Tendence Frankfurt, 2001

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Tendence Frankfurt, 2001


Style Hong Kong Show in Chongqing

    (13 - 17 / 11 / 2009)


    ? 除註明外,所有資料請以填寫 All Information must be completed in Chinese unless otherwise stated. ? 公司名稱將用作攤位之公司招牌 The “Company Name” will be used to produce fascia board at your stand ? 下列資料將用於印刷大會場刊 The information listed below will be used in the Fair Catalogue.

     1a. 公司名稱

     1b. Company Name

    (中文) 2. 公司登記地址

    Registered Office Address (English)

    (中文) 通訊地址

    Correspondence Address (English)

    ?同上Same as above

     3. 電話Tel No. 4. 傳真Fax No.

     5. 電子郵件Email

     6. 網址Web-Site

     7. 商業登記證號碼Business Registration Certificate No.

     請提供商業登記証副本 Please attach the copy of Business Registration Certificate

     8. 香港/境外分公司名稱Name of Holding/Subsidiary Companies in HK / Outside HK

     9. 僱員數目No. of Employee 香港In Hong Kong 境外Outside Hong Kong

1. 合資Joint Venture 獨資Wholly-Owned 合作Co-Operation

     2. 中文公司名稱Company Name in Chinese

     3. 中文地址Address in Chinese

     4. 郵編Postal Code

     5. 電話Tel No. 6. 傳真Fax No.

     7. 聯絡人Contact Person 8. 職位Position Held

    1. 入口商Importer 2. 出口商Exporter 3. 轉口商Re-Exporter 4. 生產商Manufacturer

     生產設施設於香港Factory in Hong Kong 生產設施設於香港境外Factory outside Hong Kong

    (請註明Please Specified) 5. 其他Others (請註明Please Specified)

     HK$ 港幣 HK$ 港幣 1. 2007 2. 2008

     先生/小姐/女士 1a. 中文姓名 2. 職位Position


     1b. Name 3. 直線電話Direct Tel No. (名稱First Name) (姓氏Last Name)

     4. 電子郵件Email 5. 直線傳真Direct Fax No.

    包括創立年份、簡史、主要業務範圍及未來發展方向等有關資料等 Year of establishment, brief history, main business, and future development, etc.(約100about 100 words

    貴司是否持有內銷許可證 Please indicate if your company has the Domestic Sales Permit: Yes No

     1. 先生/小姐/女士 職位Position Held 姓名 Mr./Miss/Mrs 所持旅遊證件種類Type of Travel Document Name (名稱First Name) (姓氏Last Name) Held 先生/小姐/女士 職位Position Held 2. 姓名 Mr./Miss/Mrs 所持旅遊證件種類Type of Travel Document Name (名稱First Name) (姓氏Last Name) Held

    1. 推廣品牌Promote Brandname 2. 獲取市場經驗Collect Market Intelligence from Consumers 3. 委任代理商 / 分銷商Appoint Agent/Distributor 4. 增加銷售額Increase Sales

    5. 其他Others (請註明Please Specified)

     食品及飲料 Food & Beverage 化妝品、浴室用品及個人護理用品

     Cosmetics, Toiletries & Personal Care Products Garments 化妝品 Cosmetics 男裝 Mens Wear

     美容護膚品 Skin Care Products 女裝 Womens Wear

     香水 Perfume 童裝 Childrens Wear 美髮品 Hair Care Products 便服 Casual Wear 美容美髮用品 Skin / Hair Care Accessories 運動服裝 Sportswear 美容美髮儀器 Skin / Hair Care Equipment

     針織服裝 Knitwear 其他 Others (請註明 Please specify)

     皮草服 Fur Clothing ______________________________________

     ______________________________________ 皮革及麂皮服裝 Leather & Suede Clothing

     ______________________________________ 內衣及睡衣 Underwear & Nightwear

     禮品及贈品 Gift & Permium 服裝飾品及配件 Clothing Accessories

     家居精品 Household (請註明 Please specify)____________________ 珠寶首飾 Fine Jewellery _______________________________________

     人造首飾及髮飾 _______________________________________

     Imitation / Costume Jewellery & Hair Ornament 鞋類 Footwear

     眼鏡架、鏡片、部件及配件 其他 Others (請註明 Please specify) Spectacle Frames, Lens & Accessories _______________________________________ 鐘錶 Watches & Clocks _______________________________________

     _______________________________________ 家庭電器產品 Electrical Home Appliances

     消費電子產品 Consumer Electronics

    是次推廣之品牌 Brandname(s)

     展品簡介Descriptions of Exhibits

    請依據展會簡介上列明的遞交?(1) 參考用的產品目錄或相片 (2) 宣傳用的產品或形象相片。Please provide: (1) 1 set of product catalogue or product photos for reference and (2) product / image photos for publicities such as printing leaflet, online promotion, press

    release, advertising and etc. Please refer to information paper for submission format.

     / /

     Country / Region% of Total SalesCountry / Region % of Total Sales

     Asia Europe

     1. 中國內地Chinese mainland 9. 東歐Eastern Europe

     2. 香港Hong Kong 10. 斯堪的納維亞Scandinavia

     3. 日本Japan 11. 西歐Western Europe

     4. 韓國Korea Americas

     5. 中東Middle East 12. 中南美洲Central & South America

     6. 東南亞South East Asia 13. 北美洲North America

     7. 台灣Taiwan Others

     8. 其他亞洲國家Other Asian Countries 14. 非洲Africa

     15. 大洋洲Australasia

    C Special Offers D Special Offers E = B x A / B x C / A B please tick please tick B x D

     430 531 () 75 85 Total Amount (HK$) No. of Booth(s) Participation Fee / Before 30 Apr Before 31 May 15 sqm booth 25% off 15% off

     1 _______ HK$16,500* HK$18,700* _______ Standard Booth @HK$22,000*

    Raw Space** 2 _______ HK$862* HK$977* _______ @HK$1,150/sqm**


    * 所有優惠資料請詳見活動簡介所有於61日或以後遞交的參展表格,將按標準價收費。 Please refer to the fact sheet of the activity

    for the discount offers. All applications received on or after 1 June 2009 will adhere to the standard price. ** 展覽光地面積以15平方米為單位及不可少於45平方米Raw Space must be taken in multiples of 15m? with a minimum of 45m?.

    光地租金不包括電費 Participation Fee of Raw space is exclusive electricity fare and furniture

    (光地搭建設計圖須交本局批核 Design layout plan must be submitted for the Councils approval)

    參展商可申請中小企市場推廣基金,最高資助額項目總費用的50%5。詳情請瀏覽 Successful applicants for this fair are eligible for applying the SME Export Marketing Fund sponsored by the HKSAR Governmen. The maximum amount of grant for each successful application will be 50% of the total approved expenditures incurred by the applicant or $50,000. For more details, please visit

    參展費(全費) 應以支票支付,支票抬頭請註明「香港貿易發展局」。

    Participation fee (in full payment) should be payable by cheque and addressed to “Hong Kong Trade Development Council”.

We (Name of Company)

    hereby apply to participate in the Exhibition. We understand that the Participation Fee is non-refundable and agree to be bound by the provisions of all documents forming part of the Application Form, including but not limited to, the attached Conditions of Participation. We hereby declare that the information given in the application form is true and correct to the best of our knowledge. We understand that any false or misleading information given by us to you will lead to the rejection of our right to participate in the Exhibition. We understand that above information will be included into the Council’s databank and the Council can make use of our information for

    trade promotion purposes.

    Date 日期 Company Stamp & Authorized Signature


    Full Name of Authorized Signature 負責人姓名 Position Held 職位


1. DEFINITIONS Council does not warrant or represent that it will be able to procure any such Participant on demand and may offset any amount held by it on behalf facilities or services. If the Council is unable to procure the requested of the Participant against such payment. In these Conditions of Participation and the Application Form, save as the facilities or services, it will as soon as practicable inform the Participant and context otherwise requires: will refund to the Participant any amount received by it in relation to such 8. PUBLICITY "Applicant" means the company named in Section A of the Application requested facilities or services. The Council will arrange for such publicity for the Exhibition as it shall in its Form. (j) The Council accepts no liabilities and gives no warranties or absolute discretion deem fit. No Participant, Delegate or other officer, "Application" means the application by the Applicant to participate in the representations in respect of the quality, standard, fitness for any representative, agent or employee of the Participant shall give or cause to Hong Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition, made by submitting the Application purpose, timing of the provision or otherwise of any of the facilities or be given any interview, public announcement, press statement or any other Form together with all necessary payments to the Council. services provided by the Council at the Participant's request. publicity whatsoever in relation to the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition. "Application Form" means the application form to which these conditions (k) The Council shall have discretion to deduct from the deposit paid for are annexed. 9. INFORMATION Optional Participation Expenses under paragraph 3(b) against any "Booth" means a booth in the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition which losses or expenses incurred by it by reason of the failure of the (a) During the Exhibition the Delegate shall provide the Council with such the Council licenses the Participant to use for the duration of the Exhibition. Participant to comply with the Conditions of supplying false or information as to the business results of the Participant in the misleading information to the Council. "Conditions" means these Conditions of Participation as amended by the Exhibition as the Project Manager may from time to time request. Council from time to time. Such information will not be divulged to third parties without the (l) The Participant shall reimburse the Council of all Optional Participation Participant's approval, save in relation to collective figures in respect of Expenses paid on its behalf. If, in the opinion of the Council, the "Council" means the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. all or a majority of the persons or companies participating in the deposit paid for Optional Participation Expenses under paragraph 3(b) "Delegate(s)" means the individual(s) named in Section E of the Exhibition. is or will likely be insufficient to pay for all the actual expenses to be Application Form who is/are nominated by the Participant to attend and incurred by the Council, the Council may at any time request an (b) At the conclusion of the Exhibition the Delegates shall complete represent it at the Exhibition. additional amount to be paid by the Participant which, in the opinion of questionnaires on the activities performed and the business carried out "Executive Director" means the Executive Director appointed by the the Council, is sufficient to pay for such actual expenses. The by the Participant during the Exhibition for the information of and Council from time to time; Participant shall, within 5 days of receiving such request, pay the further action by the Council. "Exhibition" means the fair or exhibition named in the Application Form. requested amount to the Council. "Hong Kong" means the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the 10. TERMINATION OF RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE 4. SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNTS People's Republic of China. (a) Without prejudice to the Council's other rights and remedies, the (a) The Council will issue a statement of account to the Participant setting "Hong Kong Pavilion" means the pavilion organised by the Council to Council has the right to terminate forthwith by notice the Participant's out the actual cost of the provision of any additional facilities and accommodate all participants, which will be built on a specified location right to participate in the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition on or services, the amount of deposit paid for Optional Participation assigned by the fair/exhibition organiser; following the occurrence of any of the following events:- Expenses and the balance due to the Council (where the actual cost "Initial Deposit" means an amount equal to 40% of the Participation Fee i. if the Participant or any of its Delegates, officers, representatives, exceeds the deposit) or the amount of refund to the Participant (where expressed as item C of Section I of the Application Form and where agents or employees commits a breach of any of the Conditions; the actual cost is less than the deposit). applicable, the shipping deposit expressed as item E of Section I of the ii. if the Participant, being a body corporate, enters into liquidation Application Form. (b) The Participant shall pay to the Council the amount due to the Council whether compulsorily or voluntarily or compounds with its creditors as shown on the statement of account within 14 days of its receipt. A "Optional Participation Expenses" means the amount payable by each or has a receiver appointed over all or any part of its assets or if the surcharge of 2% per month will be imposed on any outstanding Participant for additional facilities and services such as shipment of Participant, being a sole proprietorship or partnership, becomes or amounts after the due date for payment. samples, extra stand facilities and interpreters, provided by the Council at one of its members becomes bankrupt or insolvent or enters into its request, which amount shall be determined by the Council. (c) The Council will refund the amount to be refunded to the Participant as any arrangements with its creditors; shown on the statement of account on delivering the statement of "Participant" means the Applicant after its Application has been accepted iii. if the Executive Director in his absolute discretion decides that such account to the Participant. by the Council. right shall be terminated. (d) The Council reserves the right to offset any balance to be refunded to "Participation Fee" means the amount payable by the Participant to the (b) The Participant's right to participate in the Hong Kong Pavilion at the the Applicant/Participant against any outstanding liabilities due by the Council for the right to participate in the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition shall automatically terminate in the event that all its latter to the Council in relation to their participation in the Council's Exhibition, as specified in Section I of the Application Form. Delegates are refused entry visa or entry permit to the country or place other activities. where the Exhibition shall be held by any competent authorities. "Products" means the goods described in Section G of the Application (e) No interest will be payable by the Council in respect of any refund Form and which the Council agrees to accept for exhibiting at the Booth (c) In the event that the Participant's right to participate in the Hong Kong amounts to the Applicant/Participant. during the Exhibition. Pavilion at the Exhibition is terminated, any expenses incurred by the Council for and on behalf of the Participant prior to such termination "Project Manager" means the project manager for the Hong Kong Pavilion 5. BOOTH and all other expenses reasonably incurred by the Council as a at the Exhibition appointed by the Council. (a) The Council will in its absolute discretion allocate 1 Booth to the consequence of such termination shall be paid on demand by the "Publicity Material" means all and any promotional gifts, catalogues, Participant by way of a licence for the exhibition of its Products. The Participant to the Council. pamphlets, advertising and publicity material whatsoever which the Participant shall have no claims whatsoever against the Council in Participant wishes to display, distribute or use at or for the purpose of the respect of any loss or damage suffered by the Participant and/or its 11. CANCELLATION Exhibition. officers, representatives, agents and employees (including without The Council reserves the right to cancel the Hong Kong Pavilion at the "Related Companies" in respect of the Applicant or Participant means its limitation any loss or damage arising from any liability incurred to third Exhibition at any time without incurring any liability whatsoever to the holding companies, subsidiaries and subsidiaries of its holding companies. party) howsoever caused by the location, construction or material of Participant and its Delegates if circumstances outside the control of the the Booth allocated to it unless such loss or damage involves death or Council (including but not limited to war, embargo, civil unrest, legal 2. ACCEPTANCE personal injury resulting from the negligence of the Council. proceedings or government regulations) make it in the sole opinion of (a) The Applicant must be a Hong Kong entity with a valid Hong Kong (b) The Participant shall not assign its licence to occupy the Booth or part the Council (which opinion shall be conclusive) impossible, impractical business registration certificate with substantial operations in Hong with the possession of or permit any third party to occupy the Booth or or undesirable for the Council to participate in or hold the Exhibition. Kong. any part thereof regardless of the relationship between the third party and the Participant. (b) The Executive Director, on behalf of the Council, may in his absolute 12. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY discretion accept or reject the Application. (c) In the interests of maintaining a high standard of presentation at the (a) The Council shall not be liable for any loss, damage or personal injury Exhibition and a favourable image of Hong Kong as a whole, the (c) The Applicant represents and warrants that none of its Related howsoever suffered by or caused to the Participant or its Delegates, Project Manager may in his absolute discretion require the Participant Companies, associates, or persons or companies that are effectively officers, representatives, agents, employees or any third party, or its to withdraw or alter in any way the presentation of any Products or under its control has applied to participate in the Hong Kong Pavilion at Products or other property in the course of or in relation to the Publicity Material. the Exhibition. The Council has an absolute discretion to reject the Exhibition, unless such loss, damage or personal injury shall be Application or withdraw its acceptance of the Application if the caused by any breach by the Council or its employees of the (d) No alteration or addition to the Booth or its fittings may be made by or Applicant shall have breached this warranty and representation. Conditions. on behalf of the Participant without the prior permission of the Project Manager. (b) The Council assumes no responsibilities for any introduction or 3. PAYMENT transaction made between the Participant and any third party during or (e) The Participant must not obstruct or cause to be obstructed any as a result of the Exhibition. (a) Upon submission of its Application, the Applicant shall pay to the Council entrances to or passage to or passage ways in the Exhibition. such amounts and in such manner as set out in Section I of the Application (c) The Participant shall be responsible for effecting all insurance Form. 6. PARTICIPATION IN THE EXHIBITION coverage necessary in connection with its participation in the Hong (b) If the Applicant has requested for additional facilities and services in Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition including but not limited to insurance in (a) The Participant must be represented at the Exhibition by at least 1 accordance with Section I of the Application Form, it shall further pay to the respect of the Products, its other property and its Delegates (including Delegate. Council upon submission of its written request for such services and travel and medical insurance). (b) Any Delegate nominated to represent the Participant at the Exhibition facilities: (d) The Participant undertakes to indemnify and at all times hereafter to must be a senior executive of the Participant. i. such amount as the Council considers appropriate as deposit for the keep indemnified the Council from and against all liabilities, actions, (c) The Participant shall ensure that :- Optional Participation Expenses if such request is made prior to the proceedings, claims, damages, costs and expenses whatsoever which i. at least one Delegate shall be in attendance at its Booth at all times commencement of the Exhibition; and it may suffer or incur by reason of or in relation to any act, omission or when the Exhibition is open to visitors; default by the Participant or its Delegates, officers, representatives, ii. the full amount of the Optional Participation Expenses if such request is ii. each of its Delegates shall be fully conversant with the Products agents and employees in the course of or in relation to the Exhibition. made on-the-spot during the Exhibition (see paragraph 3(e) below). and shall be duly authorised to negotiate and conclude contracts (c) If the Application is rejected, the Council will within 30 days of the date for the sale of the Products; 13. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION of notice of rejection refund to the Applicant all amounts received by it iii. its Delegates shall comply with the Conditions and with all The Participant shall not disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person from the Applicant pursuant to paragraphs 3(a) and 3(b) above without directions which the Project Manager may from time to time give in or otherwise make use of or permit to be made use of any information interest. connection with any matter appertaining to the Exhibition. relating to the business or affairs of the Council or other participants in (d) When the Application is accepted by the Council, the Applicant will become the Exhibition which has been acquired by reason of the Participant's (d) The Council reserves the right in its absolute discretion and without a Participant. If it subsequently wishes to withdraw its participation, it may participation in Hong Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition. giving any reasons to require the Participant to replace any of its do so by notice in writing to the Council whereupon the Participation Fee will Delegates forthwith. be forfeited by the Council. All Optional Participation Expenses paid by the 14. WAIVER Participant for the optional and additional facilities and services will be (e) The Participant shall use its best endeavours to uphold the reputation No failure or delay by the Council in exercising or enforcing any right or of the Council and to promote the success of the Hong Kong Pavilion refunded to the Participant within 30 days of the date of notice of withdrawal power hereunder shall operate or be construed or operated as a waiver at the Exhibition. of its participation provided these expenses have not been incurred by or on thereof. No waiver of any breach shall be construed as a waiver of any behalf of the Participant. (f) The Participant shall abide by the regulations contained in the official continuing or subsequent breach. application form submitted to the organisers of the Exhibition by the (e) The Participant may request for additional facilities and services on-the-spot Council on behalf of the Participant. Such regulations are deemed to during the Exhibition but all fees in relation to such request must be paid in 15. NOTICE be an integral part of the Conditions. full by the Delegates before the additional facilities and services are provided (a) Every notice or demand shall be in writing but may be given or made by the Council or its contractor. All such requests must be made in writing by post, cable, telex or fax. to the Council directly. 7. PRODUCTS (b) Every notice or demand to be given by the Council may be sent to the (f) i. If the Participant requests the Council or its recommended travel agent (a) The Council shall have an absolute discretion to accept or reject any of address of the Participant stated in its Application Form. Every notice (the "Agent") to reserve hotel accommodation for its Delegates, the the Participant's products for exhibiting in the Hong Kong Pavilion at to be given by the Participant to the Council shall be sent to the offices Participant shall pay to the Council or the Agent such amount as the the Exhibition. of the Council at 38th Floor, Office Tower, Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Council or the Agent may deem appropriate as deposit which shall be at (b) The Participant may only exhibit Products which are manufactured in Road, Hong Kong. least equal to the first night's accommodation charges at the hotel. The Hong Kong or made by Hong Kong entities. Council or the Agent will endeavour to reserve accommodation in its (c) Every notice or demand shall be deemed to have been received in the (c) The Participant warrants that the Products and the packaging thereof name for the Delegates and on reserving the accommodation, pay to case of a telex, or fax, at the time of despatch, and in the case of a do not in any way whatsoever violate any third party rights including the hotel the amount which it has received from the Participant. letter three days after the posting of the same by prepaid post. without limitation trade marks, copyrights, designs, names and patents ii. The Delegates shall settle with the hotel directly the balance in full of all whether registered or otherwise. 16. GENERAL charges incurred by them at the hotel when they check out from the (d) The Participant undertakes not to display anything which is unlawful, in hotel. (a) Nothing in the Application Form or the Conditions shall create or be breach of any person's intellectual property, harmful, threatening, deemed to create a partnership or the relationship of principal and iii. The Participant shall indemnify the Council against all liabilities incurred violent, offensive, defamatory, libelous, scandalous, seditious, vulgar, agent or employer and employee between the Council and the by its Delegates in connection with the hotel and shall on demand pay to obscene, indecent, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, racially, Participant. the Council immediately all amounts claimed by the hotel against the ethnically or otherwise objectionable. Council in respect thereof. (b) The Application Form and the Conditions embody and set out the (e) The Participant warrants that the Products and the packaging thereof entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersede all (g) i. In no case will action be taken by the Council until and unless the do not in any way whatsoever violate any applicable laws, rules and prior oral or written agreements, understandings or arrangements respective amounts payable pursuant to this paragraph 3 and Section I regulations of the importing countries. between the Council and the Applicant relating to the Exhibition. of the Application Form have been paid to the Council. (f) The Participant shall be solely responsible for and shall settle all ii. If the Council requests any additional amount to be paid by the expenses and liabilities incurred by it in relation to its participation in 17. GOVERNING LAW Applicant/Participant, no further action will be taken by the Council until the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Exhibition including without limitation all The Application Form and the Conditions shall be governed by and and unless such additional amount has been paid to it. shipping and transportation charges, customs duties, handling charges construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and all and other costs and expenses arising from the shipment or any other (h) All payments by the Participant to the Council shall be made promptly the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong without any deduction, set-off or counterclaim. mode of transportation of the Products in connection with the Exhibition. Kong courts.If the Council pays any of such charges, duties, costs or expenses on (i) All requests by the Participant for any additional facilities and services are behalf of the Participant it shall be entitled to reimbursement from the subject to the Council's ability to procure such facilities and services. The

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