Value Added Benefits

By Troy West,2014-05-13 03:28
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Value Added Benefits

    Discount Programs and Value Added Benefits

    Aetna ? GlobalFit discount

    ? Alternative Care discount Health Care programs ? Nutritional supplement discounts

    ? Weight management discount- Jenny Craig

    ? eDiets discounts

    ? Vision One discount

    ? LASIK Surgery Discount Program

    ? HearPO Discount Program

    ? Epic Dental Health Products Discount Program ? Mayo Clinic Bookstore Discounts

    ? SpaWish Gift Certificates Discounts

    ? Zagat Healthy Dining Discounts

    Cigna ? Weight Management and Nutrition- discounts through Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig

    ? Discounts on Weight Management Scales

    ? Smoking Cessation program through Quit Net, Tobacco Solutions and Health Roads for Living

    ? Fitness Club Membership discounts through Global Fit ? 10,000 Steps a day program

    ? Curves discount

    ? Discounts to Yoga Journal

    ? Healthy Roads for Living Mind/Body Program ? Spa Finder

    ? Eye and Hearing Discounts

    ? Alternative Medicine discounts

    ? Nutritional supplement discounts

    ? Dental discounts

    ? Magazine and Mayo Clinic book discounts

    Guidance GuidanceResources E-Storage ? ?SMResources (EAP) ? TurboTax Online

    ? MotorPlus LeisurePlus -

    ? Write your will and save over $500 with EstateGuidance! ? Save 10% on nanny search services at ? Keep your kids safe on the internet and save 10% with Net Nanny ? Rescue Alert Systems Three Months for only $69

    Teach your kids self-defense with Kids Fighting Chance ?

    ? Save up to 35% on movie tickets.

    ? Save 30% while staying active on the road with Athletic Minded Traveler ? Get your credit score and stop identity theft with TrueCredit

Group Health Free & Clear Smoking Cessation Program: When you enroll I the Quit For Life Program, you receive a packet of materials ?

    Coop including a workbook to help you become tobacco-free, and access to a toll-free quit line for all additional support you need.

    ? Weight Management Programs: Group Health offers discounted weight loss programs for its members through two companies.

    Both have proven programs to help you lose weight and keep it off over time, including a Weight Watchers Program. Kaiser California ? Online Health Programs

    ? Weight Watchers: Discounts ranging from 12 to 36%

    Kaiser Colorado ? Product Discounts: Save 15% or more off of suggested retail prices for health products including dietary supplements, skincare,

    fitness and nutrition products, fitness, tapes and books, mental imagery and relaxation modules all with free shipping.

    ? Provider discount network: 25% off of provider services for chiropractic acupuncture and massage therapy. No referral required.

    ? Best Pricing at Fitness Clubs: Show your card and receive the best rate for membership dues for the program you select. Kaiser Georgia ? Discounts for chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, fitness club memberships, herbal and vitamin therapies, health and

    fitness books and videos, and health education programs.

    ? Swim for Health: Receive 10% off of swimming lessons, lap swimming and Hydro-Aerobics.

    ? Cosmetic Dermatology Services: Receive cosmetic procedures on a fee for service basis including botox and collagen injections,

    facial peels, laser hair removal, split earlobe repairs, microdermabrasion, removal of age spots, skin tag removal, laser vascular

    treatments and spider vein (leg) treatments.

    ? Vision discounts: 25% glasses, 15% contacts and 5% on disposable contacts and 15% off of lasik surgery.

    ? Weight Watchers Discounts

    ? Crystal Springs Water: Receive bottled water at your home for a discount.

    ? AMAC personal emergency response system: Sign up and receive the installation fee ($50 value) at no charge. Kaiser Hawaii ? 25% discounts for chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapies.

    ? Preferred member rates at fitness clubs.

    ? Online store with more than 2400 brand name health products at discounts of 15% or more. Sprint Alive! Discounts on PJ’s Comfort Hospital Grade Breast Pump - $450 for Standard Model (Regular $595) and $550 for Executive Tote ?

    Maternity Program Model (Regular $725). Call 866-90-ALIVE for details on ordering.

    Unicare ? Save up to 50% on more than 2,400 health and wellness products including vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition products,

    videotapes, yoga aids and skin care products.

    ? Discount on Massage Therapy

    ? HearPO provides access to members of Anthem to over 3800 audiology clinics throughout the United States. Deep discounts on

    hearing aids from 7 different manufacturers of digital hearing aids (Siemens, Phonak, Unitron, Electone, Sonic Innovations,

    Rexton and Miracle-Ear) and an additional 40% off on all audiology services and testing. ? Dynamic Living: Save 5% on every order at

    ? Allergy Supply: Save 15% on allergy, asthma & sinus relief products.

    ? Safe beginnings: Save 20%* on Child Safety Products.

    ? Living Easy: Save 30% on an on-line program for stress management, smoking or alcohol programs ? Pet Insurance: Receive a 5% discount on Pet Insurance

    ? Global Fit: Save up to 60% on the monthly membership fee at over 2,000 participating fitness clubs ? Lindora Weight Control: Save 20% and lose weight quickly, safely and sanely with Lindora Online or Lindora By Phone ? Jenny Craig: Receive a free 30-day trial or 50% off their Gold or Platinum memberships ? Weight Watchers: Save $10 off a 3-month subscription to their online program including personalized tools to help you stay on


    ? Save 5% on non-prescription health, nutrition, wellness, and beauty products ? EyeMed Vision: Enjoy up to 30% on prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and accessories at thousands of providers nationwide.

    ? TruVision: Save up to 50% on name brand contacts plus free shipping

    ? TruVision Lasik: Laser vision correction from $895.00 to $1295.00 per eye at participating providers.

    Walgreens ? Select Blood Glucose meters provided at no cost to WHI members

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