The LeftRight Game

By Sharon Walker,2014-05-13 02:24
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The LeftRight Game

    The Left/Right Game

A Great Way to Make Your Presentation FUN!!!! *Hand a small Arbonne gift to the guest closest to you,

    i.e. a small hand cream, herbal foot care, etc. Tie a cute bow around it!

”The object of this story is not only for you to learn about Arbonne, but you also have to tune up your

    listening skills to hear the words "left" and "right." As soon as you hear either word, the person who has the

    gift in their hand has to pass it to the person next to them according to the direction that was

    mentioned. At the end of the story, the person who has the gift in their hand wins!”

The story goes like this:

    What is Arbonne you say? Well, let me tell you "right" now what it's all about. The company is named after

    a town in Switzerland-the land of precision and cleanliness. Arbonne means “Good things from the earth.” On the first page of the catalogue, on the "right" side of the page, it tells about a man whose name was

    Petter Morck, who "left" Norway for Switzerland in 1975 to create a skin care line that is Pure, Safe, and

    Beneficial. He knew that a lot of the products out there that are being "left" on people's skin were not the healthiest for them. He also knew that our skin is the largest organ of the body, and whatever anyone has

    "left" on their skin penetrates the skin, goes into the bloodstream and affects all of the internal organs (26

    seconds -- EPA). So he got together a team of leading biochemists, biologists and chemists, fulfilled his

    vision and founded Arbonne.

On the first page of the catalogue, on the "left" side of the page, there is an explanation of what makes

    Arbonne different, and how they achieve beauty with benefits. Isn't it nice to know that Arbonne has done

    the research for us, and it keeps us on the "right" track to healthier bodies, inside and out? Just think,

    what is "left" on our skin from Arbonne's products are botanical ingredients that deliver antioxidants and

    other important nutrients into the deep layers of our skin. You know how we feel good when we eat

    nutritious food? Well, that's how our skin reacts to Arbonne's products. The deep layers of our skin will

    come to the surface within a month or so . . . . giving an indication of how we’ve been feeding our skin (or not)

    over the past few weeks.

Well, what are the ingredients that should be "left" OFF of our skin, you might ask? You may want to check

    the products you’ve been using once you listen to this! A common ingredient that is in most personal care and

    skin care is MINERAL OIL. In fact, 9 out of 10 skin care companies include mineral oil in their products,

    even though it is listed on the National Toxicology List as a substance that is known to cause cancer in

    humans, It has also been identified as the second leading cause of aging of the skin, so be sure it is never "left" on yours! Mineral oil creates a barrier on the skin's surface blocking the pores, halting natural

    respiration and the secretion of toxins from the body, as well as blocking the absorption of

    nutrients. Mineral oil also leaches vitamins, nutrients, and moisture “right” out of the skin. ANIMAL PRODUCTS such as lanolin and collagen , along with ARTIFICIAL COLORS AND FRAGRANCES are

    highly irritating and sometimes dangerous. These should never be "left" on the skin either. SD40 Alcohol,

    (alias paint thinner) and Acetone (alias nail polish remover) can strip the skin of its precious acid mantle and

    natural moisture. Carnuba wax (like for cars) and candela wax (as in candles) simply seal in things that are not supposed to stay in. And popular soaps are drying to the skin and leave scum “right” on the surface of your skin, just like on the bathtub. These are all ingredients that are not “right” for the skin. Aren't you happy to know I am here to recommend products that are guaranteed not to have these ingredients in them?

Please, now look to the "left" side of the second page in the catalog. You can see there all the ways Arbonne

    products are pure, safe, and beneficial including how Arbonne’s products are PH correct, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. So what are we waiting for, let's get you started in testing out for yourself these

    awesome Arbonne products, "right" away!

    (original story by Carol Heckman and Michele Owens . . . updated by Naomi Shumaker 8/19/2008)

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