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Gatchel & Co Successline Group Presentation Script


NOTE: Please do not add to this script without first running it by your upline National Vice President.

These materials have been produced by an Arbonne Independent Consultant and are not official

    materials prepared or provided by Arbonne International LLC. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees

    that any consultant will be financially successful, as each consultant’s results are dependent upon his or

    her own skills and effort. Actual financial results of all Arbonne’s Independent consultants for the

    proceeding year are contained in Arbonne’s ICCS on Arbonne’s official website.

Basic Class Presentation

Products you need for your Presentation:

    ? Complete RE9 product line for face and body

    ? FC5 product Set

    ? Sea Source Detox product set

    ? Awaken Sea Salt Scrub in plastic ziploc bag or Seasource Detox Scrub or FYI Scrubs

    ? 3 or 4 “favorites” (your favorite products). Some good ideas are :-

    o Re9 Wrinkle Filler Pen

    o Dual Volume Mascara

    o Primer

    o Foundation

    o Before Sun Made in the Shade

    o Seasource Detox Scrub

    o Bronzer

    ? Color Collection (only set up entire makeup display if it’s a makeup party – otherwise, just set up

    the palette & a couple of your favorite makeup.

    ? Awaken Sea Salt Scrub wrapped nicely for Hostess

    ? If you’re doing “foot soaks”, you’ll also need: unwind bath gel, unwind bath salts, unwind massage

    oil or Seasource product line, dish tubs & paper towels

    ? Samples (SeaSource or RE9 Mask & Scrub) for guest who bring a friend (tie with a bow)

For Each Guests


    Consultant Special Sheet & Coupons

    StartNow Application


    Invitation to the next Arbonne meeting or phone call.

For Yourself

    Master Catalog

    Class Script either written on note cards or into your catalog Calculator

    Calendar with open dates marked

Hostess / Discover Arbonne Packets :-


    Consultant Application

    Order Forms for outside orders

    EOA Stories

    Product Samples

    Hostess Information Sheet

Deal or No Deal Boxes or bags

    In gift box put a picture or slip of paper of whatever product they would “win” (body lotion, RE9 body

    set, lip plumper, etc.. --- products of your choice) and a lip gloss , FC5 shampoo & Conditioner sample or

    Primer sample to take home today - Display in a nice basket


Remember the goal of a class is to find business builders to grow our team. The class can be broken

    down into four segments.

    1. Your story talk about this biz, it’s benefits and your why.

    2. Arbonne Difference - what makes us different from other skin care companies

    3. RE9 and other product demonstration

    4. Closing Coupons and booking future appointments.

The most common mistakes new business builders make is to focus exclusively on numbers 2 & 3, the

    Arbonne Difference and the products in their group presentations. Our passion about the products will

    make sure we sell products and find clients. So make sure you take time to talk about the business

    opportunity and to close the presentation by asking for the sale and talking about the coupons and


Your story (or the biz part of the presentation) should be about 15 mins of the presentation. Make

    them laugh, be passionate, let them see how it could fit for them.

    At the Presentation

    Greet each guest, have them make a name badge and use the sea salt scrub at the sink (use

    this time to introduce yourself and build a rapport with them). Have the hostess invite them

    to get some snacks and to take a seat in the room for the presentation. If playing deal or no

    deal game, hand out boxes tied with ribbon or bags (these need to look NICE)! Tell them to

    just hang on to these as you are going to explain later.

Introduce yourself my name is XXX I am very excited to be here to share Arbonne with you

    tonight. Then go around the room and have them introduce themselves, what they do or how

    they know the hostess.

Thank Hostess Give her a sea salt scrub and say “you, too will get a sea salt scrub when YOU

    host your Arbonne party” ** plant seeds about them hosting a class** Have hostess say a few words to the group about why she wanted them to hear about Arbonne. (maybe tell her

    favorite product and the difference she’s seen in her skin)

    Tell them what you’re going to do tonight “Tonight I’m going to 1. tell you a little about myself, tell you a little about Arbonne and what makes us different and 3. let you try the

    products”. Let them know they are here to have fun and should feel free to jump in with

    questions …

Tell Your Story Now I know all of you a little better, I would like to share a little about me

    and how I was introduced to Arbonne. Tell your I story of how you were introduced to Arbonne and include your compelling WHY story. Make it personal as to why the Arbonne

    opportunity will help you reach your goals. You want to show them how Arbonne can equal their

    dreams and excite them to join your team. Let them know you are currently expanding your

    team and are looking for people you can teach and train to do what you do. Remember to

    talk about: 20 -50% discount, time leveraging, tax advantages, White Mercedes.

Your story is one of the most important parts of your presentation. This is where you

    weave the benefits of this business throughout your story. Include some of your uplines story too.

    Insert your story … here is ENVP Tracey Gatchel’s

    Thank you for sharing a little about you, now I would like to share a little about me. My name is Tracey Gatchel and I am an independent consultant with Arbonne. I have had the good fortune to have been with Arbonne for 6 years which may surprise you if you are just hearing about this

    company tonight.

    I was introduced to Arbonne by a friend, Elizabeth who really wanted me to try these products. I have to tell you I was using products from the Dermatologist because I have very sensitive skin and was really a product snob. I was amazed when I saw the results I got with Arbonne and signed up as a preferred client just to SAVE on my own purchases. I NEVER, believed I would be building Arbonne as a business or doing group presentations like this one ! I have a corporate background, but I also have a family and wanted more flexibility and control over when I worked.

    I found that flexibility with Arbonne, our company car is the White Mercedes and one evening Elizabeth took me to a car presentation, Linda was getting the keys to a brand new White Mercedes and that night I realized what a professional company this was and what an incredible opportunity for me. I was already telling all my friends about the products, but I was not getting compensated not too smart right ? so I decided to start my own business.

    In the beginning I made a little money to supplement my husband’s income. I enjoyed having my own money and felt like I was contributing to our finances. It also gave me an outlet to get to know other people and challenge myself. As my business grew, like Elizabeth and Linda I was able to replace my corporate income and drive my own White Mercedes on Arbonne. I now work from my home office and am in control of how many hours and which hours I work plus I get to that around my family. So now you will find me doing Class Presentations like this one and I love it. In addition to the financial compensation, every year Arbonne sends us on a vacation and they pay for my husband to go too, I get rewarded with jewelry and much of what I do on a daily basis is now a tax deduction.

    We are currently looking to expand in this area, I am looking for other consultants I can teach and train to do what I do, so watch what I do tonight and if you are interested or you can think of someone who might be interested, let me know and I will send you home with an information packet.


TURN TO PAGE 3 Highlight

    1. Company founded in 1980, 29 year old company.

    2. Products formulated in Switzerland, manufactured in USA.

    3. Beauty with Benefits

    4. 45 Day money back guarantee on all products.


    Here is what makes our products different Read through the list on the left hand side.

? Botanically Based: This means we use things like herbs and botanicals to formulate our

    products. Every ingredient in every product has to be PURE, SAFE and BENEFICIAL ! That

    means all the ingredients have to do something to benefit your skin !

? pH Correct: Skin care pH of 5.5 ensures maximum benefits.

? Hypoallergenic Arbonne products are formulated without the use of certain ingredients that

    are frequently known to cause allergic reactions, such as artificial fragrance and dyes. The

    term “Hypoallergenic” does not mean NON allergenic, there is no such thing. But the majority

    of people can use hypoallergenic products, see great benefits and not have allergic reactions.

? Dermatologist Tested : This means our products have been tested for irritation under

    dermatologist supervision. Our products are put through extensive testing to ensure they are

    proven pure, safe & beneficial.

? Never tested on Animals: - Arbonne uses a repeat insult patch test. This is where a human

    panel uses a product on the same site for an extended period of time. Arbonne will not release

    a product unless it scores ZERO in this study !.

    ? Formulated without Animal Products or By-Products Plants and herbs together with science

    and technology offer superior benefits.

? Formulated without Mineral Oil occlusive oil that can interfere with skin functions as well as

    advanced delivery systems.

    ? Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances Dyes and fragrances are known irritants and

    can cause allergic reactions.


You will see here the Skin Type Product Chart, you can find your skin type, combination, oily, dry

    or acne prone. Note that for all the skin types RE9 is a recommended skin care line. This is

    because it adjusts to what your skin needs, bringing moisture to dryness and calming over

    production of oil.

Therefore, this is the skin care line I chose to bring with me tonight for you to sample. I want

    you to feel the difference in the texture of your skin. This is how your skin care will look HOLD


    TURN TO PAGE 10 & 11 NutriminC RE9

This system is made up of seven products, six steps. What I love is it takes less than 2 mins to do

    the whole routine. You CAN slow down the aging process by taking care of your skin. This line is

    all about reverse, repair and prevention, and it’s never to soon (or too late to start! See the

    difference in the eyes on page 13. Also note this product also has a US & Swiss patent pending .

Open Gold Bag pull out the RE9 wash

Some features I love about this product line is that it comes in the pump just one pump is all you

    need for your face, so there is no waste. Also note how the pump moves up so you get to use every

    last drop. This system retails at $298.50 and lasts about 6 months, it ends up costs about $1.60 a

    day to have great skin. But even better, at the end I am going to show you how to save 20% or

    even 50% on all your products tonight ! Considering what we spend on getting our hair cut and on

    clothes this is a good deal, remember, its your face that people see when they first meet you !

    CLINICAL TRIAL 28 days 100% reported.

    - Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

    - Smoother firmer skin

    - Skin appeared more youthful

    - Reduction in Pores

    - Reduction in roughness & flakiness

    o RE9 Wash cleans and hydrates without stripping, it is not good for your skin to feel

    “Squeaky clean” DO NOT PASS AROUND


    o Toner restores acid mantle since water disturbs it (water is a 7 on the pH scale). Packed

    with nutrients for your skin. Visibly tones and firms and smoothes the skins surface.

    Spray directly on face or use cotton ball. Toner will help minimize pores.

o Serum gives wonderful long-term effects. Diminishes lines, wrinkles and acne scars. The

    alpha hydroxyl acids breakdown the glue that holds the dead skin cells to the skin. When

    you next wash the dead skin cells come away leaving your face with that translucent glow.

    o Day or Night Cream ( give choice) Day crème hydrates nourishes and protects.

    Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Night crème strengthens, firms and

    encourages cell recovery while you sleep. Day cream = protector, Night cream =

    corrector. For higher SPF purchase Revelage Day Cream with SPF 30.

o Eye Crème Apply on one eye. Demonstrate how to apply with ring finger. Moisturizes,

    Kojic acid reduces appearance of dark circles and anti inflammatory reduces puffiness,

    protects and repairs delicate tissue around eyes.

o RE9 Lift - There is one of the RE9 products that has obvious and immediate results. We

    call it “facelift in a bottle !” (Demonstrate how to put this on by patting your face and neck).

    This product promotes collagen and elastin. Gently pat this on your face and neck after

    toning over your make up is fine too. You will gently feel it tighten giving you immediate

    visible results as well as long-term benefits.

All of the products in the SET are designed to work TOGETHER for maximum results. Just

    think would you bake a cake and leave out the eggs? It would still be a cake but just not

    quite the same.

    o RE9 Body Set (pass this around) This is a “treatment set” just for your body. Great for

    stretch marks, bumpy skin, dryness and sun damaged skin etc… It’s an $92 value that our

    hostess can earn when 2 presentations are booked today. Show before & after picture of

    the feet.

PICK FIVE - Talk about a few of your own Personal favorite products:

    o Revelage

    o Re9 Wrinkle Filler Pen

    o Re9 Peel

    o Make-up Primer

    o Line Defiance - Liquid Foundation

    o FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil

    o FC5 Shampoo & Conditioner

    o Volumizing Mascara,

    o Sea Source Set

    o Bronzer

When you take the RSVP package you can get everything on the table for 50% discount.

    CHANGE YOUR PARTY it is easy to change up your presentation. Always start with the RE9 system but turn an Anti Aging Skin Care Presentation into a Detox party, or a make up

    party by simply changing out YOUR FAVOURITE PRODUCTS section with one from below.

    Remember showing two product lines leads to a natural RSVP order.

Revelage PAGE 22

    Revelage FOUR Products designed to BRIGHTEN your skin

    For the perfect Complexion even toned, flawless, brightened. For age spot intervention. Reduces the appearance of uneven pigmentation, freckles and age spots.

    o Intensive Pro-Brightening Night Serum

    o Age Spot Brightening Day Cream with SPF 30

    o Concentrated Spot Minimizer

    o Age Spot Brightening Hand Therapy with SPF 30

    8 Week Clinical Study Revealed

    ? After just 10 mins 2/3 of participants reported an immediate improvement in skin

    brightness and luminosity.

    ? Within 2 weeks, 93% of participants reported an improvement in skin brightness and


    ? Within 2 weeks, 87% of participants reported an improvement in the overall appearance

    of the skin.

    RE9 Treatment Products - PAGE 13 Additions to the system: FIVE Treatment Products (hold up and explain briefly)

    o RE9 Scrub

    o RE9 Masque

    o Re9 Peel

    o Wrinkle Filler Pen Love this its like real time airbrushing !

SeaSource DeTox - PAGE 33

    Environmental toxins build up and affect the body. This may be a weaken immune system which

    leads to skin breakouts, premature aging, dry dull looking skin and poor digestion.

    Enjoy the benefits of feeling great and the relaxing, cleansing feeling this routine provides.

    All the products have the same great scent that remind you of spending time in a spa. You can

    now get that same relaxation right at home. Show each product and highlight

    ? Seasource wash washes away toxins from the skin surface. Including chorine from

    swimming and heavy metals in sweat after a workout.

    ? Foaming Sea Salt Scrub increases circulation and resurfaces the skin (also great before

    the Before Sun Tanner)

    ? Renewing Body Gelee pass around so they can smell. Gives skin an amazing cooling

    sensation and very healing and moisturizing.


    Offer the different scented scrubs and lotion at the sink (replace Awaken Sea Salt Scrub)

    have guests pick their favorite color and scent. During the class ask each guest what their

    favorite was and read the description on page 59 Mysterious, Flirtatious, Ambitious or


FC5 PAGES 28 & 29

    Arbonne just released an amazing new line that uses patent pending technology and Fresh Cells

    from 5 fruits hence the FC5 name. If you are on a budget or in your teens or early 20’s this

    is a great line to start with. Simply pick between normal/dry & combination/oily.

MAKE UP - PAGES 52 & 53

    If you are not sure what colors work well for you, book your own Hollywood Makeover party.

    Arbonne make up also uses the same principles as the skin care, herbal and botanically based

    and uses Mica instead of Talc. This means the colors don’t oxidize and stay the same color in the evening that you applied in the morning ! It also means that the color does not crease in

    your eye lids don’t you hate that ?


    Arbonne has one of a kind supplements. I love that these come in little packets so they are

    easy to take each day and easy to travel with. They are also formulated differently for men

    and women as we have different concerns and needs. You could not eat all these fruits and

    vegetables if you tried ! Since I have been taking these supplements I have felt fantastic and

    have so much energy.


    You Need:

    Complete Re9 Set Plus Regain Enzyme Peel & Retaliate Wrinkle Filler Pen Virtual Illusion Make Up Primer

    Various Liquid Foundations

    Mirrors, Wash Cloths and Headbands for each guest

    1. Welcome and thank hostess

    2. Seat guests at kitchen table with a headband and mirror at their place.

    3. Have everyone wash with the RE9 face wash and give a warm wash cloth for this step

    (keep warm by rolling and putting them in a crock pot or microwave)

    4. Have everyone apply Enzyme Peel

    5. Explain Re9 products (keep eye on clock no more than 15 mins).

    6. Remove Re9 Peel with warm wash cloth and apply rest of Re9 Set to face.

    7. Apply Retaliate Wrinkle Filler to wrinkles

    8. Finish with Primer and foundation color.


    This catalog is yours to keep. The Re9 Hand out CATALOGS and COUPON SHEET. SAY “

    that we talked about is on page 11”

We also have some great specials tonight. For $29 you will have the opportunity to be a

    preferred client with Arbonne and shop for the next year at a discount, starting tonight. You

    will also receive a free product of your choice from the catalog to cover the $29 application

    fee (I like the Re9 Night Cream as this is a $79 product and yours free).

For as long as your number is active you will be linked to me and I will be able to help you with

    orders and keep you up to date on new product releases.

You can then choose which coupon and which discount you would like, if you are short on cash

    then you will definitely want to take the 50% one for your RE9 purchase as this will give you

    50% off your Re9 set, plus your makeup (Seasource, FYI insert whichever other products you

    talked about) saving you $350 ! (this is the RSVP).

Or you can simply save 20% on your Re9 Set and save $60. Our most popular packages are

    listed on the back of each coupon, however, we can customize your order however you wish and

    remember this is not a one time only coupon, you will save 20% on all your purchases for the

    next year.

In addition to using your Coupon tonight you will also want to schedule your own get together

    with friends so you can save 80% on the rest of your products (based on your party sales) with

    our great hostess rewards.

If playing Deal or no deal game: Now lets end with our game, who knows the show on

    Television Deal or No Deal ? We are going to play our own version. If you would like to host

    a class and schedule a date tonight you get to take home the gift in your bag and there is also a

    card inside with an extra hostess gift which you will receive on the night of your get together.

    It could be an extra $25 in hostess rewards, perhaps a RE9 Body Wash or a free herbal foot

    cream. Pick the person who has been attentive, or who you feel will book … start with


Close the class and ask for the sale: I know you’re excited to start shopping, and I’ve got

    my calendar so you can book your class tonight. I want to help each of you find the right

    products for your skin and your budget. So, who needs to get going first….

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