Tips from Marilyn Free on How to Approach a Salon Owner

By Lucille Wagner,2014-05-13 02:49
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Tips from Marilyn Free on How to Approach a Salon Owner

    Tips from Marilyn Free on

    How to Approach a Salon Owner

1. Don’t call a salon owner between Thursday and Saturday—this is

    when they are the busiest!

    2. Don’t approach a salon owner already carrying a skin care line.

    If you want to ask the receptionist, ―How is your skin care line

    doing?‖ Make a note of their answer and do your homework if

    you plan to return to still approach.

3. Is it a chair rental salon or a commission salon?

    4. Don’t walk in offering the biz opportunity

    First, recommend the products because salons are product


    5. Retailing is big part of salonHoliday products are great to retail

    in a salon.

    6. If someone understands Arbonne—explaining ―second income

    stream opportunity‖ is the best way to express the Opportunity 7. Don’t go in offering 35%--salons are used to getting 50% markup

    on retail items. Show them how they can get 50% by ordering…

    Example: Order $1000 worth of retail for $650, plus the extra

    $400 for $80. This is $1400 worth of products for only $730.

    That’s about 49%!

    Let them know bonus products are 60% mark up for them on the

    Hand Cream, Cleansing gel, Foot cream, and Body Lotion

    Body sets are a 76% margin for them!!!

    8. Do not approach with Arbonne’s shampoos. They are too

    expensive for a salon to keep on the back bar and usually they are

    not open to anything other than what they have already

    researched and know inside out from the hair shows they attend.

9. 50% of all salon owners do NOT have a Plan B for their

    retirement, savings, future…

10. Their stylists are usually living paycheck to paycheckgive them

    an extra income stream.

Recommend for introduction of Arbonne products into a salon

    have an Awaken Sea Salt Scrub to use on clients as a pampering free

    service. Then offer it to them as an add-on purchase. Tell them a

    brief overview of the Arbonne difference. If client wants to take

    home a jar, have stylist take it to the receptionist and tell them to add

    to the service total. Have the receptionist make a note which stylist

    makes a commission from the sale. Ask owner to offer stylists to buy

    Arbonne products wholesale, so stylist will love the products and


    1. Start with the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub. Offer to sell customers a

    jar for $26 plus tax, and add a little for SH. Let the stylist who

    made the sale make part of the profit.

    2. What do you stock/order recommend?

    Evaluate majority of clientel. Stylists will recommend what they

    use and love, so make sure stylists have opportunity to use as

    many products as possible. You may have to gradually introduce

    Arbonne to stylists as well as the clients. Stylists don’t always

    ―jump on board‖ and ―see it‖ Just ―drip‖on them as you would


3. Ask salon owner what they would recommend spending to get

    their Arbonne business going in the salon after showing them the

    Opportunity presentation and giving them time to check out the

    products, website, and use some products themselves.

    a. Offer the $1000 for $650 + $400 for $80 = $1400 of product for $730

    b. Offer the RSVP + a Smart Option Package ($250 retail

    order at 35% off + $100 for $20) $350 + $162.50 + $20 =

    $532.50---That’s $1050 of retail value for $532.50!! Almost

    50% savings

    c. Offer the RSVP-- $700 of product for $350

    d. Offer smaller options: $500 for $325 and $200 for $40 =

     $700 of product for $365

4. Why Arbonne?

    Superb products---Why not Arbonne?

    All about REsults and customer service and Health/wellness and


    Not immediate $, but like a 401 Plan, for future.

     So beautiful, they ―get‖ it.

    After 39 years, Marilyn Free sold her salon. Now, the new salon

    owner offers clients the three ways to win:

    1. Some just want it retail.

    2. some want their own Consultant ID#

    3. Some want personal business to build


    1. Give staff opportunity to sign up and make a 35% commission.

    2. Otherwise, they get 10% as usual on inventory in the salon.

    3. How it works:

    Stylist Nicole sells Mrs. Smith an RE9 set. Mrs. Smith pays

    for her hair appt. then receptionist rings up $266 for the

    RE9 setthen zeros it out. Then, puts $266 in an envelope

    with Nicole’s name on it.

    Every two weeks, use the $ to replace what was soldthe

    profit due Nicole goes to Nicoleeasy!

    If Nicole is signed up as a consultant, order the replacement

    products under Nicole’s ID #. Nicole gets her own

    commission check from Arbonne.

    At the end of the month, if all Nicole sold was a Sea Salt

    Scrub, then salon owner just add the replacement on his/her

    own order.

    4. Train the receptionist how to ring it up. Behind the desk, the

    stylist/consultant had envelope with her name on it. Any retail

    products rung up under Nicole’s name—pay commission at the

    end of the month.

What if owner doing the business gives the receptionist the incentive to

    learn the process to help make benefits happen? Teach receptionist to

    offer clients 35% by signing upgive receptionist an incentive to do the

    signing up. Clients are signed up under Nicole or other stylist who

    introduced the clients to Arbonne. Stylists who are Arbonne

    consultants wanting to build a business are getting the clients into their

    own networks. If stylists have no interest, sign the clients under the

    salon owner. Teach stylists about the RSVP. If stylists is signed up,

    they can sponsor clients and receive $50 for every RSVP order.

    Arbonne pays this at consultant level.


    Make a flyer

    ―Excited to be introducing European skin care and …because we care

    about health of clients‖ Offer: Complimentary mini-facials/makeover Mon. Wed. free by


Just done in stylists booth:

     --go through steps really quick

     --do make up

     --clients love and buy!!

Marilyn started inventory with $5000

    Salon owner’s Arbonne sponsor can offer two or three days to do hand

    massages, facials, make-overs

    If they are not charging for it—no license necessary and it’s not an issue


    Salon owners are not looking for a big business opportunity. In their

    eyes they already have a salon for that! But they are looking for

    product and profit.

Salon owners staff may not ―get it‖—they don’t see the ―right now‖

    money or don’t think they have time. They miss out—it’s okay.

    You can help your salon owner find business builders outside the salon

    environment as other consultants do.

They may say, Aveda is a similar product. Ask them if Aveda will give

    them a white Mercedes-Benz? Give you a cruise? Give you a residual


What are the benefits? Share the benefits.

Salon owner asks, when a client can Arbonne from their friend, why

    should they buy it from my salon?

    Answer: Wouldn’t you rather be the one they buy from or sign up with?


    Men will listen to hair stylist about their skin who will never go to a

    dept store clinician!!

    Thank men for coming to salon by offering to give them a free

    complimentary skin treatment. After the hair cut, use the men’s RE9 system steps on them. They go home feeling great!

    1. Have men feel their skin before the hair cut

    2. Shampoo hair, then use thermal fusion on their scalp

    3. Take to bowl and have them wash, tone, moisturize, use shave gel

    to clean around neckrinse hairthey feel great!

    4. Men love it!!

Stylist just sold a Men’s set for $106. Client got the Thermal Fusion

    Hair and Scalp as a free product.


New salon ownerJust talk to your clients, find interest in some

    Arbonne product….start with the Sea Salt Scrub

Then, share the 3 ways to win. Depends on the client, how much

    Arbonne salon owner/stylist should talk about. If stylist has good

    rapport with client, they’ll know how much is enough. May take several

    appts(months) to ―drip‖ on a client before sharing the 3 ways to win.


If the salon owner or stylist is doing their job, they are recommending

    and offering relationship first and products to help people.

    If it’s not about helping people, they are in the wrong business.

Read Marilyn Free’s Eye on Arbonne story. She says, ―If you give the

    best customer service availableyou will build your Arbonne business

    because it is a people business.

Stylists need to be signed up under the owner.

If it is a stylist who introduces Arbonne to the owner, then owner should

    sign up under the stylist, but then the other stylists should sign up

    directly under the owner.

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