youth Development programs need to continue to support the Wisconsin

    Afterschool Network achieve their vision that “All Wisconsin school age youth and

    children have the opportunity to attend a high quality afterschool program. 4-H Youth

    Development is the catalyst for positive community youth development. 4-H can help

    support the development and growth of policies to secure resources need to sustain new

    and existing after school programs. 4-H Youth Development staff need to continue to

    take an active leadership roles to collaborate with:

    - Wisconsin Afterschool Network (WAN)

    - Wisconsin AfterSchool Association (WAA

    - National 4-H Council & National 4-H Headquarters (CSREES)

    - As well as many other local and regional networks devoted to issues related to


Ways that county staff can get connected include:

    ? Get info via Youth Line and 4-H webpages

    ? Go to and present at WI 4-H AfterSchool Association Conferences

    ? Join WAN List-serve

    ? Join a WAN Regional Network

    ? Work on WAN Partnership goals

    ? Work on WAN Policy goals

    ? Work on WAN Program Quality goals.

Kathi Vos will remain the Wisconsin 4-H Afterschool State Contact and participate in

    monthly phone conferences sponsored by National 4-H Council and National 4-H

    Headquarters, serve on the board of the Wisconsin AfterSchool Association as well as

    serve as the Wisconsin Afterschool Network Partnership Team Coordinator. She will

    keep you abreast of any funding and training opportunities and will continue to provide

    support to the 4-H Afterschool movement. Also, feel free to contact staff in any of the

    counties who have received recent funds and/or have been instrumental in providing

    support to the Wisconsin 4-H Afterschool team. Together we can work with both the

    grass top policy makers as well as our grassroots partners to help keep kids safe, inspire

    them to learn and help working families!

If interested in working on any issues related to afterschool contact:

Kathi Vos

    WI 4-H Afterschool State Contact

    Wisconsin Afterschool Network Coordinator


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