Why YOU need Tanning Lotions

By Adam Powell,2014-05-13 04:05
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Why YOU need Tanning Lotions

    Why YOU need Tanning Lotions

    You may wonder why you need tanning supplies such as an indoor tanning lotion or

    sunless tanning products.

    Long-term sun exposure and sunburn destroys important skin cells involved in the immune

    system and increases your chances of getting cancer. Using tanning lotions and Sunless Tanning

    Products help you achieve a deep, healthy tan, while minimizing or preventing the harmful effects

    from the sun.

    We,at Lewie’s Tanning, believe you should know why tanning supplies are beneficial to a healthy

    tan. Many people doubt that tanning lotions are beneficial ; some think that it is just a way for the

    suntan lotion suppliers to make money. As you will see, this is not true. We believe that by

    providing you with this information, you will see that the extra money spent on suntan and sunless

    tanning products will significantly benefit you by saving tanning bed Session dollars, promoting

    longer lasting tans, and producing healthy and younger looking skin.

    The following information will provide you with some insight into how and why you should use a

    high quality indoor tanning lotion, skincare tanning lotion, or sunless tanning product when


    MAGNIFICATION: Our premium tanning lotions and sunless tanning products provide a refractive prism of aloe vera

    gel and natural oils such as hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, and aromatherapy essential oils. This

    refractive prism magnifies the ultraviolet light reaching your skin, and therefore intensifies your

    tan! People that do not use tanning products will receive fewer results from the same tanning


    MOISTURIZATION: Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful dark tan. Outdoor and indoor tanning products are

    designed to provide critical moisture to skin before and after tanning. The healthier your skin, the

    longer you keep the tan; this allows you to build upon your foundation tan to get a deeper, darker


    Dry skin flakes peel away your tan layer by layer. Our premium tanning lotions and sunless

    tanning products provide you with the deep, constant moisture your skin needs during the tanning

    process Our indoor and suntan lotions have aloe vera, natural oils, minerals, natural botanical

    extracts, anti-oxidants, as well as other important vitamins and ingredients to help you extend

    your hard earned tan. People who avoid using tanning products will not get the extra moisture or

    a stable tan since tanning tends to dry the skin; they will lose their tan more quickly between

    sessions, due to dry skin flaking away.

    SKIN CONDITIONING: Premium tanning products are formulated to provide your skin with additional levels of key

    tanning ingredients that assist the tanning process, whether you bask in the sun or in a tanning

    bed. Skin conditioning ingredients include Natural Butters, L-Tyrosine, Liposomial Tyrosine

    Complexes, Essential Oils, Vitamins, Natural Botanical Extracts, Riboflavin, Hemp Seed Oil,

    Copper, and other minerals as well as other critical ingredients intended to increase the

    TINGLE POWER, ADD HEAT TO GET A DEEPER TAN: effectiveness of your tanning time. Indoor tanning lotions and other tanning products contain skin conditioning ingredients that benefit your tanning time in a variety of ways such as Premium tanning products can be formulated with TINGLE to aid in the process of tanning. Tingle maintaining the moisture and magnifying the tanning intensity.tanning lotions and sprays contain high concentrations of natural vitamins and botanical oils that

    stimulate the skin’s microcirculation by bringing blood closer to the surface of the skin. By stimulating the skin with Tingle, the blood along with melanin is forced to the surface. This can aid

    in the tanning process and may get you through your tanning plateau. It is best to start with lower

    levels of Tingle in your tanning supplies. As you progress, working up to higher levels of Tingle

    tanning power, it is recommended that you start using tanning lotions with a low Tingle power so

    your body becomes accustomed to the stimulation. As your body adjusts over several tanning

    sessions, you may gradually work to higher levels.

How to Get Your Best Tan Using Tanning Supplies and Sunless

    Tanning Products!

    Why Should Tanners Use A Tanning Product? Self-tanning products such as an indoor tanning lotion or other sunless tanning products help you

    achieve a better tan from your tanning session! Lotions protect the moisture levels in your skin,

    allow the pores to open, magnify your UV exposure for maximum light absorption, and help you

    achieve a deeper long-lasting tan. Some tanners who are already very dark can break through

    their tanning plateau by using a high quality lotion. Why do You Get Better Results When Using a Tanning Lotion?

    When you tan using sunless tanning products, indoor tanning lotion, or tanning supplies, you are

    controlling the tanning process through Magnification, Moisturizing, and Skin Conditioning. When you can

    control light exposure, skin moisture, and your general skin health, your tan will look better and last longer.

    Do You Need to Use a Tanning Product to Get Great Tanning Results from a Tanning Bed


    You do not need to use a tanning product to get a great result from a tanning bed session, but the

    benefits from Magnification, Moisturizing, and Skin Conditioning defray the added cost of frequent

    tanning bed sessions by maintaining your tan longer. Inside a tanning bed, you receive a very

    intense dose of UV exposure in fact, one tanning session is usually comparable to one day's

    recommended exposure from sunlight. When you are absorbing that much UV light in such a

    short time, it is very, very important to protect your skin from drying by using a good moisturizer

    and conditioner the exact type that is found in indoor tanning lotions.

    How Much Tanning Product Should I Use Before Tanning? Each person has different tanning lotion needs, which will vary according to size, the fairness of

    your skin, and your sensitivities to the sun. The key to tanning success is to coat your skin with a

    thick layer of tanning product that Moisturizes, Magnifies, and Conditions the skin before your

    tanning time. Applying greater amounts of tanning product increases the moisture in your skin.

Some Tanning Lotions Are Thick and Do Not Rub In Quickly:

    What Should I Do?

    The more moisturizing compounds a tanning product has, the thicker it will be. Do not worry if the

    tanning lotion is not rubbed in completely. Within a few moments, the heat from the tanning bed

    will cause the sunless tanning lotion to liquefy and absorb into your skin, providing additional

    Moisture, Magnification, and Skin Conditioning ingredients to your skin during your tanning time.

    When Should I Apply Tanning Lotion?

    Most tanners apply their tanning lotions immediately before tanning for the best magnification

    properties. Magnification occurs when the tanning product diffuses the UV light, helping it

    penetrate a wider area of skin. This is similar to tanning near or in a swimming pool. Swimming

    pools are an excellent example of magnification. If you can not apply the lotion immediately

    before tanning, then apply it as soon as you can to optimize the benefits from you tanning session.

    Is There Anything I can do Between Tanning Sessions to Get Better Results in Addition to

    Using the Traditional Tanning Supplies?

    Absolutely! “After Exposure Tanning Products” were created because experts believe your skin

    continues to "tan" for up to 48 hours after your last tanning session. Your body is still

    "metabolizing" the UV light long after your session has ended. By using an After Exposure

    Tanning Product as often as possible, but especially after your shower and before bed, your skin

    will be Moist and optimally Conditioned between tanning sessions.

    Common Ingredients Found In Tanning Lotions: Bioecolia is a natural sugar complex that inhibits the growth of unfavorable bacteria. DiHydroxyAcetone (DHA) is derived from sugar cane, causes the surface layer of your skin to

    oxidize, creating a natural-looking tan. This is commonly called a "self-bronzer." DNA Enzyme Complex is bio-engineered to supply the body with moisturization and reduce the

    appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Evening Primrose Oil helps your body to replenish moisture lost to tanning, minimizing flaking and

    peeling, for the appearance of a longer-lasting tan.

    Free Radical Scavengers is naturally derived antioxidants that counteract the free radicals that

    cause fine lines and wrinkles.

    Hyaluronic Acid is a potent humectant that absorbs moisture from the air to help hydrate your skin.

    Liposomes is a unique delivery system that encapsulates moisturizing ingredients to help

    promote a spectacular-looking tan.

    Tissue Respiratory Factors is a skin care complex.

    Walnut Extract is a bronzing agent that creates a natural-looking tan color.

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