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Network protocols; Realtime applications; Security; Object-oriented analysis and design. You want to stick to your release deadline?

Roelof Berg

Development of Embedded Software

    ? Network protocols

    ? Realtime applications

    ? Security

    ? Object-oriented analysis and design

You want to stick to your release deadline?

    I have very fast lead-in times to new projects, I work fast and focused on solutions.

You want your project success free of troubles?

    I am friendly, communicative and creative, and work well in a team as well as on my own


You require specialist knowledge?

    I am more than happy to share my knowledge. Make the most of my experience to achieve

    successful project completion!

My focuses

    ? Software development of systemic and Embedded Software

    ? Integration of realtime and mission-critical requirements

    ? Firmware for network components (such as router, audio- / video streamer)

    ? Software for critical security applications (highly secure data encryption)

    ? Engineering-driven procedure via OOA/OOD, UML, design patterns, unit tests, etc.

Roelof Berg Phone +49 89 61 53 41 27

    Rosenheimer Landstraße 106 Mobile +49 170 51 71 69 5

    85521 Ottobrunn E-Mail




    Software developer since 1997 (training and salaried position)

    self-employed since 2001 (freelance system programmer)


    IT specialist IHK (Chamber of Commerce & Industry)

    with a main focus on application development (in 2000, Best of Year, grade: 1)

    Currently distance learning university studies in technical computing science at Wilhelm Büchner



    Programming languages C, C++, C#, Assembler (PowerPC, ARM, MC68x), Shell Scripting Operating systems RTOS, VxWorks, Symbian OS, Embedded Linux, Linux as a Host,

    Windows CE, XP Embedded

    Development Tornado, Workbench, Rational Rose Realtime, Visual Studio, Make, GNU environments Compiler

    Methods OOA/D/M, MDA, UML, Design Patterns

    V-Modell, SRS, detail conceptualisation in Office and UML, iterative and

    agile development (XP, Scrum)

    Large projects (> 500.000 LOCs), team leadership (most recently for 16


    Network protocols ATM, PPPoE, PPPoA, PPP, ISDN, Ethernet, VLAN, ICMP, IGMP, UDP, (implementation) TCP/IP, IPSec, SSL, RTP, SNMP, RPC, LDAP, SSL, FTP, HTTP, SMTP Programming interfaces Corba, DCOM, COM, ATL, STL, Boost, XML, Crypto API, Crypt++ Tools Rational Rose Realtime, Enterprise Architect, Together, Visio,

    OfficeSubversion, CVS, Team Foundation Server, Visual Source Save,

    PVCS Tracker, StarTeam, JTAG/BDM, GDB, WinDBG, NUnit, CPPUnit,

    script languages for test automation

    Sectors Manufacturing industry, telecommunication, preferred industry: Aerospace Sprachen Very good English, Dutch

Customer voices

    „We used the Consultant for 13 months in the department of Embedded software. The Consultant implemented important functionalities in the firmware of our DSLAM products. He was trained fast,

    worked very motivated and independently, and he brought many ideas and improvements into the

    team and the development process. With future projects we will very gladly again assign the

    Consultant. “

    Keymile GmbH - Thomas Herzmann Leader of Department Embedded Software

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    Period, 10.2007-11.2009, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH (Bosch Security Systems) Customer

    Title Embedded and server control modules for IP video streaming Project Bringing the storage system of video streams of an Enterprise video monitoring

    system to an up to date standard. Under the new procedure hardware encoders

    send video streams directly to embedded hard drive arrays via an iSCSI network

    protocol. A centrally embedded hardware, acting as a failover distributor controls

    the distribution between encoder hardware and iSCSI hard drive array. Jobs ? Support new Firmware feature: H.264 Video Streaming Codec.

    ? Control modules for failover distributors and video encoder hardware.

    ? Dispatcher for massive parallel, asynchronous network commands.

    ? Optimising network access layer for multicast RTP audio / video streams.

    ? SNMP link-up of both hardware devices (distributors, encoder). Technologies Make, GNU Compiler, Visual Studio, Linux, Windows XP Embedded, .NET Micro

    Framework (Embedded), C++, C#, Design Patterns, UML, Enterprise Architect,

    Team Foundation Server, WinDBG, CPPUnit, NUnit, STL, Boost, TCP/IP, UDP,

    SNMP, RCP+,

    RTP (video and audio streaming), XML, Sockets, Shell Scripting , MS Office

Period, 09.2006 - 10.2007, Keymile GmbH (formerly Alcatel)


    Title Firmware for telecommunication router (Access Concentrator) Project Expansion of firmware of a new Access Concentrator line with transmission and

    diagnosis protocols. The DSL slide-in boards are now also compatible with PPPoA

    transmission standard as well as PPPoE. Moreover, a diagnostic process for

    automated circuit analysis (SELT) has been included in the firmware. By emitting

    particular spectrums and evaluating echo frequencies, bandwidth and topology of

    DSL copper cables can be measured.

    Jobs ? Expanding network stacks of firmware around the PPPoA standard.

    ? Diagnostic procedure SELT (Single Ended Line Testing).

    ? Performance optimizing of SELT. Distribution of calculation algorithms between

     operator PC and embedded hardware.

    Technologies Tornado, Workbench, VxWorks, Linux, Make, GNU Compiler, GDB, PowerPC, C++,

    C, Assembler (PowerPC), STL, TCP/IP, PPPoE, PPPoA, ATM, Ethernet, VLAN,

    Corba, Doxygen, Design Patterns, UML, Enterpise Architect, Subversion, script

    languages for test automation, JTAG/BDM, Shell Scripting, XML, Open Office

Period, 09.2004 - 09.2006, Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH


    Title Network protocols in an IP video streaming context

    Project Link-up of a network video recorder and its video encoder to various network

    protocols. The specific needs for data tunnelling and encryption required a

    proprietary network protocol similar to IPSec. In addition, setting up support for the

    SNMP, RMon and IP-Multicast network protocols.

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Jobs ? Conceptual design of a proprietary network protocol for data tunnelling and data

    encryption (similar to IPSec).

    ? Implementing this protocol as a network filter in the network stack of the

    VxWorks and "Windows XP embedded" operating systems.

    ? Implementing the SNMP, RMon and IP multicast network protocols. Technologies Rational Rose Realtime, Tornado, VxWorks, Visual Studio, Windows XP

    Embedded, C++, C#, Assembler (ARM), Design Patterns, UML, Enterpise Architect,

    Source Save, PVCS Tracker, WinDBG, JTAG/BDM, NUnit, Doxygen, CryptoAPI,

    MFC, ATL, STL, DCOM, COM, TCP/IP, ICMP, SNMP, RMon, IPSec, Multicast,

    IGMP, RTP, UDP, RPC, LDAP, SSL, Cisco IOS, Sockets, MS Office

Period, 09.2001 - 08.2004, Cedros GmbH


    Title Network protocols for router firmware and software Project Expansion of the tunnelling and encryption protocol IPSec of a router software by

    an additional network standard. Implementation was done as firmware in a

    traditional hardware router as well as Windows 2000 Network driver (software


    Jobs ? Expansion of IPSec network stacks around the technologies X.509,

    AES,Blowfish, XAUTH and Nat-T.

    ? Smartcard authentification.

    ? Configuration surface and status display for IPSec. Technologies Make, GNU Compiler, Visual Studio, C, C++, Embedded Linux, Windows 2000,

    MFC, ATL, DCOM, COM, XML, UML, Together, Doxygen, StarTeam, CVS, Crypto

    API, PKI, PKCS, Smartcard, IPSec, TCP/IP, SSL, PPP, ISDN, Cisco IOS, Cisco

    PIX, Shell Scripting, MS Office

    Period, 05.2004 - 07.2004, em|motion GmbH (parallel project, 25%) Customer

    Title Network protocols for mobile phone devices

    Project Expansion of access path of an application server to mobile phone devices.

    Porting of network protocols for authentification and encryption to the Symbian OS

    operating system.

    Jobs ? Porting of algorithms for data encryption and authentification to the Symbian OS

    operating system.

    ? Integration of these algorithms via a locally running HTTP network proxy (on a

    mobile phone device).

    Technologies Visual Studio, C++, Symbian, Series 60 SDK, HTTP, TCP/IP, Crypt++, Source

    Save, UML, Visio, Sockets, MS Office

    Period, 05.2003 - 06.2003, Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (University of Applied Customer Sciences) (parallel project, 25%)

    Title Chip card terminal for parking area barriers

    Project Fitting of chip card system to the barriers of the university's parking areas.

    Communication of an embedded hardware in the barrier of the parking area via DSL Consultant Profile Roelof Berg Page 4 of 5

    protocol to the university's server room , for checking parking area access rights. Jobs ? Selection and launch of hardware.

    ? Programming of software components for control. Technologies Visual Studio, C++, C#, TCP/IP, DSL, RS232, Source Save, Sockets, MyFare

    smartcards, MS Office

    Period, 06.2001 - 09.2001, Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (University of Applied Customer Sciences)

    Title Network protocols for data encryption and authentification Project Access to the university's application server is secured by data encryption and user

    authentification. Professors and students receive a floppy disc with an access token

    for two-factor authentication.

    Jobs ? HTTP proxy server for Windows and Linux which can

    be started from the floppy disc.

    ? Authentification and encryption procedure for HTTP proxy. Technologies Make, GNU Compiler, Visual Studio, Windows, Linux, C++, STL, TCP/IP, HTTP,

    Sockets, Crypt++, UML, Visio, Doxygen, Shell Scripting, MS Office

Zeitraum 01.1997-06.2001

    Title Various salaried positions

    Project At the beginning of my professional career I had salaried positions with various

    companies. In the beginning, I was doing vocational training as a programmer, then

    software developer and finally working as development manager at X-PressPay


    Jobs ? Development management

    ? Architectural concept

    ? Software development

    ? Vocational trainee

    Technologies Make, GNU Compiler, Visual Studio, Assembler (MC68x), C, C++, Visual Basic,

    Java, Linux, Windows, UML, Visio, Together, Source Save, CVS, STL, ATL, MFC,

    DCOM, COM, Corba, XML, Doxygen, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, CGI, Sockets,

    Shell Scripting, MS Office

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