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NNPR 2010-05-03

From NPR news in Washington I am Lakshmi Singh.

    New York City police is searching for a white man in his forties who may have been behind a failed car bombing in Time Square last night. They are pouring over hundreds of hours of video surveillance from the area. The device was found on a Nissan Pathfinder with a license plate from a truck found in a jag yard. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says so far there is no evidence of a Taliban connection. Although a Taliban bomb maker has claimed on the internet that the car bomb that placed in Time Square to revenge the the deaths of mujahideen fighters we have no

    evidence to support this claim. Now the claim of a responsibility emailed to a local news organization is being investigated.

    The authority says the bomb began to detonat last night but never exploded.

President Obama spending the day on the frontlines of a oil spill clean-upthat

    s shaping up to be a bigger environment threat than BP initially thought. The company

    s chairman says BPs safety record did not play a role in the drilling rig explosion that trigger that spill. Near Venice Louisiana NPRs Sheera Colin has details.

    There has been little succes stopping flow from BPs ruptured well on the floor of

    sea near the Louisiana coast. And BP chairman Lamar McKay says its uncertain how

    much oil has been released despite estimates of 5000 barrels a day. During an appearance on ABC this week McKay said the accident did not happen because of lack of safety measures. He blamed it on a failed piece of equipment a blowout preventer which apparently mulfunction. McKay says BP is throwing every resource the company has and trying to plug a well thats mile beneath the sea.

    "And as you can imagine, this is like doing open-heart surgery at 5000 feet, with - in the dark, with robot-controlled submarines," McKay says a containment dome that could be placed over the well is expected to be deployed in six to eight days but its uncertain when that would be come up rational. Sheera Colin NPR News.

Top officials in the Obama administration continue their attacks on Arizonas new

    immigration law but proponents is warning a disinformation. More form NPRs Allison


    Former Arizonas governor and now Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano says she thinks the law quote certainly could infight profiling. And she thinks its wrong

    way to go. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton tells NBCs Meet The Press the law

    definitely infight racial profiling.

    I don't think theres any doubt about that because clearly as I understand the way the law is being explained. If you are a legal resident you still have to carry papers how is a law enforcement official supposed to know.

    The former Arizona republican congressman JD Hayworth a current candidate for the US senate says the law is designed to enforce federal law. Hayworth calls allegations of the law has resisted a nature overblown rhetoric thats made to move from a question

    of enforcement to one of ethnicity.

    This is NPR.

    The Associated Press reports Tennessee governor is confirming seven deaths from this weekends storm , the extent of the flood damage is still unknown. The flood has already forced evacuations of hundreds of homes and western Tennessee was expecting several more inches of rain today.

    Under the weight of heavy debt Greece is announcing sharp pay cuts and tax hikes. In Athens NPRs Sylvia Poggioli explains the new austerity measures are key to Greece getting an unprecedented multibillion Euro rescue package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

    In a somber setting Prime Minister George Papandreou adressed the nation on live TV. Visibly Tired after weeks of pounding by markets and riging agencies Papandreou called on Greeks to make great sacrifices in order to avoid bankruptcy. Later Finance Minister Giorgos Papakonstantinou detailed some of the new austerity measures, he says savings of nearly 40billion dollars through 2012 would be achieved through public sector wage and pension cuts, higher taxes and streamlining government. Civil servants and pensionors annual bonuses will be caped, taxes on alcohol tobacco and gasoline will be raised and the top bracket sales tax will rise to 23%. Trade Union leader harshly criticized the new measures and called for a general strike on Wednesday in protest. Sylvia Poggioli NPR News athens.

    More reports today of violence inside of Afghanistan authorities say there was a bomb attack on many south of the capital. The Associated Press reports at least seven people were killed in the road side blast in a Taliban strongholdmore than a dozen people

    are said to be injured,

I am Lakshmi Singh NPR News in


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