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    Module 3 My new school

    Unit 1 There are 46 students in my class

Background information:

    Students: 40 junior high school students, Grade 7

    Lesson duration: 45mins

    Teaching objectives:

    By the end of the lesson, students should be able to

    1) master some numbers and new words;

    2) learn to find out information through listening to the recording;

    3) understand conversations involving introduction of class and


    4) briefly introduce ones classroom;

    Teaching contents:

    1Key vocabulary: there, forty-six, computer, dictionary, library, picture, television, right

    2Key structures: There is/are

    Teaching aids: blackboard, chalk, pictures, PPT.

    Type of the lesson: listening and speaking

    Teaching procedures:

    Step1. Warming-up

    A student does duty report. Then teacher makes a summary and

    leads to todays topic: There are 46students in my class.

    Step2.Listening and practice

    1. Lead-in:

    1) Teacher shows students some pictures, students say the words

    and learn the new words with the help of the pictures. 2) Teacher shows students three pictures and asks different

    students to describe them. (Students should use the words they

    have just learned)

    2. Listening:

    1) Students listen to the recording and decide which of the three

    pictures is being described. They should check the correct one. 2) Teacher calls back the answers from the whole class. And then

    teacher points out the key sentence: But there arent any

    computers in my class room.

    3. A task:

    Work in pairs: students ask and answer the questions about their

    classroom. (Questions are on the PPT)

    Step3.Listening and comprehension

    1) Students listen to the recording and underline the correct


    2) Teacher checks the answers by asking different students. 3) Students listen to the recording again and repeat.

    4) Students find out some important points, then teacher explains.

    5) Teacher puts students into groups to read the dialogue and then

    change the role.

    Step4.More practice

     Students work in groups and introduce their primary school or class to other members. (They should use sentence structure “there be”.)


    1) Recite the dialogue.

    2) Write a short passage to introduce your class or school.

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