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TAB and SAB High Level Alignment. The list of 11 SAB committees1: Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC); Foundation for Intelligent and Physical

    TAB and SAB High Level Alignment

     1The list of 11 SAB committees:

    ? Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC) 2? Foundation for Intelligent and Physical Agents Standards Committee (FIPASC) ? Information Assurance Standards Committee (IASC)

    ? Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC)

    ? Local Area Networks/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC, 802)

    ? Microprocessors & Microcomputers Standards Committee (MMSC)

    ? Portable Applications Standards Committee (PASC)

    ? Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization Standards Activity Committee (SISO-SAC)

    ? Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC)

    ? Storage Systems Standards Committee (SSSC)

    ? Test Technology Standards Committee (TTSC)

    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB

    None 1. TF Autonomous and Autonomic

    Systems (TFAAS)

    Bioinformatics Conference (CSB) 2. TC Bioinformatics (TCBI) P1953

    ? Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS) 3. TC Complexity in Computing

    ? Unified Modeling Language (UML) (TCCX)

    ? Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM)

    ? Formal Approaches to Agent-Based Systems (FAABS)

    ? Radical Agent Concepts (WRAC)

    ? Dependable Autonomic and Secure Computing (DASC)

    ? Leveraging Apps. of Formal Methods, Verification and

    Validation (ISOLA)

     1 SAB WGs are not listed; these outnumber the TCs, but fall in high level alignment as described in chart. 2 Note FIPASC remains to be mapped as it is a recently joined SC.

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB ? Web Intelligence Agent Technology (WI-IAT) 4. TC Intelligent Informatics (TCII) ? Tools for Artificial Intelligence (TAI)

    ? Data Mining (ICDM)

    ? Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (BIBE)

    ? Mobile Data Management (MDM)

    ? Multimedia Software Engineering (IMSE)

    ? Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)

    ? Cognitive Informatics (ICCI)

    ? Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous and Trustworthy Computing


    5. TC Computational Medicine ? Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS)

    (TCCM) ? Image Analysis and Interpretation (SSIAI)

    ? Computer Architecture (ISCA) 6. TC Computer Architecture MSC

    ? Computer Architectures for Machine Perception (CAMP) (TCCA)

    ? Supercomputing (SC)


    ? Field Programmable Custom Computing Machines


    ? Parallel Architectures (PACT)

    ? High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA) ? Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications (DS-


    ? Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS) ? Cool Chips

    ? Workload Characterization (IISWC)

    ? Architectures for Networking and Communications

    Systems (ANCS)

    ? Component-based SE, Software Architecture and Reuse


    ? Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing


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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB

    ? Local Computer Networks (LCN) 7. TC Computer Communications LMSC, MSC

    ? Performance, Computing and Communication (IPCCC) (TCCC)

    ? Pervasive Computing and Communication (PERCOM)

    ? Embedded Networked Sensors (EMNETS)

    ? World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks


    8. TC Computer Elements (TCCE) ? Vail Computer Elements (CEW) MSC

    ? Key West Computer Elements (Key West)

    none 9. TC Computer Generated Music SAB P1599


    none 10. TC Computer Languages (TCCL) MSC 3? Data Engineering (ICDE) 11. TC Data Engineering (TCDE)

    ? Research Issues in Data Engineering (RIDE)

    ? Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA)

    ? Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Concurrent

    Engineering. (WETICE)

    ? Mobile Data Management (MDM)

    12. TC Design Automation (TCDA) ? System Synthesis (ISSS) DASC

    ? Rapid System Prototyping (RSP)

    ? Hardware/Software Co-Design (CODES)

    ? Computer Design (ICCD)

    ? Computer Aided Design (ICCAD)

    ? High Level Design Validation and Test (HLDVT)

    ? Design Automation and Test (DATE)

    ? Microelectronic Systems Education (MSE)

    ? Electronic Design Processes (WEDP)

    ? Formal Methods and Programming Models for Co-design


    ? Hardware Software & Systems Synthesis (CODES+ISS)

     3 Expect TCDE, TCDL to map to SSSC, IASC, and S2ESC because these technologies impact them. Or there should be SCs for data engineering and digital libraries. Factoid: the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA, a digital library organization) is deeply interested in information assurance standards.

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB

    3? Digital Libraries (JCDL) 13. TC Digital Libraries (TCDL) LTSC

    ? Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS) 14. TC Distributed Processing ? Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS) (TCDP)

    ? Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems (FTDCS) ? High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC) ? Autonomous Decentralized Systems (ISADS) ? Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems


    ? Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems - 2


    ? Object-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing


    ? High Assurance Systems Engineering (HASE) ? Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC) ? Int'l Wkshp Dist Comp, Comm & Applications (DCCA) ? Advanced Information Networking and Applications


    ? Network Computing and Applications (NCA) ? Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)

    ? Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (Policy) ? Network Protocol (ICNP)

    ? Pervasive Computing and Communication (PERCOM) ? Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems (MASS)

    ? Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS)

    15. TC E-Commerce (TCEC) ? E-Commerce (CEC) ? E-Technology, E-Commerce and E-Service (EEE) ? Autonomic Computing (ICAC)

    ? E-Commerce Technology for Dynamic E-Business (CEC-


    ? Adv. Issues of E-Commerce and Web-based Info.


    ? E-Business Engineering (ICEBE)

    ? Service-oriented Systems Engineering (SOSE)

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB

    None 16. TF Electronic Arts and

    Technology (TFEA) 4Electronics and the Environment (ISEE) 17. TC Electronics and the P1680

    Environment (TCEE)

    ? Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS) 18. TC Engineering of Computer S2ESC

    Based Systems (TCECBS)

    ? Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems (DFT) 19. TC Fault Tolerant Computing IASC, S2ESC

    ? Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN) (TCFT)

    ? Pacific Rim Dependable Computing (PRDC)

    ? Information Survivability (ISW)

    20. TF Human Centered Information ? Mixed and Augmented Reality

     Systems (TFHIS)

    ? Information Assurance 21. TF Information Assurance IASC, S2ESC, 5? Security in Storage (TFIA)SSSC

    ? Information Assurance Standards

    ? Critical Infrastructure Protections

     4 P1680 is sponsored by SAB. A relationship needs to be established to TCEE. 5 IASC-SSSC are now jointly developing standards. IASC-S2ESC plan to soon. TFIA-TCSE co-sponsor one workshop, co-operate in another. TCSE serves on steering committee and program committee for IA workshop. TFIA-TCMS co-operate on a workshop. Information assurance technology activities in the Computer Society are actively collaborating with software engineering and mass storage technologies in areas of standards and workshops.

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB ? Mobile Computing (MC) 22. TC Internet (TCI) PASC ? Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS) ? Internet Applications (WIAPP)

    ? Symp on Internet Technologies and Systems

    ? Applications and the Internet (SAINT)

    ? Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA)

    ? Mobile Agents (MA)

    ? Performance, Computing and Communications (IPCCC) ? Knowledge Media Networking (KMN)

    ? Mobile Data Management (MDM)

    ? Web Content Caching and Distribution (IWCW)

    ? Collaborative Computing (CollaborateCom)

    ? Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (WMCSA)

    23. TC Learning Technology (TCLT) ? Advance Learning Technology (ICALT) LTSC ? Knowledge Media Networking (KNW)

    ? Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education (WMTE) ? Mass Storage 24. TC Mass Storage Systems SSSC, TFIA ? Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (TCMS)

    ? Foundations of Computer Science 25. TC Mathematical Foundations of IASC ? Logic in Computer Science Computing (TCMF)

    ? Computational Complexity

    ? Mass Storage

    ? Hot Chips 26. TC Microprocessors and MSC ? Cool Chips Microcomputers (TCMM)

    ? Hot Interconnects

    ? Performance Analysis of Systems and Software 27. TC Microprogramming and MSC ? Microarchitecture Microarchitecture (TCmARCH)

    ? Code Generation and Optimization

    ? Int'l Conf. On Compilers, Architectures

    ? Multimedia and Expo 28. TC Multimedia Computing ? Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (TCMC)

    ? Cognitive Informatics

    ? Multimedia

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB

    ? Multiple-Valued Logic (ISMVL) 29. TC Multiple Valued Logic


    ? Mobile Computing (WMCSA) 30. TC Operating Systems and PASC

     Application Environments


    ? Parallel and Distributed Processing 31. TC Parallel Processing (TCPP)

    ? High Performance Computing

    ? Parallel Computing

    ? Parallel Architecture

    ? Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications

    ? Computer Architecture for Machine Perception

    ? Computer Systems and Applications

    ? Pervasive Computing and Communication

    ? Cluster Computing

    ? Large Applications in Distributed Environments

    ? Parallel and Distributed Systems

    ? Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems

    ? Pervasive Services

    32. TC Pattern Analysis and Machine ? Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition SAB P1600.1

    Intelligence (TCPAMI) ? Computer Vision

    ? Applications of Computer Vision

    ? Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition

    ? Motion and Video Computing

    ? Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition

    ? Data Mining

    ? Artificial Intellectual Systems

    ? Development and Learning

    ? Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance

    ? Computer Architecture For Machine Perception

    ? 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission

    ? Computer Vision Systems

    ? Computer Vision, Motion and Performance Evaluation of

    Tracking Systems

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB ? Real-Time Symposium 33. TC Real-Time Systems (TCRT) ? Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications ? Computer Systems and Applications

    ? Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and


    34. TC Scalable Computing (TCSC) ? Cluster Computing and the Grid Perhaps S2ESC ? Cluster Computing and SSSC ? Supercomputing

    ? Parallel Computing

    ? Networks for Grid Applications

    ? Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing ? e-Science and Grid Computing

    35. TC Security and Privacy (TCSP) ? Computer Security Foundations IASC, LMSC ? Security and Privacy

    ? Web Services 36. TC Services Computing ISO JTC1 Web ? Services Computing (TCSVC) Services Study ? European Conference on Web Services Group ? Winter Simulation 37. TC Simulation (TCSIM) SISO-SAC ? Parallel and Distributed Simulation

    ? Signal Processing and Information Technology

    ? Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications ? Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and

    Telecommunications Systems

    ? Computing and Communication

    ? Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems

    ? Rapid System Prototyping

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB ? Software Engineering 38. Software Engineering Council S2ESC

    ? Software Reliability Engineering (TCSE)

    ? Software Maintenance

    ? Requirements Engineering

    ? Software Metrics

    ? Reverse Engineering

    ? Empirical Studies of Software Maintenance ? Hardware/Software Co-Design

    ? Software Engineering Education and Training ? Software Maintenance and Reengineering ? Computer System and Applications

    ? Automated Software Engineering

    ? Source Code Analysis and Manipulation ? Software Engineering Workshop

    ? Software Assessment

    ? Website Evolution

    ? Visualization Software for Understanding and Analysis ? Program Comprehension

    ? Experimental Software Engineering

    ? Software Engineering and Formal Methods ? Software Technology and Engineering Practice ? Evolution of Large Scale Industrial Software Appl. ? Hardware Software & System Synthesis

    ? Cognitive Informatics

    ? Computer and Information Science

    ? Secure Software Engineering

    ? COTS-Based Software Systems

    39. TC Systems Packaging (TCCSP) ? Systems Packaging (SPW)

    ? European System Packaging (ESPW)

    ? Signal Processing and Information Technology (IISPIT)

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    No. TAB TAB Conferences SAB

    TTSC ? International Test 40. Test Technology Council (TCTT)

    ? Test Tutorials

    ? Pacific Northwest Test

    ? VLSI Test

    ? Southwest Test

    ? Asian Test

    ? Memory Technology, Design and Testing ? Test Synthesis

    ? North Atlantic Test

    ? On-Line Testing

    ? Design Automation and Test

    ? Signal Propagation on Interconnects ? Microprocessor Test and Verification ? Burn-In Test Sockets

    ? Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems

    ? Testing Embedded Core-Based Systems ? Current and Defect Based Testing ? European Test

    ? High Level Design Validation and Test ? Mixed Signal Test

    ? Electronic Design, Test and Applications ? Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems ? RTL and High Level Testing

    ? Test Of Wireless Circuits & Systems ? Automation, Quality and Testing Robotics ? Test Resource Partitioning

    ? Latin American Test

    ? Board Test

    ? Infrastructure IP

    ? Design, Test, Integration & Packaging ? Thermal Investigation of Ics and Systems ? European Board Test

    ? -Design and Test of Defect-Tolerant Nanoscale


    ? -East West Design and Test

    ? -Silicon Debug and Diagnosis

    ? -Electronic Systems Test

    ? -Open Source Test Technology Tools 49630236.doc, 14/04/2010 Page 10 of 11 ? -GHz/Gbps Test

    ? -Pacific Rim Dependable Computing

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