Conference Programme - Sexual histories bodies and desires uncovered

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Conference Programme - Sexual histories bodies and desires uncovered ...

    23/24/25 July 2007

    University of Exeter

    Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

    Streatham Campus

    Sunday 22 July 2007

    6.30 8.00 pm Drinks reception and buffet dinner for early arrivals at Holland Hall

    8.00 9.30 pm Film show and first UK showing of Andrea Dorfman’s


    thWinner best documentary 25 Atlantic Film Festival 2005

    Bar open until midnight

    Monday 23 July 2007

    Registration and coffee 8.459.45 am

    Atrium, Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies, Streatham Campus

     9.4511.00 am Welcome and introduction to first keynote speaker by Professor Mark Jackson,

    Director, Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter

    Main lecture theatre

    Philippa Levine

    ‘Governing bodies: Sex, Race and the British Empire

    11.0011.30 am Coffee in the Atrium


    Panel A Panel B 11.30 1.00 pm

    Chair: Matthew Smith Chair: Jonathan Barry

    Lesley Hall, ‘ Interwar British women Kate Fisher, ‘Getting a rise out of the pushing at the boundaries: or, beyond tourist: Pompeian erotica and the the ‘Me Tarzan, You Jane’ paradigm internet generation

    Carla Hustak, ‘Sex beyond the body: David Smith, ‘Khajuraho: religion, sex reformers and the discourse of pornography and sexual revolution’

    emotion’ Howard Chiang, ‘Liberating Sex Beyond

    the Flesh: Epistemic Turning Points in James Mark, ‘Rape, ‘Liberation’ and the History of Sexuality’ the Red Army in Hungary

    1.00 2.00 pm Lunch in the Atrium

    Panel A Panel B 2.00 3.30 pm

    Chair: Andrew McRae Chair: Mark Jackson

    Will Fisher, ‘ Wantoning with the Laurie Garrison, ‘Should you do it in thighs: intercrural sex in early modern your fancy, when you were lying here

    English culture’ doing this?’: Opium and self-abuse in

    The Mystery of Edwin Drood Stephen Guy-Bray, ‘’Twisting love in

    Andrew Marvell’ Katherine Holden, ‘Relations without a

    name: sexual desires and singleness in Bryonny Goodwin, ‘The houseboy, the interwar Britain’ whip and the revolver: male rape and

    colonial homoeroticism’ Maddy Morgan, ‘Masturbation and

    morality: social and medical expectations

    of male masturbation’

    3.30 4.00 pm Tea in the Atrium

    Panel A Panel B 4.00 5.30 pm

    Chair: Howard Chiang Chair: Martin Thomas

    Marianna Muravyeva, ‘”The woman Andrew Wells, ‘Locating racial theory in

    with two sets of genitals”: the C18th: the case for pornography’

    hermaphrodites and attitudes to

    Helga Satzinger, ‘A Weimar mongrel: sexuality in C18th Russia’

    Hannah Hoch and the debates in biology


    on intersexuality and racial purity’ Richard Cleminson, ‘Male, Female or

    In-Between? The Science of Juliane Strohschein, ‘Construction of Hermaphroditism in Spain, 1850-1960 race, gender and sexuality as

    representational practice: colonial Lena Eckert, ‘The discursive and photographic propaganda and present political limitations of the ‘third sex’ and day ad-campaigns in dialogue’ the ‘third gender’’

    7.30 pm Dinner - Holland Hall

    Bar open until midnight music and dancing

    Tuesday 24 July 2007

    Panel A Panel B 9.30 11.00

    Chair: Richard Seaford Chair: Jane Whittle

    Sarah Toulalan, ‘Children and sexuality Julie-Marie Strange, ‘Intimate bleeding in

    in early modern England’ Victorian culture’

    Cathryn Wilson, ‘Before the Chiara Beccalossi, ‘Archivio delle paedophile: monsters and molesters, psicopatie sessuali (Archive of sexual sexual assault followed by child psycho-pathologies): first European

    murder, 1860-1900 sexological scientific journal, 1896-1904

    Sarah Goode, ‘Unusual sexual Leon Rocha, ‘Zhang Jingsheng's 'Third practices: the use of historical figures Kind of Water': A case of the

    in constructing contemporary transmission of sexual knowledges in

    understandings of paedophilia’ Republican China

    11.0011.30 am Coffee in the Atrium

    Panel A Panel B 11.30 1.00 pm

    Chair: Henry French Chair: Jo Melling

    Fernanda Alfieri, ‘Urge without desire? Jenny Skipp, ‘Pleasure and satisfaction, Confessional books, moral casuistry instruction and entertainment: the and the features of concupiscentia character of C18th pornography’

    C15th C17th


    Jennie Jordan, ‘That ere with Age, his Nina Attwood, ‘My Secret Life and the

    strength Is utterly decay’d’: pornographic representation of Victorian Understanding the male body in early sexuality’

    modern manhood’

    Karla Arnberg, ‘The politics of Steve Poole, ‘Sodomy in eighteenth-pornography in Sweden’

    century Bristol’

    1.00 2.00 pm Lunch in the Atrium

    Keynote lecture 2; Chair: Regenia Gagnier 2.00 3.30 pm

    Main lecture theatre

    Lisa Downing, Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe, School of Arts, Languages and Literature, University of Exeter

    ‘Eros and Thanatos in European and American Sexology’

    3.30 4.00 pm Tea in the Atrium

    Panel A Panel B 4.00 5.30 pm

    Chair: Jo Melling Chair: Pamela Dale

    Heike, Bauer, Reverse Positions, Catherine Rider, ‘Sexual Compatibility in

    Perverse Positioning: Feminism and Medieval Canon Law and Medicine'

    the Theorisation of the Female Sexual

    Joanne Richdale, ‘Justice is far from Body at the Fin de Siecle

    blind: New Zealand criminal and Rebecca Langlands, ‘ Transgender coroners’ courts’ engagement with narratives from ancient Rome: sex, cultural norms around abortion and birth body and identity in Western thought’ control, 1920-1960’

     Sarah Hayes, '"Wayward Girls": Alison Oram, ‘’Sex Change’ in the sexuality, immorality and the female

    1930s: Newspaper stories, medical juvenile delinquent, 1900-1939'

    technology and modernity’

    7.30 pm Conference dinner, Holland Hall

    Bar open until midnight music and dancing


    Wednesday 25 July

    Panel A Panel B 9.30 11.00 am

    Chair: tbc Chair: Regenia Gagnier

    Claire Gooder, ‘Representing sexuality Anne Anderson, ‘Consumptive Bodies:

    in New Zealand 1940-1980’ the pathology of the Aesthetic collector’ Robert Irwin, ‘To try to find out what is Bronwyn Platten, ‘Desire and being done to whom, by whom, and Embodiment - in Arts and Health

    with whom’ Contexts’

    Lutz Sauerteig, ‘The making of the Miranda Whall, ‘Art and sexuality in modern erotic body: sexual knowledge practice: recent work’

    and the young in West Germany 1950s


    11.0011.30 am Coffee in the Atrium

    Panel A Panel B 11.30 1.00 pm

    Chair: tbc Chair: Lisa Downing

    Diederik Janssen, ‘Looking back on Elizabeth Stephens, ‘Venus anatomised:

    sex: continuities, presentisms, the female body as medical exhibit’

    horaiocentrisms’ Peter Cryle, ‘Historical constructions of

    female coldness: towards a genealogy of Jack Gilbert, ‘The neo-colonial ‘gay’

    frigidity in France Margaretta Jolly, ‘Queer Life Writing

    and Postmodern Pottery Alison Moore, Imagining Sadism and

    Social Violence : Between Fin-de-Siècle Psychiatry and Reflections on the Two

    World Wars

    1.00 2.00 pm Lunch in the Atrium

    Keynote lecture 3, Main lecture theatre; chair: Jonathan Barry

    Joan Cadden, UC Davis 2.00 3.30 pm

    Sex, Science, Silence and Laughter in Medieval Europe

    3.30 pm Tea in the Atrium and end of conference

    6.30 pm For those staying overnight, dinner and drinks at a local pub tba.


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