Spa Products

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Spa Products

     Spa Products Facial Products Peppermint Foot Crystals $ 12 Normal/Oily Collection: Infused with Tea Tree Lip Care (approx. 0.2 oz.) Peppermint Foot Butter $ 15 essential oil, balances skin without drying it out. Vitamin E Lip Balm $ 4 Peppermint Foot Scrub $ 17 Tea Tree Facial Bar $ 8 Grapefruit & Mint Lip Balm $ 4 Peppermint Foot Spa Kit $ 43 Tea Tree Cleansing Cream $ 16 Tea Tree Lip Balm $ 5 Mango Apricot Hand & Body Scrub $ 17 Tea Tree Complexion Scrub $ 16 Mango Skin Therapy Cream $ 15 Tea Tree Toning Mist $ 16 Essential Oils (1 oz.) Healthy Hands Set $ 31 Tea Tree Facial Moisturizer $ 16 Bulgarian Lavender Oil $ 15 Organic Hemp Body Cream $ 15 Tea Tree & Lavender Cleanser $ 16 Australian Tea Tree Oil $ 15 Shea Butter Healing Balm $ 20 Yakima Peppermint Oil $ 15 Normal/Dry Collection: Enriched with Essential Oil Set $ 42 Hand & Body Lotions (8 oz.) Chamomile & Orange Essential Oil for Healthy, Almonilla Lotion $ 13 Glowing skin. Healing Products Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Goat‟s Milk Orange/Chamomile Cleansing Cream $ 16 Serenity Massage Oil $ 16 $13.5 Orange/Chamomile Complexion Exfoliator $ 16 Sleep Easy Pillow Mist $ 15 Lotus Lotion $ 14 Orange/Chamomile Toning Mist $ 16 Shea Butter Healing Balm $ 20 Zen Tea Lotion $ 14 Orange/Chamomile Facial Moisturizer $ 16 Simply Lavender Lotion $ 12 Gentle Face Wash $ 16 Baby Products Purely Lotion $ 12 Calendula-n-Honey Baby Bar $ 7 Sensitive Collection: Specially designed for Calendula-n-Honey Baby Wash $ 13 sensitive skin, Passion Flower soothes & heals Handcrafted Soaps (approx. 5 oz.) Calendula-n-Honey Baby Oil $ 15 irritated skin. Peppermint Soap $ 6.5 Calendula-n-Honey Baby Lotion $ 13 Passion Flower Cleansing Cream $ 16 Yemeri Soap $ 6.5 Baby Cream $ 15 Passion Flower Gentle Facial Exfoliator $ 16 Simply Lavender Soap $ 6.5 Calendula-n-Honey Gift Set $ 41 Passion Flower Toning Mist $ 16 Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Goat‟s Soap $ 7.5 Passion Flower Facial Moisturizer $ 16 Rosemary Mint Body (& Shampoo) Bar $ 8 Natural Pine Soap Dish $ 3 Home Products Basic Collections: Sleep Easy Pillow Mist $ 15 Incl: Cleansing Cream, Toning Mist, Facial Bath Care (8 oz.) Daisy Breeze Laundry Soap $ 17 Moisturizer, Cleanser Almonilla AfterBath Oil $ 13 With 1oz. cup $ 19 Tea Tree (Normal/Oily) $ 59 Simply Lavender AfterBath Oil $ 13 Daisy Breeze Linen Mist $ 15 Orange/Chamomile (Normal/Dry) $ 59 Vitamin E Body Oil $ 15 Passion Flower (Sensitive) $ 59 Silk Shave Cream $ 14 Deluxe Collections: Hair Care (8oz) Incl: Cleansing Cream, Complexion Scrub, Rosemary Mint Shampoo (N/O) $ 15 Toning Mist, Facial Moisturizer, Cleanser & Rosemary Mint Conditioner $ 15 Fruit Enzyme Mask White Tea Shampoo (N/D) $ 15 Tea Tree (Normal/Oily) $ 79 White Tea Conditioner $ 15 Orange/Chamomile (Normal/Dry) $ 79 R/M or W/T Set $ 28 Passion Flower (Sensitive) $ 79

     Extended Care

     Essential Fruit Enzyme Mask $ 19

     Rejuvenate Cream with Chardonnay $ 28

     Want to earn FREE Daisy Blue Naturals Products? Host a Daisy Blue Naturals Spa Night! Your friends and family will rave about the good time they had at your party. And they‟ll definitely thank What is Natural? you for introducing them to Daisy Blue Naturals. We can‟t think of a better excuse for an evening of In a society where the word „natural‟ fun and new experiences. Invite your neighbors, co- workers, friends, and family. Your guests will relax sells, you must learn how to tell the and share in the soothing and stimulating scents of Daisy Blue Naturals‟ soaps, oils and lotions. Your difference between products made spa night is the perfect chance for them to test, learn with Nature‟s ingredients and those and find favorite products. making claims of being „natural.‟ To show our appreciation, you‟ll receive a thank you Labels may tell you what is in the “Experience Nature” gift from your Daisy Blue Naturals Consultant. Plus, products, but they will not tell you earn additional rewards based on the outcome of your party! which ingredients are truly natural. Many ingredients found in soaps and Receive Free Products

    skin care products like petroleum and Earn $10 in free product for every $100 in sales from

    your party. Plus with only $100 in sales receive 3 -sulfates are not naturally derived. 2oz lotions as a Thank you from Daisy Blue Naturals. 2007 Product Guide

    Gift Certificates Natural Skin Care Products You do not have to be a chemist to For every party booked at yours, you will receive a $5 gift certificate to use at their party toward any item know how to spot suspect ingredients. in the catalog. By reading labels carefully, you can

     become an educated consumer. Hostess Bonus In addition, you qualify for the Host Bonus program: Natural ingredients like shea butter Joanna Bakken If total party sales/bookings reach You receive and vegetable glycerin help your skin $300 plus 1 party booking 75% off 1 item Independent Consultant retain elasticity and moisture. $300 plus 2 party bookings, or

    (503) 252 -9061 $600 plus 1 party booking 75% off 2 items $300 plus 3 party bookings, or $900 plus 1 booking 75% off 3 items Remember, a healthy body begins with a healthy mind. Educate yourself Plus Monthly Hostess Specials that average $40-60 about the benefits of truly natural care (with a $300 party) We Guarantee products for you and your family. The skin you save may just be your own! No Animal Testing No Artificial Phosphates or Sulfates No Artificial Preservatives No Petrochemicals Biodegradable

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