General Tour

By Jane Kelley,2014-05-13 08:43
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General Tour

    General Tour 1. Kerckhoff Patio Starting point (tour table) Outdoor studying, graduation ceremonies, wireless internet access,

    mention Grand Salon.

2. Moore Hall

    Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, largest lecture hall

    on campus

    3. Kerckhoff Hall Part of ASUCLA facilities (Enter building on level 2)

    - Home of student government/organizations, often used as

    summer movie set

    - Level 2 Kerckhoff Coffee House, bridge to Level 2 of

    Ackerman Union

    - MENTION: Level 3 GSA office GET INVOLVED!

    - Walk down to Level 1

    - Level 1 Daily Bruin, BruinCard office (getting ID, BruinCash

    online through URSA), BOL office (email/tech support)

    [Exit Kerckhoff level 1 by BruinCard office and enter Ackerman on level 1 - see next card] 4. Ackerman Union Part of ASUCLA facilities

    - ASUCLA Nonprofit w/student majority board Operates union, bookstores,

    restaurants, trademarks & licensing

    - Level 2 Ackerman Grand Ballroom for movies/events, meeting rooms

    - Level 1 Panda Express, candy store, Wetzel’s Pretzels, Relaxtation, Rubio’s,

    Sbarro’s (construction of healthy foods bar), outdoor seating

    - A-level Textbooks (new/used), connects online w/URSA, purchase early if

    possible, other locations across campus (LuValle Commons, Health Sciences),

    APS course readers [take stairs to A-level]

    - A-level Textbook returns, Tsunami, Viewpoint Lounge, ATMs, Graduation

    Etc., STA Travel, credit union, hair/nail salon, Cooperage (salad bar, fast

    food), post office, FedEx/Kinko’s, Jamba Juice student lounge, outdoor

    seating [take stairs to B-level]

    - B-level UCLA gear (quarterly sales), Clinique counter, computer store

    w/educational discounts on Apple/PC’s (limited)/software, market for

    food/incidentals, books/magazines

5. Bruin Plaza/Bruin Walk

    Main thoroughfare up through center of campus, student flyering/tabling

6. James West Alumni Center

    UG/GR alumni

    - Membership benefits

    - Access to library resources

    - UCLA credit card

    7. Ackerman Turnaround

    Pick up various bus lines, SM Blue Bus late nights/weekends

8. Engineering Buildings

    School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

    9. MENTION: Tom Bradley International Building Dashew International Center, international student resources 10. Lot 9

11. Gonda Building

    Neuroscience/genetics research center, Café Synapse Run by ASUCLA

    12. POINT OUT: Medical Research Laboratories (MRL) Developmental biology/disease and cancer pathology research center Neuroscience Research Building

    Neuropsychiatric Institute, Jules Stein Eye Institute Main entrances on Westwood Boulevard

    -Factor Building: Cancer research center

    - Cut through for access to Biomedical Library, Health Sciences bookstore

    -Center for Health Sciences (CHS)

    Schools of medicine, nursing, public health, dentistry, Café Med -Botanical Garden

    Often considered most romantic place on campus

    13. MENTION: WW Village, Weyburn Terrace Grad student housing in Weyburn Terrace, BruinCard accepted at many places,

    Red Carpet premieres

14. UCLA Medical Center

    Ronald Reagan Medical Center (new building 2007)

    - Referrals from Ashe Center

    - Outpatient services

    #1 medical facility west of Mississippi

15. UCLA Police Department

    Evening van services, Community Service Officers (CSO’s) escort services


    16. Co-Generation Facility (behind UCLA PD) Generates 80% of UCLA’s electricity

    - Uses steam (that’s normally wasted) from burning of natural gas to

    heat/cool buildings and water

    - Cuts down on wasted energy

    - Probably twice as efficient as traditional gas plant, saving UCLA 50%

    on energy bill

    17. Strathmore Building (Lot 8 Behind!)

    - Parking services/policies/permits (on-line application), lot

    assignments based on priority, distance, campus location

    - Transportation services (vanpools)

    - Career Center (services for graduate students, also @ GSRC)

    - Ombuds office

    - Environmental Health & Safety (radiation safety) 18. Lot 6

    Free parking after 9PM, visitor parking

19. Central Ticket Office

    Substantial discounts for students

    - UCLA Live cultural events (campus arts organization)

    - Discounts on theme parks (Disneyland, Sea World), movie tickets

    - Discounts on transportation passes/tokens (BruinGo! Program)

    - Athletic events Rose Bowl, basketball games, campus events

20. Pauley Pavilion

    Men’s/women’s basketball, gymnastics, volleyball

    - Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards

    - Graduation ceremonies

21. JD Morgan Athletic Center

    Academic support for athletes, UCLA sports Hall of Fame

22: LA Tennis Center

    Reservations via phone, Countrywide Classic in July, summer tennis


23. Drake Stadium

    Outdoor track, running stairs, men’s and women’s soccer matches

Mention: Dorms

24. IM Field

    IM Field IM sports, Jazz/Reggae Festival during Memorial Day

    weekend, summer sports camps

    - Lot 7 Under IM Field

25. Wooden Center

    Recent expansion

    - Elliptical machines, treadmills, weight room

    - Rock wall, gymnasium (pick-up basketball)

    - Fitness classes

    - Dance/martial arts classes

    - Sailing/surfing classes (Marine Aquatic Center in Venice)

    - Intramural sports

    - Outdoor adventures (climbing/hiking)

    - Free access for students

    - Discounts for family members/roommates

    - Student Psychological Services

    - Building hours available on website

26. Ashe Center

    - Range of services General, specialists (women’s health, vision,

    physical therapy)

    - RN’s for most services, MD upon request

    - Immunization shots

    - Mind/body workshops

    - Appointments in-person/on-line/by telephone 27. Student Activities Center (Formerly known as men’s gym)

    - Student groups, retention center

    - Center for Women & Men Workshops (stress/time management),

    drop-in counseling

    - LGBT Campus Resource Center

    - Graduate Student Resource Center Workshops


    - Pool

    28. Wilson Plaza

    Graduation ceremonies

29. Sunset Recreation Center

    Swimming Pools, Tennis courts, Challenge Course, Picnic Areas, Lot SC, San

    volley-ball court

    30. Janss Steps: original 87-step entrance to University -named after Janss brothers who sold land that UCLA is built on -Martin Luther King Jr & JFK held rallies on these steps -more recently seen on Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor

31. Kaufman Hall

    Formerly known as women’s gym, dance studios (WAC majors), pool

32. Anderson School of Management

    -business school

    -7 building complex, all interconnected

    -Expresso-Roma Café run by ASUCLA

33. Fowler Museum

    Anthropological/cultural/non-Western art exhibits

    - MENTION: Hammer Museum Westwood and Wilshire, free

    Thursdays/summer, events/performances

    - MENTION: Getty Museum Unaffiliated w/UCLA but close by, good

    study space, research opportunities

34. Royce Hall

    Languages, comparative literature, performances, hooding ceremonies

    35. Rolfe Hall

    Applied linguistics, Spanish & Portuguese, Asian American Studies,

    Women’s Studies, sculptures

36. Campbell Hall

    AAP, Linguistics, American Indian Studies

37. North Campus Student Center

    - Salad bar, pizza, Mexican food, hot entrees

    - Prepared sandwiches/subs/salads

    - Coffee house, ice cream

    - Market for incidentals

    - Outdoor seating, ATM’s

    38. Haines Hall

    Sociology, anthropology, Afro-American Studies, research centers

39. Bunche Hall

    Economics, history, political science, geography

    - Research centers (e.g., International Institute, Cesar Chavez Center)

    Lectures of general interest (national/international affairs)

40. Perloff Hall

    Architecture/urban design

41. Dickson Plaza

    Annual Staff Picnic, graduation ceremonies

42. Dodd Hall

    Philosophy, classics, art history, religion, legal services

43. Law School

    Library pass required for non-law students, prime study location

Mention: LuValle Commons

    Textbooks, UCLA attire, market

    - Asian food, salads, sandwiches/subs, burgers

    - Jimmy’s Coffee House

    - Outdoor seating

    - Computer labs

    44. Murphy Hall th- Admissions/administration, Chancellor’s office (8)

    - Registrar’s office Residency paperwork, tuition/fee payments

    - Graduate Division Window for general questions

    - GD scholarships & fellowships office Neil Proffitt, Cherie Francis

    - GD administrative office Claudia Mitchell-Kernan

    - OSD Academic/notetaking/transportation services

    - FAO/Student Loan Office

    - Hilgard bus stop behind building 1/2/3/8/12 SM Blue Bus

    - Point out shuttle stop

45. Schoenberg Music Hall

    Music, musicology, ethnomusicology, music library, performances, ensembles

    open to students

    46. Humanities Hall (originally known as Kinsey Hall)

    Slavic Languages & Cultures, Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, English, Comp Lit

47. Powell Library

    Main college library

    - Some materials for borrowing

    - CLICC lab Computer cluster

    - Printing documents

    - Borrowing laptops

    - Study areas/tables/rooms

    - Prime nap location

    - Open 24 hours during exams Night Powell

    - Office of Instructional Development (OID) TA workshops

End of General Tour! Return to Kerckoff Patio via Bruin Walk.

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