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    Media release

    Manipal Cure and Care introduce unique Phyto placenta based skin

    care brand Living Proof? Harley Street, London in India

    ** The latest technology adapted from leading beauty centers of UK and France now

    available in India

    *** MCC to appoint franchisees experienced with high-end cosmetic brands

     thBangalore, 30 Nov 2007: Manipal Cure and Care, India‟s first health and wellness retail

    chain, today launched a unique Dermaceuticals range of Phyto (plant) placenta based skin

    care products under the brand name Living Proof? Harley Street, London in India.

    Distributed by ConsuCare, a renowned Malaysian company specializing in superior quality dermatological products, these products have been developed especially for Indian skin

    types and include Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers, Whitening complex, Anti-wrinkle gels,

    Brightening masks and Shower scrubs.

Living Proof, which is based on the philosophy of building up from the very basic of skin cells

    and a tag line - “Cell Care before Skin Care” is a brand originally developed by doctors and

    skin care professionals with latest Phyto placenta technology. Living Proof uses the medical

    science of „GEMMOTHERAPY‟ extracting actives from seeds and buds (the real embryos of plant life) to treat the human skin. Their usage will be advised by Manipal‟s beauty

    consultants, trained to give complete skincare advice on how to re-energize tired cells and

    kick-start renewal and growth.

Living Proof products promise renewed cell growth for softer and younger looking skin. They

    help cells recover the vitality of their adolescent years. Research proves that it improves skin

    moisturisation by 30%, cell renewal/oxygenation by 71% [Gattefosse, France] and 10%

    reduction of wrinkles [Advancel, Spain]. The products are manufactured in Malaysia with

    European formulation and imported ingredients but Asianised.

Elaborating on Living Proof brand, Mr. T H Loh, Managing Director, ConsuCare,

    Malaysia said, The Living Proof active ingredients are clinically tested in European

    laboratories and have documentation to prove they work. Being the starting point of the plant

    life cycle, seeds contain all the components necessary for the development of living tissues

    and it works at the basal (mother) cell level.

He further added, We were looking for an opportunity to enter Indian market and are glad

    that MCC and Consucare share a similar philosophy. The Living Proof range comprises

    premium quality dermatological products, well researched on Asian skin types.”

Mr. Somnath Das, Chief Operating Officer, Manipal Cure and Care said, “Ahmedabad

    and Bangalore are amongst fastest growing lifestyle markets in India. Our guests are aware

    of international cosmetic brands and are willing to pay a little extra for top brands of Europe

    that are quality-assured by Manipal Cure and Care. The use of Phyto-placenta makes Living

    Proof extremely safe and three times more effective as compared to other cosmetic products

    that use animal placenta. We promise to launch unique products for the Indian market every

    90 days. We are glad that ConsuCare decided to partner with us to launch a range that is

    exclusively meant for Indian skin types.

Prabhakumar B G, International Procurement Head, Manipal Cure and Care and former

    Deputy Drug Controller of Karnataka, said “With a view to ensure that products of quality are procured from overseas, various quality assurance issues are looked into before the

    products are imported. We are MCC look at important quality assurance parameters like

    compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP], product safety, and Indian regulatory


There are 11 OTC products and 3 clinical products that will be launched in the initial stage

    and will be priced from Rs. 180 for a moisturiser to Rs. 470 for Time Defense gel.

For more information

For business enquiry please contact:

Mr. Ganga Raju B V

    +91 99458 25226

Issued for and on behalf of Manipal Cure and Care by:

Rajesh Pandey, Image Matters: +91 98808 75878


    Manipal Cure and Care is an initiative of Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG). Founded by the late Padmashree Dr. T.M.A. Pai in 1953, Manipal Education and Medical Group today stands tall with an enviable track record of success in the spheres of Healthcare, Education and Research nationally and internationally. Its operations are spread across India, Middle East and several Southeast Asian countries.

    The integrated Manipal Cure and Care (MCC) centres offer a mix of world-class products and services in preventive, wellness and beauty care. They are the first in India to provide qualitative monitoring of healthcare driven by well trained doctors and paramedical staff. They offer health services that are customized based on each individual‟s lifestyle and family

    medical history.

    Manipal Cure and Care builds on the experience, know-how and socially-beneficial vision of the Manipal Education and Medical Group itself. This pioneering venture introduces to India the concept of holistic Health and Wellness care in a retail format, providing superior clinical services with related product offerings, all under one roof!

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