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Visitor Trail EczemaSensitive Skin

    Press Release

     June 2008

    Effective rescue for problem skin

    See DERMATIQUE on Stand 74 at the Allergy Show June 2008 Special Allergy

    Show discount of around 20% Skin disorders such as Eczema and Psoriasis can cause misery. And if you’re a sufferer

    knowing that you are not alone is probably no comfort. In fact, 15% of all the patients

    who see a GP, will be seeking help for a skin condition, according to the British

    Association of Dermatologists.

    Many people have found the non-steroid-based DERMATIQUE skin-care system highly

    effective. The range includes cream, lotions and cleansing products for hair and body.

    These are serious skincare products; they are all-natural and highly effective; and many

    users describe their effect as miraculous in combating a problem that other products

    seem unable to tackle.

    Visitors to the DERMATIQUE stand at the Allergy Show (Stand 74 on the green

    Sensitive Skin/Eczema Visitor Trail) will have the opportunity to meet with the man

    who founded the company and also enjoy a fantastic show discount of around 20% off

    regular retail prices* and a money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

    The secret lies in the simple, natural ingredients, many of which are plant-based. The

    ingredients include Vitamins A, E and F (it is thought that eczema can arise from a

    deficiency in these). Ingredients also include natural lanolin, urea, wild oats, mimosa

    tenuiflora to boost skin repair, willow bark extract to calm irritated skin and soothing


    The efficacy also comes from what isn’t in these products. They do not contain: steroids,

    artificial fragrances, masking colours, mineral oil, peanut oil or petro-chemicals

    Instead DERMATIQUE’s natural ingredients work with the skin's own renewal process, to soothe and moisturise the skin, bringing it back to balance. As the experts

recommend, those with chronic or severe skin disorders should choose creams or oils

    with as few additives as possible for regular moisturising.

    DERMATIQUE was developed by a man who wasn’t a bio-chemist. He was simply a father of a four-year old child who suffered from eczema but for whom none of the

    products on the market proved effective. James McPeake worked tirelessly for a year

    testing and trying ingredients and combinations of ingredients and invented a rather wonderful cream which transformed his daughter’s life. Her life transformed. Then he turned his hand to making different formulations for treatment and maintenance, for

    skin calming, cleansing and hair and hence the DERMATIQUE range which now

    transforms the lives of many of the brand’s regular customers [see case study below].

    James McPeake says: “I was keen to bring comfort to other sufferers. This system of

    skin-care is so good that it works for those with serious problems through to people

    who simply have dry skin that needs a highly effective moisturizer. DERMATIQUE

    products are full of natural, simple and pure nutrients. They provide effective

    protection against environmental factors and natural moisture. They are very close in

    content to the sebum produced by our own skin”.

    The DERMATIQUE skin-care system products available to buy at the Allergy Show


    ? Recuperating Cream normal price ?24.95. Allergy Show price - ?19.95

    ? Calm Aftercare Lotion normal price ?19.95. Allergy Show price - ?15.95

    ? Repair Balancing Body & Hair Shampoo - normal price ?15.50. Allergy Show

    price - ?12.50

    ? Pure - Irritant-Free Body & Hair Shampoo - normal price ?13.50. Allergy Show

    price - ?10.75

    If you don’t manage to buy at the Allergy Show*, you can obtain DERMATIQUE by

    visiting, calling 0800 035 0235 or emailing

    *discount applies to personal visitors only while stocks last.

    Case study

    Samantha Rowe’s experience is typical. In March 2008, she wrote to DERMATIQUE

    as follows:

    “I began using the DERMATIQUE Recuperating cream 5 months ago, at a time when I was

    experiencing possibly the worst eczema flare-up I had ever had. Quite honestly, I have never used

    - it is simply amazing. I had a cream like it in the 20 years that I have suffered from eczema

    reached a point where the very strong steroid creams and petroleum-based emollients were not

    working, and the severe eczema that I was experiencing on my hands and lower arms was so bad,

    that I actually had to take time off work because I could not bend my fingers without the skin

    cracking, weeping and splitting. Friends and colleagues were shocked at how dreadful my skin

    had become. My hands had also become infected at this point and I had been give course of

    antibiotics by my GP. Nothing was working, and it was at this point that I completely stopped

    using the steroid creams and petroleum-based products, which I was having to apply to my hands

    every half an hour to keep them sufficiently moisturized. When the DERMATIQUE cream

    arrived in the post mid-morning I applied it straightaway. As I had been advised, the initial

    reaction was a stinging sensation, and then that went away and I did not need to apply any more

    cream at all until the early evening. I have not looked back since. My homeopath, who first told

    me about the cream, also encouraged me to change my diet and eliminate wheat, dairy and

    caffeine, and I believe that this has also helped me to control my eczema. I still use the cream to

    moisturize my hands, but only need to use a small quantity

    as it is such an effective moisturizer.”


    Notes to editors

    For product samples, information or images please contact:

    Jo Jacobius

    Axiom Communications

    Tel 020 8347 8206

    Mobile: 07850338998 June 2008

    Rel 7

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