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By Linda Ramirez,2014-08-12 09:59
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Construction in General ...

Specifications Summary:

    ; General construction.


    Reinforced concrete structure with concrete slabs & concrete pillars.

Foundations and contention walls.

Reinforced concrete foundations.

    Reinforced concrete walls, big and small stone walls.


    External closing walls are formed by a double wall with air chamber, 3cm thick layer of polyurethane foam for thermal insulation.

     These walls will be rendered with waterproof mortar in a hand made finish.

     Divisions between apartments.

    Double wall made out of FONO resistant bricks to provide an acoustic insulation (according to existing regulations).


    The external paint will be elastic EMUCRIL-10 paint, in a white finish.

    Internal walls rendered in plaster and painted with a matt washable white paint.


    The internal distribution of the apartments, will be made with double gap bricks (large size), rendered with plaster.

Roof tops.

There are two types of roof tops on the blocks:

    Flat roof tops or terraces lamed directly on the structural slabs, which have a layer of concrete to form the slopes for water drainage. Over this a layer of water proofing asphalt will be laid, protected with a coat of mortar, on top of which there will be a spayed thermal coat of 4cm thick foam. Finally finished with floor tiles

Sloped roof tops

    The sloped roof tops are held by the concrete slabs, that are firstly water proofed with asphalt layer and posterior thermal insulation with polyurethane foam, all finally covered with old Arabic style roof tiles.

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Plumbing and drainage.

    The drainage system will use insulated acoustic pipes for general drainages and PVC pipes throughout the rest of installation.

    Water supply installation with polyethylene pipes.

    Both water supply and drainage will be installed in false ceilings. Electric water heaters of 200 or 300 litres capacity, depending whether the apartment has 2 or 3 bedrooms and will distribute hot water all through the apartment.

    ; Exterior carpentry.

    The exterior glazed windows and doors are made out of aluminium frames with a lacquered matt finish and double glazing, assuring an adequate thermal and acoustic insulation.

    The 1st floor terraces will be installed with transparent glass railings.

    The main door of the apartments will be made out of Iroko Wood with a fenolic board inside.

    ; Interior carpentry.

    The inside doors of the apartments have a modern design with horizontal trips, lacquered in white. All the hinges and handles will be in stainless steel.

    The wardrobes have sliding doors with the same design as the interior doors. They will be fitted inside with a chest of drawers a hanging rail, and a top shelf.

    ; Interior finishes of apartment.

Interior floor tiling throughout the apartment:

    Polished marble floors in cream colour of 60x30x2.

Exterior floor tiles on terraces and communal areas:

    Porcelanic coloured floor tiles Loft Gris type in cream colour from PORCELANOSA CERANCO.

     Exterior floor tiles on back patios of ground floor:

    Slate/quarcite Grecia cream colour floor tiles Nepal type of L’ANTIC colonial,

    classified in 4 tones, 1st quality.

    ; Bathroom wall tiling

Bathroom I

    Wall tiling to mid height, with ceramic tiles from the series Twin Invernes of PORCELANOSA, finished on the top with an aluminium strip.

Bathroom II

    Wall tiling with ceramic tiles series Glass Antracita of PORCELANOSA, from floor to mid height and finished on the top with an aluminium strip. In the shower area, wall tiles Mosaic Glass Antracita from floor to ceiling.


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    Wall tiling with porcelanic tiles in a marble satin finish series Glass Antracita of PORCELANOSA, from floor to mid height and finished on the top with an aluminium strip.

    ; Sanitary ware, bathroom and kitchen fittings


    The bathrooms will be fitted with prefabricated furniture from Porcelanosa, Noken of Gamadecor models.


    Transparent glass vanity top from Porcelanosa model Gamadecor, for a stainless steel wash hand basin.


    The kitchen is open to the living room with a wooden counter top.

Fully fitted kitchen with stainless steel handles on drawers.

    All kitchens are fitted with Bosch appliances including extractor fan, ceramic hob, oven, microwave, fridge, integrated dishwasher and a washer dryer.

Granite worktop and granite up to the wall cupboards.

    ; Taps and sanitary ware


Monoblock chromed tap model Sentosa from Grohe.


Sink basin/bidet tap, series Bella from Noken Porcelanosa.

    For bath, thermostatic tap Libra from Noken Porcelanosa, for bath/shower, flexible pipe with shower head, series Minimal from Noken Porcelanosa.

Sanitary ware

    Standing white porcelain toilet, series NK One from Noken Porcelanosa. Standing white porcelain bidet, series NK One from Noken Porcelanosa. Bath Quadis from System-pool Porcelanosa.

    ; Installations.


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High grade of electrification.

    Lights installed by architects design.

    All electrical mechanisms will be from JUNG.

    All the installation will be hidden, in PVC flexible pipes.


TV and telephone points in living room and main bedroom.

    Electronic opening system.

    Pre installation for the connection of main satellite dish for satellite TV.

    The apartment will be equipped with extra flexible PVC pipes for future domotic installations.

Air conditioning (heat pump).

    Air conditioning equipment with Inverter technology from DAIKIN.

    The production of heat and cold will be made by a unit situated on the roof top and an interior unit placed in the false ceiling of toilets, hallways or bathrooms. Temperature regulated in each room by SYSTEM AIRZONE UNIVERSAL.

Fire protection.

    Installation of portable FIRE extinguishers in basement and every level. The garages have a smoke detection installation.

Security installations.

    Alarm with a system for detection of movement installed inside every apartment. Entrance to every apartment with a reinforced door.

    Remote control to open the garage doors.

Special installations.

Lifts with capacity for 6 persons with double speed.

    Opening of exterior doors via video intercom.

    Illumination of exteriors areas with lamps.

    ; Communal areas and entrances to apartments.

    The open wide communal areas and entrances have been designed to give light and a feeling of spaciousness and to soften the transition through out your home with the use of materials with soft textures of high quality.

    High efficiency elevators with capacity for 6 people 450kg with alarm and assistance bottom.

    The complex is closed and has 4 garage accesses, one for each block, and 2 pedestrian accesses.

    Each apartment has a storage room and a parking space, both are in the garage of each block.

    ; Gardens and urbanisation.

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    The urbanization will have two swimming pools strategically located to enjoy the maximum number of Sun hours. The sunbathing areas of both swimming pools will have fantastic views.

    Alanda Cortesín offers a landscaping design that pays tribute to the vegetation of the Andalusian forests, using an ample range of native species such as the olive tree, the emblem of Finca Cortesín.

    The exterior areas will include an automatic irrigation system with the purpose of assuring good maintenance in the gardens at all times.

Illumination of gardens all along accesses and path ways.

    ; Notes:

    All the constructive designs comply with the quality systems demanded by the existing regulations.

The surfaces indicated on plans are approximate.

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    The brands and models of the different materials proposed are subject to possible changes from market and/or for an architecture improvement.

    SEE QUALITIES OF SINGLEHOME (The qualities and facilities, thus, exclusivity, security… of the complex will be there for our clients).

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