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Unit 3 Under the sea

     编制人 焦玉丹 审核人 温明

    Teaching aim Get the students to know the structure of the text Step One: Ask and Discussion

Step Two: Fast Reading

    Scan the text and then choose the best answer according to the text.

    1 What’s the main idea of this passage?

     A About a big fish which helped the fisherman

    B About great whales which helped the whalers out.

    C About the whalers who were surviving on the sea.

    D About the whale station where the whalers could catch the


    2 We can learn from the text that _________

    A Old Tom and other killers need teamwork to hunt the whale

    B Old Tom and other killers could help whalers to hunt sharks.

    C Old Tom was ready to help others but other killers were not

    D Perhaps whales could succeed in fleeing if they did reamwork 3. What happened to James after he was washed off the boat?

    A He was attacked by a pack of sharks

    B He was abandoned by the other whales

    C He felt terrified and shouted for help loudly

    D He was held up in the water by Old Tom and rescued

    4. According to the text, which of the following is NOT right?

     A The killers like Old Tom are fierce but always ready to help the whalers

    B The writer didn’t believe the killers could help the whalers catch whales

    at first

    C The whalers left the dead body of the whale being eaten up by the


    D It was hard for George and his men to handle the boat in the rough


    5. Why did the killers throw their bodies on the top of the whale’s


    A To protect the whale

    B To help the whale run away

    C To stop the whale breathing

    D To tell other killers to come closer

Step Three Careful Reading

    1 Read the text and answer the following questions

    (;1) What evidence was there that Old Tom was helping out the whalers?

    (;2)What other animals did the author compare the killer whale with?

    (;3)Why did George think that the killer whales worked as a team ?

    (;4)How did Old Tom help James? Why do you think he did this?

    2 Read the text and then find out the main idea of the text

    The passage consists of ______anecdotes written by Clancy. They are

    mainly about how Old Tom helped the whalers __________and


Step Four Summary

     The killers helped the whalers catch huge whales. On the first day when I worked at the whaling station in 1902, I __1_______it with my own eyes.

     On that afternoon , I was 2_________out accommodation when I heard a loud noise from the bay. We all ran down to the shore and saw an enormous animal throwing itself out of the water and crashing down again. It was the killer 3_________________Old Tom. He was telling us whalers there was a whale out there. Another whaler yelled out and 4__________there was about to be a whale hunt.

     We jumped into our boat without pausing

    and5____________________out into the bay with Old Tom swimming by the boat. When we drew near, we saw a whale being attacked by a 6___________of killers---some were throwing themselves on top of the whale’s blow-hole to stop it 7________________; some were stopping it driving or fleeing out to sea. Then the harpoon was 8__________________at the whale and soon it died. After that, the killers 9______________its body down into the depths of the sea and ate its lips and tongue. Jack told me that we would bring the dead body the next day.

     10______________as Old Tom and other killers were, they never attacked people. Old Tom once saved James’s life.

Step Five Discussion

     How do you think Red felt about the killer whales?


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