NCAHA Challenge Series Program

By Susan Jackson,2014-06-17 20:38
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NCAHA Challenge Series Program

    NCAHA Challenge Series Program

     The Board of Directors established the NCAHA Challenge Series Program

    in 2003 for implementation in the 2004-show season. In 2005, the NCAHA Board

    voted unanimously to discontinue our Futurity Program in favor of the Challenge

    Series. In the purest sense, the NCAHA Challenge Series is a “maturity” program

    that allows horses of all ages to participate in the program.

     In further action, the NCAHA Board decided in October of 2005 to expand

    our program to include both Regional and National Championship shows for the

    2006-show season and beyond.

     Our Challenge Series is designed to give NCAHA members the opportunity

    to compete their horses against other members’ horses at a level beyond all

    existing NCAHA competition programs.


     Participation in the NCAHA Challenge Series is solely at the members’

    discretion. Member participation will be on an annual entry-fee basis.

     In order to be eligible for the program, all members who enter the program

    must be members in good standing of the NC Arabian Horse Association at the

    time the entry is made. The program is open to all members regardless of age or


     Both Purebred and Half-Arabian horses are eligible for participation and

    will compete in their respective breed categories.

     Participation by members enrolled in the program at any rated Arabian

    show or event will be recognized. After the 2006-show season, Regional and

    National shows will be included in the program. Open Breed Shows do not count

    in the Challenge Series points totals.


For rated Arabian Shows Regular Classes First Place 5 points

     Second Place 4 points

     Third Place 3 points

     Fourth Place 2 points

     Fifth Place 1 point

     Championships Champion 10 points

     Reserve Champion 8 points

     Third Place 6 points

     Fourth Place 4 points

     Fifth Place 2 points

    For Regional Championship Shows Champion 12 points

     Reserve Champion 6 points

     Top Five 4 points

    For National Championship Shows Champion 30 points

     Reserve Champion 20 points

     Top Ten 10 points

Points earned will not be effected by number of entries in a class. All points

    earned will be counted in the exact amount earned.

Points earned prior to the date of entry in the Challenge Series will not be allowed.

ENTRY FEE: $30.00 per horse, per division entered.

Horses entered in the Challenge Series may be shown either by the owners

    themselves or by their designated riders, handlers and/or drivers. However,

    payouts will be computed on the one horse/one rider rule.

PAYOUTS: The NCAHA Challenge Series program is intended to be self-funding.

    On this basis, a pool of funds will be established for each breed category based

    on the total number of entries received.

Disbursements will be made to participating members on an annual basis as to

    coincide with our Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Banquet.

Disbursements will be made by club check in the following amounts for each

    category with entries:

First Place 35% (of the total pool available)

    Second Place 25%

    Third Place 20%

    Fourth Place 10%

    Fifth Place 10%

There will be no carry forward monies from year to year. In the event that there

    are fewer than five entries in a category, the pool will be disbursed on a pro-rata

    basis according to the actual number of entries in the category.

North Carolina Arabian Horse Association

    February 2010

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