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    Oxy-log data sheet


    Portable Data Logger for Oxygen


    The Oxy Log is a simple 1 or 2 channel dissolved oxygen monitor, depending on the model it may

    have an internal modem and alarm out-puts. The oxygen probe is hard wired into the data logger.

    The data logger is a small unit measuring 190mm x 75mm x 60mm. The logger has no buttons, or

    display, communication with the logger is by an Infra Red serial coms link, using a PC or laptop.

    The datalogger is fitted with 4 x batteries which have a life of approximately 1 year. The batteries

    are easy to change so the instrument does not need to come back to Dryden Aqua. The electronics

    are contained in an IP65 box, there are no dials, buttons or displays on the instrument, all of the

    readings are taken on a PC

    Data logger specification

    Oxy-log data logger has the capacity to store 16200 x 16 bit readings, and can log at intervals from 4

    secs to 4 hours. When the memory capacity of the unit is reached, the oldest readings will be over


    Wiring details

    Connect the galvanic OxyTraul probe to terminals SA and SB in the data logger


Software Installation.

The software was sapplied with the data logger, or you can down load from our web site.


The data logger communicates with the PC via an RS232 serial infra red comms port. Plug the 9 pin RS232

    cable into your computer and the infra red communications interface. Point the infra red link to the clear

    diffuser disc on the data logger. If you are using a lap top there will probably be an in-built IR comms link on

    the back of the equipment, however many lab tops use a different protocol so it is best to use the IR port that

    we supply with the logger as an optional extra.

You may have to prop up the infrared link so that it points directly into the diffuser disc. Distance between

    datalogger and infra red link should be about 2 to 10cm.

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    Oxy-log data sheet

    Run Program and calibrate the oxygen probe

1. Remove the probe from the water and allow to dry

    2. Hang the probe vertically for at least 30 minutes (not in direct sunshine) to allow the probe temperature to


    3. Take a note of air temperature

    4. Click on file icon to run the program.

    5. Click on access out-station

    6. Click on change parameters

    7. Type in a 4 letter tag and a description of the site

    8. Enter your initial

    9. Select sample interval, a time interval with an L means that one reading is taken at the set time interval. If

    there is not an L (low power) then an average of the readings will be logged at the sample interval. 10. Click on change sensor

    11. Select water quality class

    12. Select mg/l sensor

    13. Click on calibration

    14. Type in salinity of the water to be measured and current air temperature in the spaces provided 15. Click OK, display will change back to previous window

    16. Click on OK again, the window will change back to the previous display

    17. Click on comms, and select the correct com port for your PC or modem, type in the telephone number if it

    is a remote station, click OK when complete

    18. Click on proceed to calibrate the logger

    19. Please note that the logger has to record at least three measurements before you download the data back

    into the PC. If you try to read the logger immediately after calibration, you may obtain some strange


Calibration & Checking the oxygen probe

You need to follow the above calibration procedure before you use the oxygen data logger. The above

    procedure may seem a bit involved, but once you have completed the task a few times, you will find it to be

    quick and straightforward.

Occasionally you may also want to check the out-put from the probe. To do this open the data logger and

    disconnect the oxygen probe. Use a multi meter set to mv readings and measure the mv out-put from the probe.

    With the probe in air, the out-put should normally be between 60mv and 80 mv.

Reading data

1. Click on access out-station

    2. Click on read data

    3. Click on read to transfer the stored data to the PC, once the data has been received a graph of the the

    information will be automatically displayed and a file name produced.

    4. If you do not want to save old data in the logger, tick the read with reset box. 5. If you want to view the logger parameters without reading the data, tick the read parameters only box

More information

For more information on the OxyLog and our AquaTraul range of multi channel dissolved oxygen

    monitoring system, please check out our web site at, or the CD-rom.

    There are 4000 pages of information and prices on the full range of oxygen monitoring systems and

    other equipment manufactured by Dryden Aqua.

    Dryden Aqua Ltd ? Butlerfield Industrial Estate ? Bonnyrigg ? EH19 3JQ ? UK

    Tel: 01875 822 222 ? Fax: 01875 822 229

    Internet: ? Email: Company Registered in Scotland No. 72700 ? Directors: H Dryden, T Dryden

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