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Meicheng International High School Pack 11 Listening 1 Lesson Six Section One: I. Vocabulary: librarian rare drawer ball-point pound shampoo pack brute attend to gown fancy Morgan Irish Welsh Zagrepp Austria Yugoslavia Jone Mr. West Sue Jenkins Clark Westmins..

    Meicheng International High School Pack 11 Listening

    Lesson Six Section One:

    I. Vocabulary:

    librarian pack Irish Mr. West

    rare brute Welsh Sue

    drawer attend to Zagrepp Jenkins

    ball-point gown Austria Clark

    pound fancy Yugoslavia Westminster

    shampoo Morgan Jone

    II. Exercises:

    A. Choose the best answer (a, b, or c) to complete each of the following statements

    concerning Dialogues 17.

    Dialogue 1:

     I. Mr. Morgan's son is __________.

     a. Irish

     b. Welsh

     c. English

    Dialogue 2:

     1. The speaker's parents live in _________.

     a. Australia

     b. Greece

     c. Yugoslavia

    Dialogue 3:

     1. Jone Smith is a ___________.

     a. librarian

     b. nurse

     c. typist

    Dialogue 4:

     1. The man is in a _________.

     a. cinema

     b. hotel

     c. cloak room

    Dialogue 5:

     1. Miss Clark's handbag is a __________.

     a. big leather one

     b. small plastic one

     c. white straw one

    Dialogue 6:

     1. The man is looking at __________.

     a. some rare stamps

     b. some expensive skirts

     c. some beautiful slippers


    Meicheng International High School Pack 11 Listening

    Dialogue 7:

     1. Miss Green is __________ at the moment.

     a. in her kitchen cooking

     b. in her office typing

     c. in her bedroom sleeping

B. Answer the following questions concerning Dialogues 814.

    Dialogue 8:

     1. What are there in the drawer?

     ____________________________________________ Dialogue 9;

     1. How much oil does the man want?

     ___________________________________________ Dialogue 10:

     1. What is there in the cupboard?

     ____________________________________________ Dialogue 11:

     1. Where is Miss Sue from?

     ____________________________________________ Dialogue 12:

     1. What is Miss Jenkins?

     ____________________________________________ Dialogue 13:

     1. Why does he like his manager?

     ____________________________________________ Dialogue 14:

     1. What is the man looking for?


    Section Two:

    I. Vocabulary:

    sell out Romeo and Juliet

    reserve Henry Bishop

    engage Clara Ferguson



    hang on


    II. Exercises:

    A. Telephone Conversation:

    1. Fill in the missing words.

     Clerk: Cambridge Theatre. Box Office.

     Henry: Have you got any tickets for Romeo and Juliet ___________evening?

     Clerk: Which performance? _____________ or ______________?


    Meicheng International High School Pack 11 Listening

     Henry: __________, please.

     Clerk: Sorry, that performance is ______________.

     Henry: Well, have you got ____________ for the ___________ performance'?

     Clerk: Yes, we have tickets at __________, ____________ and __________.

     Henry: _________ reserve two seats at __________, please.

     Clerk: Right, That's two tickets at __________, __________, __________performance.

    _____________, please?

     Henry: Bishop. Henry Bishop.

     Clerk: Thank you. You'll collect the tickets before ___________ on ___________, won't


     Henry: Yes, of course. Thank you. Goodbye.

B. Telephone Conversation 2.

    1. Answer the following questions briefly.

    (1) Has the number Clara intends to dial been changed?

     ________________________________________ (2) How do you know?

     ________________________________________ (3) What's the phone number?

     ________________________________________ (4) How long hasn't Sue heard from Clara?

     ________________________________________ (5) Why is Clara ringing Sue now?

     ________________________________________ (6) What has happened to Sue?

     ________________________________________ (7) What does Clara think of Sue?

     ________________________________________ (8) What has Sue experienced a great deal?

     ________________________________________ (9) What does Clara want to know?


    (10) How does Sue comment on the first ten questions?

     ________________________________________ 2. Complete the questions that Sue is always asked in interviews. (1) Why I want to ______________________.

    (2) Why I am interested ____________________. (3) How I_______________________.

    (4) How long__________________________.

    (5) Where_____________________________.

    (6) Where______________________________.

    (7) How much_____________________________.

    (8) How much I expect_________________________.


    Meicheng International High School Pack 11 Listening

Section Three:


    Dictation 1: _____________________________________________________________________



    Dictation 2: _____________________________________________________________________




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