The best of the biomedic skin care clinic

By Clifford Bryant,2014-05-13 02:12
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The best of the biomedic skin care clinic

    What’s Your Reason For Visiting The


    Newsletter no. 21 Sept.-Nov. 2009

    In the four years that I’ve worked in the skin care clinic, there are

    many reasons that people come in to see us. Out of these, the number one

    reason is to aid in aging gracefully. Our anti-aging ingredients and products

    include: Alpha Hydroxy Creams, Retinols, Vitamin C, and Nouricel-MD

    (aka: TNS from SkinMedica). All of these ingredients have been showcased in

    past newsletters, but just to refresh your memory:

    *AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) are fruit acids that slough dead skin cells

    throughout the day.

    *Retinols are water based Vitamin A creams that essentially do the same

    thing, that also refines pores & accelerates cell turnover.

    *Vitamin C applied topically increases collagen by 30% after 90 days of use.

    *Nouricel-MD is a patented ingredient found in SkinMedica’s line that also speeds the cell turnover rate to speed up correction of the skin by making it stronger all the way down to the subcutaneous layer.

    Until Sept 30th, please enjoy 15% off of any anti-aging product

    The second reason people come in for treatments is to treat acne. The most effective anti-acne

    ingredients include : Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, and an extensive crash-course on do’s and don’t’s for treating acneic skin such as: changing your laundry detergent, using cold water to wash your face and

    making sure you only use products with certain ingredients. Some of the products we carry to treat acne

    include:Acne Solution Daily Pads, Acne Gel 10/10 Cream, Conditioning Gel Plus (which also treats brown spots & wrinkles), and Rosaliac (used for rosacea as well). The great thing about these products is

    that they are great to have in your arsenal. After all, 89% of Americans suffer from some type of acne and

    wouldn’t it be awesome to just reach in your basket for your mother-of-all pimples zit zapper!?

    Until Oct 31st, please enjoy 10% off any anti-acne product.

    And finally, the third most common reason folks enjoy their skin treatments in the office is to

    treat age spots, melasma, or pregnancy masks. Through time, we all get a new freckle here and there from

    sun exposure. And the main cause of hyperpigmented skin is from years and years of sun exposure which

    begin to fry our skin cells, literally. When this happens, they can’t heal like they used to and they leave

    behind a tell tale sign.

    The most effective products to treat hyperpigmentation at home include:

    *Nia 24 which containts patented pro-niacin, which reverses sun damaged skin.

    *physicians complex 6% bleaching cream-utilizes hydroquinone to lighten darker skin cells.

    *obagi clear-same concept, but with 4% hydroquinone

    *Phyto plus from skinceuticals-botanical/all natural version using kojic acid

    thUntil Nov 10, please enjoy 15% off any lightening product

    -Can’t wait to see you all very soon!

    Angela Curtis

    703-494-1163 for your next appointment

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