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Experience with Architecture, Design and Implementation in these areas: Web of ATAK in C++ creating a highly UML, OOA/D and pattern based object oriented architecture. UML and Object Oriented Design Patterns Copenhagen, Denmark


    Møllemoseparken 21, 3450 Allerød, Denmark

    +45 4062 6296 mobile - +45 4841 4918 home -

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    OVERVIEW ? 40 years old and offer 27 years experience in software development;

    8 in web server technologies, 10 in data and telecommunications.

    ? Looking for Software Development position perhaps as

    Architect / Team Lead too.

    PROVEN ? Key languages: Java, Extensive C/C++, Perl, PHP, SQL and Tcl. ? Key technologies: XML/HTML/Javascript/CSS and friends, Web SKILLS

    Services/REST/RPC, UML, Extensive Networking insight, Design Patterns.

    ? Experience with Architecture, Design and Implementation in these areas:

    Web Applications, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Networking, User

    Interface, UNIX/Linux, Network Management, reliable, redundant and

    distributed systems, Embedded Software, Build/Release/Configuration


    ? 12 years Architecture and Team Lead experience - Project Management

    with distributed, cross-functional teams.

    ? Demonstrated ability to acquire new skills quickly and to bring projects from

    ideas to successful products.

    ? Considerable Customer Contact to establish Requirement Specifications

    that capture and satisfy real customer needs.

    ? Proven ability to analyze, design and redesign Software Development and

    Software Change Management Processes using best practices. ? Languages: English and Danish Absolutely fluent. Speak German daily

    and speak some French.

    WORK CapMon / Nworks Copenhagen, Denmark

    EXPERIENCE Manager R&D / Product Architect / Senior Developer 11/2001- Present CapMon develops network, application and response time monitoring systems. ? In charge of creating a multi-million ?/yr successful product from scratch. Has

    been on the market since 2002 and has a Danish market share of 5-7%. ? Responsible for defining, designing, creating/coding/implementing all aspects

    and development stages of the CapMon product line.

    ? Runs on Linux using Java, Perl, PHP, with a multi-process and distributed


    ? Extensive experience with Open Source Software: E.g. Apache, MySQL,

    Nagios, RRDTool, Git & Subversion, WMI & samba. Includes extending, bug-

    fixing and re-packaging these applications and communicating with Open

    Source projects and adhering to the GPL and other licenses. ? Extensive experience with Debian from creating and maintaining our own

    derived distribution and Customized Debian Installer.

    ? Customer Contact to consult on and define feature requirements and

    communicate project state and progress.

     Cisco Systems Petaluma, USA

     Team Lead 06/1999- 10/2000 This business unit of Cisco developed a Telecom Access product. ? Established Software Requirements and lead and participated in team

    developing embedded TCP/IP functionality: Frame Relay, NAT, RIP2 and

    Firewall as well as TCP/IP routing performance enhancements and bring-up

    and board support package for a new HW platform.

    ? Designed and implemented substantial enhancements to Cisco Systems’ 6700

    family Network Management framework and GUI in functionality, usability,

    stability, look & feel and maintainability.

    ? Implemented embedded SNMP agent routing table updating software and

    worked on various other OAM&P areas.

    ? Responsible for an official Cisco Software Release cycle.

    ? Completely re-engineered, implemented and automated build & release

    processes and tools as well as improving processes for software branching for

    the business unit. Was the primary build, release & tools contact person. ? Received one Team and two Individual Outstanding Achievement Awards.

     Nettest Toronto, Canada Manager for Automated Testing Development 06/1996 06/1999 Nettest produces high-end telecom and networking test equipment. ? Manager of Software Development in R&D creating shipping product - not a

    testing position.

    ? Received first Outstanding Achievement Award ever given in GN Nettest. ? Originator of idea for Automated Testing framework (ATAK) - now the prime

    strategic direction for the interWATCH 9X000 product line.

    ? Architected, designed and implemented the first version of ATAK in C++

    creating a highly UML, OOA/D and pattern based object oriented architecture. ? SNMP, Tcl/Tk internals, CORBA, TTCN.

    ? Opened up an entirely new business area: Selling prewritten test suites based

    on ATAK. Examples include: MPLS, PNNI, QoS, ATM Signaling


    ? Designed and led team to implement PNNI conformance test suite in

    cooperation with Telcordia (formerly Bellcore).

    ? Totally redesigned and led the effort to implement new build/make processes

    and tools to improve Software Quality.

    ? Extensive customer contacts and visits to establish product requirements for


     DSC Communications Copenhagen, Denmark Team Lead 11/1994 05/1996 DSC Denmark produced a Sonet/SDH Add Drop Multiplexer (ADM). ? Responsible for designing and implementing embedded Network Management

    interfaces, including a Q3 (OSI TMN CMIP) interface and QD2 interface for

    Deutsche Telekom.

    ? Coordinated integration testing of device driver subsystem. ? Automated code generation and build/make process enhancements. ? Promoted to Team Lead four months into my first job out of university.

     GN Nettest Copenhagen, Denmark Contractor / Writing of Thesis 08/1993 10/1994 Nettest produces high-end telecom and networking test equipment. ? Designed and developed ATM Network Analyzer for QoS testing of the physical

    layer and the ATM layer including development of a mathematically optimal

    ATM test cell with one team mate.

    ? Developed OC3/STM1 interface card with ATM layer HW.

    ? Wrote complete GUI interfacing to QoS testing FPGA incl. device driver.

    EDUCATION Bachelor of Science - Electrical Engineering Copenhagen, Denmark

     Technical University of Denmark, DIA 08/1990 03/1994 ? Specialized in Digital Electronics and Software.

    ? Graduated with a grade point average of 10.4 (easily top 10%) ? Received a grade of 13 for my thesis on “Testing ATM”.

    Various Courses

    ? UML and Object Oriented Design Patterns Copenhagen, Denmark ? Voice over IP and ATM Petaluma, USA ? Data / Telecommunication Convergence Las Vegas, USA ? Two Management courses AMA, Toronto, Canada ? OSI management and TMN Copenhagen, Denmark

    AWARDS ? One Team and two Individual Achievement Awards for Outstanding

    Performance from Cisco Systems.

    ? The first Outstanding Performance Award ever given in GN Nettest.

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