GONE WITH THE WIND book report

By Janice Carpenter,2014-10-11 22:49
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GONE WITH THE WIND book report

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    Everything can be gone with the wind, so tomorrow is another day. Margaret Mitchell left a large amount of wealth to us.

    In the novel there is one woman called Scarlett O’Hara who is the most important character. Almost all the things happen around her. She is a beautiful and willful southern woman and the daughter of a rich plantation owner. Scarlett will do everything to keep her land and gets what she desires. Another important protagonist is Rhett Butler. He is Scarlett’s

    third husband. Rhett Butler is handsome and wise in some way. And he loves Scarlett dearly. Ashley Wilkes is the man who Scarlett loves and Melanie's husband. He is a gentleman.

    The story is set in the Civil War. As the war continues, the south is struck by the north, and their homes are destroyed. What’s more, Scarlett loses her first husband in the war. But she isn’t defeated. After that she begins to save their home. In order

    to get more money, she marries a wood factory owner called Frank Kennedy, who is going to marry Scarlett’s sister. While good things don’t last long, her second husband is killed during a Ku Klux Klan raid on the shanty town after Scarlett is attacked. Then Butler shows his love to Scarlett again. At last they get married and have a lovely daughter. However her

    continuing affection for Ashley Wilkes becomes a problem for the couple. After her daughter falls off the horse and dies, Rhett eventually leaves because he knows Scarlett still loves Ashley. Finally Scarlett realizes that Butler is her real love when it is too late.

    After reading the novel, I can realize one thing---fate. Scarlet’s life is miserable, while she don’t fall down before the fate. The fiction shows us a strong woman. Her fate is not as good as the other people. She loses her home and her family, but she still stands steadily. She repeatedly challenges the general women's roles of her time. She also has many shortcomings, such as selfish, hypocritical, or even cruel. Maybe she looks like a cat. The most famous saying is Tomorrow Is Another Day, which is a good comfort for us when facing difficulties.

    The novel is dramatic. First it describes the fact of the civil war in America. Through the hardship Scarlett survives, the writer presents us what the cruel war takes to the people in the nation. It also tells us the racism which serves to evoke the period more accurately. The racism is a very important problem for the nation to solve as soon as possible.

    After all, Gone with the Wind is a great work which

    everyone should read.

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