English Skills Test for New Applicants

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English Skills Test for New Applicants ...

     English Skills Test for New Applicants

    TOTAL: / 50 = %


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    Full Time or Part Time in September: PART A: Select the one word from the choices given that best completes each of these sentences.

    1. The dying mans speech was so ____________ that no one was able to interpret his last request.

    A) indiscreet C) incoherent

    B) nonchalant D) impotent

    2. Due to many years of _______________, the Smiths had nothing to fall back on when it was time for them to retire.

    A) illiteracy C) inflexibility

    B) impunity D) imprudence

    3. Certain pessimists feel that a nuclear war in our time is ________________. A) inevitable C) disconcerting

    B) illicit D) impossible

    4. The personnel manager could not even consider her for a position because of her ______________ appearance.

    A) inept C) unkempt

    B) inflexible D) impossible

    5. We received the ______________ news today that there would be no raises this year. A) disreputable C) incongruous

    B) uncanny D) disconcerting

    6. It was truly miraculous that the child was _______________ after falling six stories. A) unscathed C) irreparable

    B) uncanny D) illiterate

    7. Modern architecture often seems ___________________ in a city rich in history. A) unlikely C) incongruous

    B) unwitting D) unkempt

    8. Serpico is known for his ______________ efforts to expose fellow police officers who accept bribes.

    A) incalculable C) unwieldy

    B) inexorable D) illicit

    9. Barbaras parents received a report from her teacher that said Barbara is an excellent student, but she talks to her friends _______________ during class.

A) ineptly C) unerringly

    B) incoherently D) incessantly

    10. A civil war pits brother against brother and causes ________________ harm to a nations morale.

    A) uncompromising C) invariable

    B) incalculable D) infallible

    11. She divorced her husband after he had a(n) _______________ affair with his secretary.

    A) nonchalant C) inequitable

    B) incongruous D) illicit

    12. Journalists often have to resort to _______________ questions to obtain information that will interest their readers.

    A) indiscreet C) incalculable

    B) inflexible D) unerring

    13. There is still no ________________ cure for the common cold. A) impotent C) infallible

    B) impossible D) unwieldy

    14. The boys performance in school suffered greatly when he became a member of a(n) _________________ gang.

    A) unlikely C) disreputable

    B) inequitable D) inept

    15. Because her husband was ________________, Mary learned how to do home repairs herself. A) uncompromising C) insubordinate /15 B) infallible D) inept

    PART B: Put the number of the definition in Column B beside the correct word in Column A.

     A B

    complex 1. insignificant a 4

    therapeutic 2. fight b 10

    combat 3. shortage c 2

    circumvent 4. complicated d 7

    citrus 5. genus of a tree or shrub e 5

    humble 6. invent f 1

    diet 7. check or escape g 8

    coin 8. habitual nourishment h 6

    deficiency 9. describe i 3

    label 10. relating to disease or illness /10 j 9

PART C: Choose the word among the four alternatives that is the opposite (antonym) of the

    underlined word.

    1. I ate lunch with a most convivial group of friends. A) lively C) unsociable

    B) large D) old

    2. I prefer muted colours in my living room. A) changeable C) dull

    B) bright D) mauve

    3. She came for Christmas laden with gifts for everyone. A) later C) unloaded

    B) provided D) lifted

    4. She had a cozy little apartment in Montreal. A) uncomfortable C) lazy

    B) dirty D) warm

    5. She was a very superficial person with a large group of frivolous friends. A) superior C) attractive

    B) deep D) horrible

    6. The convicted robber hoped the judge would give him a lenient sentence. A) easy C) acute

    B) unmerciful D) frightening

    7. Hector takes his dates to intimate restaurants where there is candlelight. A) public C) noisy

    B) quiet D) dark

    8. As he lay dying, his speech was incoherent. A) inaudible C) interesting

    B) organised D) indecent

    9. If you want to make a good impression on my father, you will have to be less unkempt than you are now.

    A) discreet C) literate

    B) uncanny D) neat

    10. His career in the illicit drug trade ended with the police raid this morning. A) irregular C) elicited

    B) legal D) secret

    11. Having planned our weekends to watch football, we found the news of the players strike most disconcerting.

    A) pleasing C) refreshing

    B) activating D) debilitating

    12. A frightening number of illiterate students are graduating from college. A) able to read and write

    B) able to enjoy intramural sports

    C) unable to pass an examination in reading and writing

    D) inflexible

    13. John was so insubordinate that he lost his job within a week.

    A) fresh C) indiscreet

    B) understanding D) obedient

    14. I cannot stand professors who think they are infallible.

    A) imperfect C) inept

    B) inexorable D) inflexible

    15. My brother-in-law talks incessantly.

    A) indiscreetly C) seldom /15

    B) inevitably D) sensibly

PART D: Choose the word among the four alternatives that has the same meaning (synonym) as the

    underlined word.

    1. She had reached the zenith of her career when she became president of General Motors. A) ambition C) happiest moment B) zeal D) summit

2. Alchemists seek a panacea for the worlds ills.

    A) gold C) change

    B) chemical D) remedy

3. After years of litigation, the will was settled.

    A) illness C) longevity

    B) lawsuits D) taxes

    4. The builders conservative estimate of the time required to re-model the kitchen was six weeks. A) reactionary C) protective

    B) cautious D) traditional

5. Two small toy manufacturers consolidated to form a new business.

    A) advertised C) divided

    B) united D) met


    PART E: Reading Comprehension - After reading the ensuing passage, answer the following questions.

    The business of tennis clothes has grown astoundingly in the past few years. Over $250 million is

    spent annually on the trappings of tennis. Apparently everyone wants to look like a pro, even though

    20% of the clientele has never even played the game.

    Manufacturers pay the stars lucrative fees for wearing their brands of clothes and wielding their

    racquets on centre court. Chris Evert-Lloyd, for example, is rumoured to have signed a five-year $5

    million contract with Ellesse, a producer of fancy, expensive tennis wear. John McEnroe gets a

    reported $600,000 for playing with a Dunlop racquet, $330,000 for sporting Tacchini clothes, and

    $100,00 for tying his Nike shoes. Obviously, in a bad year, these stars make more as fashion models

    than as athletes.

    Not only do tennis players get free clothing, but also the people involved in the game - the referees,

    lines-people, ball-boys and -girls - are living advertisements for tennis wear producers. Where,

    traditionally, conservative white clothing was required for the entire tennis coterie, changing times

    have seen a new vogue in tennis outfits. Flamboyant colours, designers nameplates, geometric

     figures, and bold lines distinguish the new tennis togs from their predecessors.

1. It can be inferred from the passage that:

    A) tennis clothing appeals to the wealthy

    B) tennis stars get huge sums for endorsements

    C) the price of tennis racquets has remained stable

    D) bright colours entice people to buy tennis wear

2. The authors intention is to:

    A) explain why the cost of tennis clothes has risen

    B) defend tennis wear manufacturers from complaints about their high prices

    C) describe the means of advertising expensive tennis clothes

    D) describe the style of new tennis clothes

3. A good title for this article would be:

    A) The Stars at Play

    B) Big Business in Tennis Wear

    C) The High Cost of Playing Tennis

    D) Tennis Stars Flamboyant Clothes

4. It is stated that John McEnroe:

    A) wears flamboyant clothing on the court

    B) may be earning over $1 million for endorsing tennis products

    C) is a fashion model more than he is a tennis player

    D) has had a bad year in tennis competition

5. It is implied that

    A) tennis clothing is bought by the well to do

    B) everyone who wears expensive tennis wear plays tennis C) tennis officials would prefer to wear traditional white clothing D) fashion models wear tennis clothing /5

    TOTAL: / 50 = % C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\WP85I7W5\English Skills Test.wpd

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