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    Getting Ready for Your Parties:

    Before your Skin Care Class:

? Be sure to have all your supplies ready as outlined in this document and on the set up sheet following

    ? Get your guest list from your hostess within 24-48 hours of booking her

    ? Send reminder/invitations to each guest 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the class! Be sure when filling out

    out the information you put the Day of the week with the date AND put the word “SHARP” after the start time.

    If there is not enough time to send out invitations then leave guests a message during time you think they

    won’t be there using the “How to Invite a Queen’s Guest List” Script.

    ? Pack up a roll bag with products to show at the close of the class the eye buys!!! Use color tulle/netting for

    the top pouch to push the color cosmetics to the front of the pouch IT WILL LOOK GREAT! (Follow the Skin

    Care Questionnaire Sheet as your guide. The 4 pouches in the sheet list what to put inside. Leave free out.

    ? Call guests 2-3 days before the class to “pre-profile” and then call the hostess to tell her how many are

    coming! Use the “Script to Invite for your First Party” in this packet.

    ? Pack your trunk with your inventory so that you can give them their products instantly at the class! Keep

    these in your trunk during the class. You don’t want to lug tons of bags – You want this to look FUN AND

    EASY!!! *see below about bags that may help you with this.

    ? Update your Mary Kay Datebook (black spiral, came in your starter kit) or the datebook you work with now.

    o Highlight the days and hours you can and/or want to commit to your business over the 4 weeks.

    o Highlight Roya's availability for Marketing calls in a different way (either another color or with a pen).

    -->For example, take a highlighter and highlight the hours of the days you will work your MK

    business. Then take a pen and bracket the times Roya is available.

     *Roya's availability is sometime distributed over email, but always distributed (and updated) over VoiceCom.

? Open all items from your Starter Kit and put your name/address labels on the products and throw the boxes

    away that they came in.

    ? Additionally, you will need to take the following products out of boxes/wrapping as they are not in your Starter

    Kit: (You have these...Roya ordered them for you.)

    o Take a blank Pink Sales Ticket that came in your Starter Kit and title it DEMO where it says name. Put

    the date on the ticket and then list each item just by name below on that ticket. Then toss the boxes.

    Ivory 202

    Beige 302

    Beige 402

    Bronze 504

    Bronze 507

    Bronze 600

    Bronze 808 put all the foundations in number order in 2 vinyl pouches that came in your Kit.

    Light Ivory concealer

    Ivory concealer

    Beige concealer

    Light Bronze concealer

    Bronze concealer

    Ivory 1 Loose Powder

    Ivory 2 Loose Powder -take the protective plastic shield out of each loose powder and throw away

    Beige 1 Loose Powder

    Beige 2 Loose Powder

    Bronze 1 Loose Powder

    Bronze 2 Loose Powder

    Timewise Eye Firming Cream

    Indulge Soothing Eye Gel

    Satin Lips

    Visibly Fit Body Lotion

    Satin Hands

    Blemish Control Toner

    Velocity Cleanser and Moisturizer

    Custom Compact

    any Small Product (wrapped up all foo-foo for the "QUEEN!" game)

    put together your Preferred Customer Gifts (mini size travel pack)

    pick lip gloss sample and a blush sample (all get the same color)

    put in a vinyl pouch (you got in your kit) all 3 formulas 1,2, 3 skin care sample packets

    mini hand lotions (individually wrapped in clear cello bags as prizes)

    ? Pack your Starter Kit Skin Care Class supplies along with:

    Cotton Balls


    Cotton Rounds

    Cosmetic Sponges

    Headband for each guest

    Covered Container for warm water

     Mirrors/trays~ Put one disposable tray in each mirror

     Facial cloths


    Papers (you printed from tripptrackers) Gift of Friendship, Set Sheet, Queen’s

     Hostess Instruction Sheet, $5 coupon, Order of Application *see below

    Profile Cards

    Sales Tickets

    Some cash to make change use some form of a money bag this helps to keep sales tickets, business

     cards, calculator, pen in 1 place


    Business cards

    Expandable file folder to hold all your handouts for the classes (see sheet on how to fill it)

    Documents for your Skin Care Classes

All Documents should be included in your New Consultant Emails or you may also

    find them at, under favorite forms and documents. If you are

    having trouble finding these documents please contact my assistant

    Colleen at 571-333-9111.

    Select the following documents and print 20 each as outlined:

     Gift of Friendship Standard (20lb) - white Black and White

     Document Name Type of Paper to Use Print Feature - Extras Skin Care Questionnaire Standard (20lb) - white Color (black and white is

    ok) I Wanna Be Queen Cards (4 per page) Card Stock (110lb) color Black and White

    $5 coupon (6 per page) Card Stock (110lb) - white Color for white paper,

    or color Black & white for color


    Order of Application Card Stock (110lb) white Color Queen’s Hostess Instruction Sheet Standard (20lb) color Black and White Mirror and Tray Set Up (1 copy), go Standard (20lb)- white Black and White ahead and use the "Mirror and Tray Set

    Up" document and try to set up your table

    by yourself. When I get there, we'll add

    anything we're missing.

    *SCC Flip Chart Script (1 copy) Standard (20lb)- white Black and White

    stBooking Your 1 Party (1 copy) Standard (20lb)- white Black and White Script to Call the Queen’s Guest List(1 copy) Standard (20lb)- white Black and White

    *Your Skin Care Class Flip Chart words are to be cut to fit. You will stick them to the

    coordinating page(s) of your flip chart with a glue stick or double sided tape.

Here are some recommended items that may help you:

Sample Organizer Case This organizes all your samples for easy access. You can find this on under Services & Products clicking MKConnections under business gear.

Insulated Carrier and Color Case This organizes all your full size products and makes it easy to pull from as you

    make your sales. You can find this item under Services & Products clicking MKConnections.

Beauty Coat to wear with your black skirt, hose and close toed shoes to all you Skin Care Classes. Same place

    you found the Sample Organizer and Insulted Carrier.

Computer Software used to manage the paperwork/money of your business. This is recommended but not

    required. You’ll learn at your New Consultant Orientation how to organize the paper. As you start building a customer base, we recommend you use a program called BOULEVARD by Main Street Software. It is designed

    specifically for Mary Kay products. It allows you to keep up with the latest updates of products, your clients and

    your inventory. You can get more information for ordering at (note that street is not spelled out it is just st)

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