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Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Treatment time: 30 mins …… ?35

    De-Luxe Back, Neck & Shoulder


    A back massage, followed by - either more detailed work on the neck, and a head massage - or work down the arms and hands. Recommended purely for relaxation, and for relief of neck and shoulder tension with or without headaches.

Treatment time: 45 mins …… ?50

    Full Body Massage

Treatment time: 75 mins …… ?70

Golfers Body Boost

    You can choose from having this treatment in the morning to prepare the body before going out to play - with massage and some gentle stretching to boost muscle performance, or in the evening to work out tired muscles, to relax and re-energise.

Treatment time: 75 mins …… ?70


    Reflexology is an ancient healing art that works on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet that correspond to every part of the body. Working on these reflexes brings about a stimulation of the healing forces latent within the body, and promotes deep relaxation.

Treatment time: 45 mins …… ?50

    Hot Stone Massage

    Heated basalt stones, found on the beaches of Donegal, are used to relieve muscular tension. It is an effective, warming and most relaxing treatment. Cold stones may also be used to help relieve pain and inflammation.

Treatment time: 75 mins …… ?75

Hawaiian Massage ‘Lomi Lomi’

    Lomi Lomi has always been regarded as one of the primary Healing Arts in Hawaiian culture. It is a unique, flowing, energetically vibrant, yet deeply relaxing all body massage. Hands and forearms are used in long fluid strokes of varying

intensity and rhythm, up and down and all around the body. The energizing effects of these movements are combined

    with clear healing intent, and bring about constructive change on all levels. The massage is deep, but because the main

    pressure is put on by the forearm, it is spread over a wider area than many traditional forms of massage and should not cause pain. The joints are also gently stretched as the Hawaiians believe these can be the site of major energy blockages.

    Between 2 and 3 hours would be the usual time given for this type of massage, however I am offering shorter treatments

    to better accommodate the needs of residents.

You will need to remove all your clothes for the massage, but a cotton sheet remains covering the genitals throughout.

1 hour. …… ?70

    This is a massage on the back of the body.

1? hours …… ?95

    This will be work on both the back and front of the body.

2 hours …… ?120 This is a full body Lomi Lomi.

    Biodynamic Massage

    Biodynamic Massage can help bring relief from specific conditions such as headaches, neck and shoulder tension, and

    digestive problems, as well as the more general problems of anxiety, stress and tension. The term “Biodynamic” is

    connected with the body‟s natural spontaneous flow of energy or life-force. As a result of the stresses and strains of life,

    the life energy can become blocked, which can give rise to various health problems. During a Biodynamic Massage, a

    stethoscope is placed on the abdomen, and the bowel sounds are followed in detail. Certain sounds come in response to

    the various touches of the therapist and can indicate where the energy has become blocked. By working to elicit the

    maximum amount of sounds, the therapist is helping the client to clear their own body of the by-products of stress that

    may have accumulated.

Treatment time: 60 mins …… ?65

    Organic Skincare Full Body Facial

    Get really clean, and get really pampered! Like a facial on the whole body. It includes skin brushing, dead cell exfoliation,

    warm oil, hot compresses, a body mask and finally an application of luscious moisturising lotion. All carried out using

    the Jurlique range of organic and biodynamic products from Australia, „the purest skincare on earth‟. Leaves you feeling

    refreshed, smelling good, and with soft and smooth skin.

     Treatment time: 75 mins …… ?75

Organic Skincare Back Treatment

    The same treatment as above, but carried out on the back only.

    Treatment time: 45 mins …… ?60

Jurlique Facials:

    Jurlique is a range of beauty products from Australia, known as „the purest skincare on earth‟. It is formulated with

    flowers and herbs that are grown on their certified organic and biodynamic farms.

Moisture Replenishing Facial

    Infused with a biodynamic blend of chamomile, marshmallow and licorice, this facial leaves the skin feeling firm, smooth

    and hydrated. Good for those who want the richest, most protected skin-feel.

    Treatment time: 60 mins ……. ?60

    Deep Cleanse Facial Rich in the living energy of green tea, precious plant oils, and gentle clays to cleanse and balance the skin, leaving it

    purified, protected and hydrated. Good for all skin types.

    Treatment time: 60 mins …… ?60

Regenerative Antioxidant Facial

    Rich in the living energy of rose, calendula, viola and daisy, this is a revitalising treatment that rebalances and nourishes

    dehydrated and toneless skin.

    Treatment time: 60 mins ……. ?60

You can also choose from treatments that luxuriously combine work on both the body and the face.

    Top to Toe Relaxation

A mini-facial (cleanse, tone, massage and moisturise), followed by a head, hand and foot massage. This treatment is

    especially designed to facilitate the release of stress. It is a very relaxing and pampering experience.

Treatment time: 60 mins …… ?60

    Back to Front Relaxation

This is a back massage followed by a head massage and a mini-facial (cleanse, tone, massage and moisturise). Enjoy the

    detailed attention and care given to those areas of the body that very often need it most.

Treatment time: 60 mins …… ?65

    Jurlique Pure Indulgence

This comprises a Jurlique organic skincare full body treatment that includes skin brushing, a body polish, hot compresses

    and finally an application of luscious moisturizer, followed by a Jurlique facial to suit your skin type.

    Treatment time: 2 hours …… ?120

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