The story may sound simple

By Janice Gordon,2014-01-12 22:13
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The story may sound simple

    The story may sound simple, but the truth behind the words is remarkable. When I heard the name of the film first time, I considered the Shawshank to be a man’ name, but in fact it is a jail’s name——a hell in the world. Not only for the inhumanity of the jailors——they

    behaved brutally; but also for the jail gnawed at people’ heart by keeping them waiting and waiting as life passed. It seemed that only those utterly worthless people who gave up everything could survive. That’s where the story happened. The part impressed me most is when Andy got out of the jail. He extended his arms in front of him in the heavy rain as if he were welcoming the fresh air and the freedom. At that moment, I saw the confidence win the darkness, discharging light dazzling the eyes in the dark blue sky. Under the light, I could feel my recreant heart being

    shivering as his voice said: “Remember,

    Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies!” That’s why I like this film: it encourages people to fight to preserve the dignity of human beings, to appreciate the beauty of life, and the most importance is to keep hope forever. He once that is born, that is die. Everyone is the same. The only difference is whether busy living or busy dying. The film tells us that even a man can live once, but if he keeps confidence, keeps hope and works his life right, then once is enough. The confidence is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark, the hope is the chief happiness that this world affords, and the life should be full of the singing of the bird and the happiness hope brings. " What’s that do you think? It’s the trembling of the heart, the singing of the mind, the flying of the soul and the hope to be free.

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