3BUnit 11 a good idea (1)

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3BUnit 11 a good idea (1)

    Fun with English 11 Text book Unit 3B

    A good idea Title Period 2

    1.To provide students with basic language to ask other people

    what do they do at leisure time.

    2.Review sport words; learn to say the 4 words correctly:

    cilmbing, skating, skiing, rowing. Aims

    3.Using “Lets go and Thats a good idea to make

    sentences correctly.

    4.To cultivate their interest of learning English and the

    consciousness of communicating in English.

    1. Sentence:

    Lets go

    Main points and Thats a good idea. difficult points

    2. Part A Look and say

    3. Do a survey

    Pictures, tape recorder, balls Aids

    Period Two: Step 1: free talk 1) T: How are you? .. Ss: Im happy.

    2) T: Whats the weather like today?

    Ss: Its sunny day.

    Ss: Its warm.

    T: Yes, spring is coming. How beautiful it is! You see, there are many pretty __flowers___and green

    __trees.__ Where is it?

    Ss: Park.

    T: Lets go to the park.

    Ss: Ok. Lets go.

    T: Now, follow me! (sing the song)

Step 2 words reviewing and teaching.

    1.1) I like this park very much. Look, there is a nice lake in the park. The water is clean. Please guess: What do you like doing ? I like(help students answer the question using this sentences pattern)

    S1: I like swimming.

    T: Do you like swimming?

    Ss: Yes, I do.

    (swimming , swimming, I like swimming)

    T: What do you like? (Point to the lake)

    S2: I like fishing.

    (fishing, fishing, I like fishing)

    Ss: What do you like?

    T: I like rowing. (板书)

    2) first look at my mouth, then read after me.

    3) train, train go go go.

    2. And I also like climbing in spring. (板书) (PPT show the hill)

    1) read the words by climb the ladders.

    2) T carries the bag and say: Do you like climbing, If Ss say yes T says: lets go climbing. Give the bag to S1.

    S1: Lets go climbing.

    T: Help them say: Good idea. ( write the title on the Bb) At the same time, we learn Thats a good idea.

    Read several times and practice.

    3.1) Oh, season changes quick. I feel very cold. Now we are in winter. Everything turns to white.(T acts cold.) (PPT shows) The lake is frozen. Can you guess what I like doing in winter? Ss: Do you like swimming?

    T: Absolutely not. Its too cold, Im not strong enough.

    Ss: Do you like running?

    T: Yes, I do. But not on the frozen lake, its dangerous.

    T: Ill tell you, I like skating. (板书)

2) first look at my mouth, then read after me.

    3) T reads loudly, you read lowly.

    4Do you like skating?

    Ss: Yes, I do.

    T: Ok, lets go skating. (板书)

    2 look at the hill, the hill is covered by the snow. T: Lets go skiing.

    Boys read, girls read. Group one, two, three read.

Step 3 practice:

    1) 4 pictures: Missing game.

    (the show the missing picture) T: Do you like? (ask individuals) Ss: Yes, I do.

    T: Lets go

    Ss: Good idea./Thats a good idea.

    (也可以让猜对的同学拿着图片问大家:Do you likeLets go.然后大家一起回答。)

    2) Say and act:

    Ask one of them to come to the front and let her/him choose one picture(或者是写着字的标签) then act. Others ask like this?

    Ss: Do you like? (according to his/her action)

    S1: Yes, I do. No, I dont. Ss: Lets go What do you like? S1: Good idea./ Thats a good idea. I like. T: Thats a good idea. (板书) Lets go

     Good idea. Work in pairs.

Step 4 presentation

    Now you know Miss He likes and I know you lets see what David likes

doing. Watch carefully.

    1) listen and watch.

    Listen to the tape with a guiding question

    Q1: Does David like swimming? What does David like?

    Ss: Yes, he does.

    Q2: What are they going to do?

    Ss: They are going to swimming.


    3) Read along the video with the subtitle.

    4) Read the words together.

    5) Listen and imitate

    Practice with partner.

    Step5 do a survey

     swimming running jogging climbing fishing skating skiing rowing father mother grandpa grandma Friend (现在课堂上问在场的家长和你要好的朋友,剩下的family members 回家) Make dialogues according to the survey.

    Eg. S1: Do you like?

     S2: Yes, I do. / No, I dont.

    S3: What do you like?

     S4: I like

    Unit 11 A good idea

    Lets go

     Thats a good idea.

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