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    Exercises of Module 5 Museums

    I. Translate the following 16%

    1. against the rules 2. hurry up 3. come on 4. on one‘s own 5. pay attention to

    6.尝试 7. 首先 8. 顺便走访 9. 上楼 10. 禁止拍照

    II. Choose the best answer 10%

    1. Taiwan is _____ island of China. I hope to visit soon. A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest

     2. In many countries, teenagers under 18 should not _______ to enter Internet bars. A. allow B. be allowed C. is allowing D. are allowed

     3. In western countries _______ is the most important festival, just like Spring Festival in China.

    A. Christmas Day B. Mother‘s Day C. Thanksgiving Day D. Children‘s Day

    4. I think much attention to your spelling. A. must be done B. must pay C. must be paid D. should be used

    5. He said that his bicycle needed . A. to repair B. repaired C. repairing D. being repaired

    6. Miss Song‘s voice _______ sweet . We often enjoy her songs. A. looks B. sounds C. hears D. feels 7. –We haven‘t heard from Mike for a long time. --What do you think _____ to him

    A. was happening B. happen C. has happened D. have happened

    8. About______ of the students are from Changchun. A. two thirds B. two third C. second three D. second third

    9. I‘m very thirsty. Could I have _____ to drink? What would you like? __________ will do.

    A. anything; Something B. something; Anything C. something; Something D .anything; Anything

    10.I‘m thirsty .Please ____me a bottle of water.A. take B. carry C. pull D. bring

    11.I hope you can ______me. A. agree with B. agree about C. agree to D. agree on

    12.The scientist is very modest. He never______A. show off B. shows on C. shows off D. show on

    13.You can _____cake _____ten pieces.A.divide, into B. be divided ,into C. divided, into D. be divide, into

    14.The window was broken. Try to ________ who has broken it.A. find B. look C. find out D. look for

    15.This book is_______for a six-year-old child to read.

    A enough easy B enough easily. Ceasy enough. D easily enough. 16.You shouldn‘t be too____about things that you needn‘t know.Astrange B.surprised CexcitingD. Curious

    17.He explained ____why he didn‘t come to our party.A. us B. for us C. with us D. to us

    18. Would you mind _____your bike? A. use B. to use C. using D. used

    19.---It‘s so kind of you to give me a ride to the station. ---_____________

    A. It doesn‘t matter B. Never mind C. Don‘t mention it D. Not at all. It‘s a pleasure

    20.You have a beautiful voice. ———— A. Don‘t make fun of me B. Just so so

    C. No, you can‘t say so D. That‘s very kind of you to say so

    21.Thanks for _____the new chairperson. .A. recommend me as B. recommending me as

    C. recommend me for D. recommending me for

    22.He never ____learning English .That was why he was successful at last. A. gave in B. gave out C. gave up D. gave away 23. ____the first morning of the New Year, people found the little match girl. A. On B. In C. At D. For

    III. Close

    Our dog Mary is always bringing things home for us to keep! Many of them were bears, lamds and ducks. We never

    could 1 the owners.

    One day Dad was reading the paper, ―Listen to this , everybody,‖ he said. ―To the person who took a Teddy bear from

    child‘s wagon(推车)please bring back the toy bear. Our two-year-old son is very 2 . ―Mary has been 3

    again ,‖ said Anita. ―Yes,‖ said Dad, ―Well, the paper gives the 4 . This time I can take back Mary‘s present .‖

    ― Do you think it 5 to do that?‖ Mom asked. ―If you tell about Mary , who will believe you ?‖ ―I will 6 until

    dark . Then I‘ll just put the Teddy bear at the front door and walk away . No one will see me.‖ Dad‘s idea 7 worked.

    He put Teddy at the gate . He turned to walk awayand knocked into a chair ! Dad started to run. But he didn‘t get

    very far. The gate lights came on. A man threw open the door. ― 8 is going on here ?‖ he called out.Dad didn‘t

    even try to 9 . He just wanted to get away. The man saw 10 . He shouted after Dad, ―How bad can you


get !‖ He said, ―Taking toys from babies !‖

    ( )1. A. find B. pay C. choose D. notice ( )2. A. happy B. sad C. surprised D. afraid ( )3. A. sorry B. busy C. lazy D. worried ( )4. A. picture B. story C. address D. time ( )5. A. dangerous B. clever C. free D. wrong ( )6. A. watch B. speak C. wait D. think ( )7. A. already B. always C. never D. almost( )8. A. How B. Who C. What D. Which ( )9. A. listen B. help C. knock D. answer ( )10. A. nothing B. the bear C. the baby D. Mary

    IV. 阅读理解


    Xinle No.1 Junior High School

     Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    8:10 English English Math Chinese Biology

    9:00 Math Self study Math Self study

    10:00 Biology Biology Chinese Art Math

    10:40 Self study Art Physicalactivities(Biology English


    12:20 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch

    1:10 Physical Self study English Self study Physical

    activities activities

    2:00 Chinese Chinese Biology English Chinese

     1.They have _____ subjects. A6 B3 C4 D5

     2. They have _____ lessons at 10:00 on Wednesday morning.

    AArt BBiology CChinese DPhysical activities

     3. They begin their Math lesson at _____ on Thursday morning.

    A8:10 B9:00 C9:50 D10:40

     4. What time do they have Art class on Tuesday?

    A9:00 B10:00 C2:00 D10:40

     5.On Frida morning students don‘t have ______ class.

     ABiology BChinese CMath DEnglish

    B The world itself is becoming much smaller by using modern traffic and modern communication means (通讯

    设备). Life today is much easier than it was hundreds of years ago, but it has brought new problems. One of the

    biggest is pollution (污染). To pollute means to make things dirty. Pollution comes in many ways. We see it, smell

    it, drink it and even hear it.

     Man has been polluting the earth. The more people, the more pollution. Many years ago, the problem was not

    so serious because there were not so many people. When the land was used up or the river was dirty in one place,

    man moved to another place. But this is no longer true. Man is now slowly polluting the whole world.

     Air pollution is still the most serious. It‘s bad for all living things in the world, but it is not the only one kind of

    pollution. Water pollution kills our fish and pollutes our drinking water. Noise pollution makes us angry more


     Many countries are making rules (法规) to fight pollution. They stop people from burning coal () in houses

    and factories in the city, and from putting dirty smoke into the air.

     Pollution by SO is now the most dangerous kind of air pollution. It is caused (引起) by heavy traffic. It is sure 2

    that if there are fewer people driving, there will be less air pollution.

     The earth is our home. We must take care of it. That means keeping the land, water and air clean. And we must

    take care of the rise in population at the same time.

    6.Our world is becoming much smaller ______.

    A. because the earth is being polluted day and night. B. thanks to science development

    C. because of the rise in population D. because the earth is blown away by the wind every year

    7. Thousands of years ago, life was ______ it is today.

    a) much easier than b) as easy as c) as hard as d) much harder than


8. Pollution comes in many ways. We can even hear it. Here ―it‖ means ______.

    a) water pollution b) air pollution c) noise pollution d) rubbish (垃圾)

    9. Air pollution is the most serious kind of pollution because ______.

    a.) it‘s bad for all living things in the world b) it makes much noise

    c) it makes our rivers and lakes dirty d) it makes us angry more easily

    10. Which of the following is NOT true?

    a) Many countries are making rules to fight pollution .b) The pollution of the earth grows as fast as the world‘s population does.

    c)If people could go to work by bus or bike instead of car or motorbike it would be helpful in fighting against the

    problem of SO 2.

    d) The problem of pollution is not so serious because there are not so many people living on the earth.

    C As I was leaving to meet Lynne, My roommate told me that I‘d better take some money, but I didn‘t listen to him. I

    thought that Lynne would pay because she had invited me.I arrived at the restaurant exactly on time. I‘d been told that

    Americans expect you to be on time. Lynne and I sat at a table in the corner of the restaurant and a waitress came and

    took our order.The dinner was a great success. I talked a lot about Saudi Arabia and Lynne told me all about herself.

    After two hours the waitress finally came and asked if we wanted one check or two. Lynne said two. We went to the

    CASHIER AND Lynne paid her check. . I was embarrassed when the cashier gave me my bill. I had no money to pay

    for my meal. Then I had an idea. I pretended to look for something in my pockets and said , ― Oh! I forgot my money!

    Can I call my roommate, please?‖ The cashier showed me where the phone was and I quickly called my roommate . In a

    few minutes he arrived with some money , but he couldn‘t hide how he felt. He laughed all the way home.Now, I think it‘s funny too, but at that time I was terribly embarrassed. I thought that an invitation to have dinner meant the same thing in the United States as in my country. I guess you have to understand that your customs are only your customs.

    When you visit a foreign country, you have to learn about their customs, too.

    11. The writer‘s roommate advised the writer to take some money with him_______.

    A. to pay for the meal B. to share the cost of the meal C. to invite Lynne to dinner D. to pay the checks

    12. The roommate laughed al the way home because ________.

    A. the writer was embarrassed when he couldn‘t pay his check B. the writer telephone him to bring some money to him

    C. the writer hadn‘t told Lynne the truth D. the writer would not listen to him when he left the house

    13. The writer and Lynne ________. A. enjoy their meal very much B. successfully finished their meal

    C. had a talk for two hours D. traveled to Saudi Arabia together

    14. What is the passage mainly about? A. People should always take some money with them.

    B. Customs can be entirely different in different countries.

    C. Invitations mean the same even in different countries. D. A good roommate can really help you a lot.

    15. Why didn‘t Lynne pay the check for the check for the writer?

    A. Because she didn‘t have enough money with her. B. Because she didn‘t want to do so.

    C. Because she thought it was natural for people to pay their own check.D. Because she wanted to embarrass the writer.



    Date 4.2.96

    RECEIVED from J. Black & F. Wark

    The sum of Three hundred & forty dollars _--- cents for 2 weeks Rent of premises 25 Holland

    Street Kensington. 1.2.9615.2.96

    $________ Due $_340_ Paid $___________ Owing

    Signature MB Peter

     16. Who paid the rent?

    17. What was the address?

    18. How much was the rent?

    19. How long was the rent payment for?

    20. What is this receipt for?


B) 完形填空 Everyone needs friends. We all like to 15 close to someone. It is nice

    to have a friend to talk, laugh, and to do things with. 16 , sometimes we need to be alone.

    We don‘t always want people 17 . But we would feel lonely if we never had a friend.

     No two people are just the same. Friends 18 don‘t get on well. It doesn‘t mean that they

    each other. Most of the time they will make up(重归于好) and become no longer 19

    friends again.

     Sometimes friends move away. Then we feel very 20 . We miss them very much, but

    we can 21 them and write to them. And we can make new friends. It is surprising to find out 22 we like new people when we get to know them.

     There is more good 23 for people who have friends. They live longer than people who don‘t, Why? It 24 be that they are happier. Being happy helps you stay well. Or it could just know that someone cares. If someone cares about you, you take better care of yourself.

    15. A. watch B. feel C. look D. see 16. A. Nearly B. hardly C. Certainly D. Suddenly

    17. A. around B. alone C. away D. above 18. A. always B. often C. sometimes D. usually

    19. A. know B. think C. hate D. like 20. A. angry B. sad C. happy D. surprised

    21. A. ask B. call C. tell D. order 22. A. how muchB. how long C. how many D. how often

    23. A. confidence B. thought C. knowledge D. news24. A. must B. should C. could D. need

     . 阅读理解(A)

    Mr. King is a tall and strong. man. He teaches P.E. in a middle school. He wears a long bear?胡

    子,and takes good of it.It was Sunday yesterday. There was a big football match of the year on the playground in the centre of the city. Mr. king likes the game very much and of course he was going to watch it. With his friends' help he got a ticket a few days ago. After breakfast he hurried to the bus stop, but a lot of people were waiting there. A bus came and he hardly got on. There were plenty of people in it and it was difficult for them to put their feet. He had to grip?抓住,a

    back of the chair. At the next stop a boy got on the bus. He was short and couldn't grip anything. Suddenly the bus stopped and the boy hardly fell to the floor. He looked around and saw Mr. King's beard and grip it. The man found it at once and called out, "Let go of?松开,my beard,

    "Are you going to get off, sir?" asked te boy. boy!"

    25. Mr. King is a ___.A. player B. runner C. teacher D. driver

    26.Mr. King was going to watch the match because ___.A .he teaches P.E. in a middle school

     B. he likes football very much C. he had already got a ticket D. he didn't go to work yesterday 27.It was difficult for Mr. King to stand because ___. A. he had drunk too much B. the bus was too smallC .he got on the bus too late D. it was very crowded in the bus 28.The boy gripped Mr. King's beard because ___.

    A. he was afraid to fall again B. he wanted to make the man angry

    C. he hoped the man to find a seat for him D. he hoped the man to get off soon 29.Mr. King was afraid ___, so he shouted at him.

    A. the boy would pull him down B. the boy would hurt his beard

    C. the boy could be hurt again D. the boy would borrow his ticket

    (B)There was little rain in some place for two years and a lot of people died of hunger. So a man reported a famine?饥荒,to an official?官员,. The official asked, "How much wheat have you

    harvested?" "Thirty percent of the normal yield?正常产量的30%," the man replied.

    "How much cotton?""Twenty percent." "How much rice?" "Twenty percent."

     The official got mad, "You've already had seventy percent of the harvest, how dare?敢,you

    trump up?谎报,famine then?" The man said, "I've never seen such a terrible famine in my life of a hundred and several scores of years." "How could you have lived so long?" asked the official. "Look, I'm over seventy years old. My eldest son is over forty and my second son is over thirty. The total?总数,is a hundred and several scores of years." All the people hearing this had a good laugh over that.


30.A great ______ happened in the place.A. flood B. disease C. drought D. war

    31.The man said ______.A. people had a bad harvest B. some of the crops were bad

    C. people lost their farms D. people had little food 32.The word ―mad‖ in the story means ______.A. sad B. angry C. happy D. excited 33.The official didn‘t think ______. A. the people were hungry B. the drought was serious enough

    C. the people had to be helped D. the famine was terrible enough 34.Hearing the clever answer, people laughed at ______. A. the old man B. the official

    C. the hungry people D. the policemen nearby the road 三,句子翻译


    36.这个月我将好运与坏运交织。 37.她很善交际!喜欢结交朋友。 38. 这个男孩真好!帮我们打扫教室。 39.他足够大方!给我们每人买了一份礼物。 四、根据句意和所给的中文写出句中所缺的词

    40. He pays a lot of ______(注意) to the details.

    41.Yao Ming is _______(成功的) in his basketball career.

    42. People all over the world love ______(和平).

    43.Can I have_____(额外的) time to finish my work?

    44. Human beings are_________(有创造力的) animals.

    45. This toy is not ________(适合的) for young children.

    46. He usually spends a lot of time ______() newspapers.

     47. This girl is polite and _______(文雅). We all want to make friends with her.48. My new dress is ________(相似的) to yours.

    五、 书面表达

    请写一封推荐信,向马老师推荐你的同学李晓当学生会主席(the chairperson of the Students‘ Union)





     For exampleLast week he bought a big birthday cake for Tom on his birthday.

    He often buys nice gifts for his friends.




    很高兴地笑了…… 请你根据设定的梦境并加以想象!写一段80词左右的短文。

    词汇参考(trydoone‗s bestfindthat,!taxion the waytalk withabout

     Xiao Ming had a dream last nightIn the dreamhe volunteered to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympics

    Li Lei



    一、 选择填空


    二、 阅读理解CBDAB CABDB

     Do you have trouble with your job 三、

    I‘ll have a mixture of good luck and bad luck this month.

    She is out going and likes to make friends.

    It is kind of the boy to help us clean the classroom.

    He is generous enough to give each of us a gift.

    四、 attentionsuccessfulpeaceextracreativesuitable!!readingelegantsimilar

    五、 书面表达


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