Employability Skills Checklist

By Monica Ellis,2014-08-12 09:38
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Employability Skills Checklist ...

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    Employability Skills Checklist

    Just how employable are YOU?

    Rate the following areas:

     ; Time and Space ; Social Competence ; Physical Characteristics ; Work

    Time/Space Social Competence Attendance Response to Supervision

    ___Is compliant; eagerly follows through; asks questions or makes appropriate ___Misses less than 3 days per quarter

    suggestions ___Misses 4-5 days per quarter

    ___Is usually compliant; does not challenge supervisor ___Misses 6-7 days per quarter

    ___Occasionally challenges supervisor, but otherwise follows through ___Misses 8-9 days per quarter

    ___Does not comply promptly or shows verbal/body opposition


    Attitude ___Reports to work on time in morning and after lunch

    ___Is cheerful, even tempered and eager to work; rarely complains ___Is late 1-2 times per week

    ___Is usually eager to work ___Is late 3-4 times per week

    ___Is easily moody or complains

     Time Awareness

    Communication ___Notifies supervisor of planned absence or lateness

    ___Freely expresses thoughts and needs ___Uses clock to remain on schedule

    ___Expresses thoughts and needs with prompts (tells time to the ________ hour)

    ___Experiences difficulty expressing thoughts and needs ___Has some difficulty with telling time

    Social Interactions Work Environment

    ___Frequently initiates social interactions ___Is able to find way around immediate work environment

    ___Occasionally initiates social interactions ___Is able to find way around most of work environment

    ___Occasionally interacts with others ___Is able to find way around entire work environment

    ___Rarely interacts with others, or interacts inappropriately

    Physical Characteristics Work-Related Behavior Appearance ___Exhibits socially appropriate behavior for a variety of settings

    ___Is clean, neat and appropriately dressed ____Exhibits socially appropriate behavior for a work setting

    ___Is clean and neat, but clothes not always appropriate ___Frequently exhibits appropriate social behavior; rarely disruptive

    ___Is unkempt (hair uncombed, clothes in disarray) ___Occasionally exhibits disruptive behavior

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    TransCen, Inc.

     Work Performance

    Reinforcement Needs Initiation

    ___Requires infrequent feedback; works independently ___Seeks out work as needed without needing to be asked

    ___Requires intermittent feedback ___Will do extra work if asked; asks questions to clarify

    ___Requires frequent feedback ___Completes duties as assigned without prompting

    ___Requires constant feedback ___Needs prompts to move to next task assignment


    Adapting to Change ___Exhibits safety awareness in work environment

    ___Adapts to change easily ___Exhibits safety awareness in immediate work environment , no prompts

    ___Adapts to change with some difficulty; requires guidance ___Exhibits safety awareness with prompts

    ___Adapts to change with great difficulty; exhibits resistant behavior ___Exhibits no safety awareness

    ___Requires a rigid routine Ability to Follow Verbal Directions

     ___Can follow multi-step verbal directions without reminders

    Response to Stress ___Can follow multi-step verbal directions with reminders

    ___Can work under pressure without visible adverse reactions ___Is able to perform 2-3 step tasks without reminders (repetition)

    ___Expresses feelings of stress but follows through ___Is able to perform 2-3 step verbal tasks with reminders

    ___Has visible difficulty working when under pressure ___Works best with routine, repetitive verbal directions (1 step)

    Quality of Work Attention to Task

    ___Makes some mistakes; independently spotted and corrected ___Can stay on task without constant supervision; is self motivated

    ___Makes some mistakes which need to be pointed out ___Can stay on task with intermittent supervision

    ___Displays inconsistent quality; often spots errors ___Works best when supervisor is present

    ___Displays inconsistent quality; usually does not spot errors ___Stays at work area but needs prompts to say on task

    Comments:/Follow-up ___Frequently leaves work area or is easily distracted

    Task Perseverance

     ___Is able to work continually over one hour

     ___Is able to work continually up to one hour

    ___Is able to work continually up to one half hour

     ___Is able to work continually up to 15 minutes


    Signatures (if appropriate) Work Speed

     ___Exhibits above average speed as compared to peers or other workers

     ___Exhibits average, consistent speed , same as peers or other workers

    ___Exhibits slow, but consistent speed

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