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    RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Manages one or more of the following Agency resources to maximize organizational performance and/or produce

    development results: Financial, Personnel, Contracts/Grants or Physical Assets. Leverages Agency resources to achieve Agency’s objectives.

    FS-02 (Master) FS-01 (Teacher) Sub-Skills FS-06 - FS-04 (Apprentice) FS-03 (Journey)

    Masters USAID’s budgetary cycle and Prepares accurate and timely budget Balances resource requirements for Ensures optimal resource allocation Budgeting and financial management procedures. analyses for area of responsibility. area of responsibility with those of across strategic objectives and Financial Tracks obligation, commitment and other operating units. Manages and operating units. Seeks out most cost-Management expenditure or deobligation of funds tracks budget and financial effective ways to utilize budgetary

    accurately and timely. Identifies management functions relevant to area resources. Sets standards for efficient,

    potential opportunities to leverage donor of responsibility. Provides advice on transparent financial management.

    and private sector resources. proper procedures and standards. Forges alliances and leverages

    Negotiates with other donors and resources to further the objectives of

    private sector representatives to operating unit.

    maximize contributions to common


    Participates in preparation of own work Participates in preparation of own work Establishes performance targets for Balances performance targets for Human objectives. Manages time and objectives. Works with staff in preparing unit. Allocates work optimally among operating unit with overall Mission, Resource monitors own progress toward their work requirements. Provides formal team members. Manages employee office or bureau goals. Ensures that Management accomplishing work objectives. and informal feedback on performance performance throughout the rating staffing is in line with program/Mission Prepares self-assessment and provides and potential. Completes employee cycle. Ensures that performance of size and complexity and deployed to 360 degree-feedback on team members evaluations or memoranda of team members is managed and support most critical work. Ensures as requested. Respects role of all performance in accordance with evaluated objectively. that staff is appropriately trained, categories of employees, whether local standards and deadlines. utilized, appraised and rewarded. or expatriate. Works to prevent and resolve personnel

    problems in a timely manner. Plans and assists in preparation of Prepares statements of work, training Implements strategy through judicious, Selects acquisition or assistance Procurement statements of work, training requests requests and commodity procurement timely procurement planning and instruments most likely to accomplish and Contract/ and commodity procurement requirements. Participates in execution. Leads review of proposals, strategic/work plan objectives. Ensures Grant requirements. Manages implementing contractor/bid selection. Manages bid applications and unsolicited transparency and integrity in Management partner teams and other inputs contracts, grants and other inputs with proposals. Guides contractor work procurement and contractor/grantee judiciously. Monitors compliance and minimal supervision. Monitors plans. Monitors performance, management. Cultivates relationships applies broader statutory requirements compliance with contract/grant terms. resolving complex issues as they arise. with implementing partners based on to work. Participates in resolving issues of Balances Agency, customer and partner shared objectives and mutual respect.

    performance. Assesses effect of interests to resolve issues.


    Assists in assessing needs and Assesses needs and prepares for Analyzes OE and/or program support Develops and implements systems for Asset preparing specifications for specifications for procurement of needs in order to determine specific, monitoring and evaluating effective use Management procurement. Understands and applies property. Recommends and implements real, expendable and non-expendable of physical assets. Ensures accurate accountability requirements for cost savings or efficiency measures. property acquisition requirements. preparation and timely submission of property held in USAID or Monitors utilization of program/OE Reviews and approves disposition mandatory reports. contractor/grantee custody. Reconciles property and assets. methods for excess/used property. procurement records with physical


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    LEADERSHIP: Assesses the environment and draws upon staff input to establish direction and vision for the operating unit. Builds consensus to implement vision. Motivates and empowers staff to solve problems and delegates decision making as appropriate. Takes responsibility for own professional development. Mentors and guides staff to assume increasing levels of responsibility in the organization.

    Sub-Skills FS- 06 - FS-04 (Apprentice) FS-03 (Journey) FS-02 (Master) FS-01 (Teacher)

    Plans and carries out individual work Contributes to team achievement of Leads team to achieve Agency vision Formulates vision and strategic Direction and in the context of Agency vision, Agency vision. Contributes to and goals of operating unit. Thinks management plan for operational unit Vision strategic/management objectives of formulation of strategic or management and manages strategically. Takes consistent with Agency vision and U.S.

    operating unit and assigned activities. plans. calculated risks. Develops alternate national interest. Creates a work

    vision as needed. environment that encourages innovation

    and risk-taking.

    Presents positions in non-Considers alternative solutions to Guides team through differences, Creates linkages among teams. Consensus confrontational way. Is open to views problems. Utilizes interest-based encouraging members to objectively Confronts and resolves conflict among Building of others. Acts confidently and negotiation skills to help team, partners, weigh alternatives. Encourages competing interests or priorities.

    decisively within own purview. and customers reach agreement. constructive dissent. Reaches

    Supports team consensus and moves to operational agreement. Leads

    implement it. implementation of decisions.

    Demonstrates enthusiasm for unit and Involves and motivates others to Encourages team to define problems Creates work environment where Motivation and Agency mission. Takes positive can-participate and contribute to work of and motivates members to explore assignments are interesting, challenging Empowerment do approach to work. team. Recognizes contribution of all alternative solutions. Generates and provide learning opportunities.

    team members. Delegates meaningful enthusiasm for work of the team or Inspires teams to new responsibilities

    work to subordinates. operating unit. Delegates appropriate and challenges.

    responsibilities and accountability to

    teams and team members.

    Recognizes own strengths and Identifies opportunities for professional Objectively assesses staff skill levels Creates team/office structure that Staff weaknesses. Seeks out opportunities growth for self and team members. and expertise. Identifies areas for fosters job enrichment, skill Development for training and on-the-job experience Provides constructive 360 degree-professional growth. Seeks out development and professional growth.

    to fill own skill gaps. Gives and feedback to aid in professional training and on-the-job experiences to Actively mentors staff through

    accepts feedback tactfully. development of team members. foster team members professional performance management, constructive

    development. feedback and formal and non-formal


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    TECHNICAL AND ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Blends knowledge of technical, program or administrative disciplines with knowledge of USAID values

    and business processes and applies them to the particular setting to solve problems, meet customer needs and achieve results that support Agency objectives. Remains abreast of developments in the discipline and trends in U.S. foreign policy.

    Sub-Skills FS-06 - FS-04 (Apprentice) FS-03 (Journey) FS-02 (Master) FS-01 (Teacher)

    Is conversant with development Understands development theories and is Has thorough, current knowledge of Uses in-depth knowledge of technical, Professional theories, including sectoral strategies or gaining practical experience in applying backstop. Translates technical, programmatic or administrative specialty Expertise approaches to work as well as cross-technical, programmatic or administrative programmatic or administrative coupled with broad knowledge of Agency

    cutting themes such as gender and approaches relevant to backstop to expertise in developing new strategies policies and priorities to manage for

    institutional development. Identifies conduct work. Actively seeks to gain or innovations to work. Demonstrates results. Represents organization as a

    personal skill gaps and builds knowledge to achieve expertise in full mastery of skills in backstop. professional expert. Demonstrates

    knowledge. backstop. mastery of skills and knowledge beyond

    personal backstop and actively fosters

    corporate value of continual learning.

    Is conversant with Agency core values. Applies core values in daily work. Work demonstrates internalization and Demonstrates sophisticated understanding USAID Values Learns basic goals, policies, Actively seeks opportunities to broaden mastery of Agency core values, goals, of Agency vision and values. Serves as and Business regulations and business processes and deepen knowledge of policies, policies, regulations and business role model for junior officers and Processes relevant to backstop, including regulations and business processes. processes. development partners. Suggests

    information technology. innovations in business processes or

    development practices.

    Locates and effectively analyzes data or Organizes data and information and Identifies development or administrative Identifies development or management Information information. Assesses reliability and translates into practical or policy problems and seeks information/data problems. Guides operating unit in Gathering accuracy of information. Accurately applications. Recognizes when additional relevant to their solution. Objectively gathering information, weighing Analysis, and summarizes findings and conclusions information or consultation with senior weighs input from multiple sources, alternative solutions, reaching consensus Problem verbally or in writing appropriate to officers is required. Participates in analyzes data and recommends and implementing solutions. Devises and

    audience. Is conversant with applications weighing alternatives and implementing appropriate course of action. Shares shares solutions with appropriate parties, Solving of collaborative technologies such as solutions. Shares alternatives and solutions with appropriate parties, including communities of practice. Leads includes internal virtual networks and recommended solutions with appropriate including communities of practice. and guides communities of practice in the Knowledge teleconferencing. Knows which parties, seeking guidance on information to Executes and manages solutions. formulation of policy and associated Management applications are available in the Agency. share with communities of practice. Formulates major components of overall budget decisions. Leads communities of

    Networks formally and informally into Utilizes collaborative technologies in policy. Leads communities of practice in practice networks in new applications.

    communities of practice that focus on the identifying best practices and relating one or more functional specialties. Disseminates new applications.

    technical areas and portfolio of the lessons learned in the technical area and Coordinates component policy into Synthesizes an array of information to

    officer. Participates effectively in portfolio of the officer. Leads monitoring overall policy framework. Effectively create new approaches to meet emerging

    monitoring and evaluation activities. and evaluation activities. applies lessons and best practices to challenges or policy directions.

    inform or redirect activities.

    Identifies customers, both internal and Is accessible and available to multiple Effectively balances competing customer Instills sense of customer service in Customer external. Works with more senior customers. Establishes priorities and demands. Sets priorities for self and operating unit. Plans work of unit such Service officers to prioritize work. Meets communicates rationale and time frame assists in setting priorities for operating that deadlines are met or surpassed.

    established deadlines or negotiates them clearly to customers. Overcomes unit. Uses forward planning to meet or Formulates creative approach to

    in face of constraints. constraints to meet established deadlines. beat deadlines. improving customer service.

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    TEAMWORK AND PROFESSIONALISM: Conducts self professionally, fostering an organizational environment characterized by open communication,

    cultural sensitivity and respect for divergent employee backgrounds, management styles and point of view. Inculcates respect for equal employment

    opportunity principles and ensures their uniform application in the workplace.

    Sub-Skills FS-06 - FS-04 (Apprentice) FS-03 (Journey) FS-02 (Master) FS-01 (Teacher)

    Speaks clearly and persuasively. Articulates point of view tactfully. Fosters, by example, open Conducts negotiations effectively and Communication Permits others to express views. Practices active listening. Facilitates communications among team members. diplomatically. Chairs meetings

    Writes succinctly. Produces written communications in group settings. Accurately summarizes group consensus. skillfully and expeditiously, fostering

    material within established Produces written materials that reflect Speaks effectively in public to small expression of diverse points of view.

    timeframes that are thorough and relevant views; highlights essential points groups. Represents operating unit at Represents operating unit effectively in

    factually accurate. and clearly explains essence of subject to external functions. Writes persuasively. public fora. Ensures that policy and

    intended audience. Ensures that written products clearly link operational issues are written in ways

    subject to USAID/USG policy and most helpful to decision-makers.


    Holds self accountable for duties and Is self-motivated and reliable. Publicly Deals effectively with pressure and Sets highest standards of advancing Professional responsibilities. Is dependable and supports team, unit or organizational encourages others to perservere in Agency’s goals. Ensures that operating Conduct conscientious. Conducts self in an positions, even when disagreeing with trying circumstances. Works unit conducts business transparently

    ethical manner. Is relied on by them. Evinces growing understanding of effectively independently and as part of and impartially. Behavior exemplifies

    colleagues, team members and ethics regulations. a team to achieve goals. Behavior impeccable ethical standards and

    superiors to meet work requirements exemplifies ethical standards. coaches subordinate(s).

    and deadlines.

    Accepts the constancy of change and Enthusiastically takes on new tasks and Guides staff to respond quickly and Anticipates and manages change Adaptability and adapts behavior and work methods performs them effectively. Pays particular appropriately to new opportunities and effectively. Develops programmatic, Flexibility accordingly. Demonstrates aptitude attention to teaching less experienced risks, changing conditions or operational or procedural tools and

    to work effectively in overseas members and ensuring that staff in different unexpected obstacles. Volunteers to methodologies to confront new

    environment. Volunteers for employment categories participates fully. help others achieve organizational challenges. Works with external

    activities outside of team. Adjusts quickly and demonstrates versatility goals working outside of operating partners to achieve organizational goals.

    to new work environment and unit.


    Seeks information and opportunities to Actively assists team members Effectively leads team with different Cultivates cultural diversity in Cultural learn about different cultures, customs, understand the value of differing cultural customs, mores, and beliefs. operating unit. Builds team based on Sensitivity and beliefs and the perspectives of partners. perspectives in carrying out the work of Demonstrates sensitivity to individual diversity of experience and skills. Respect for Demonstrates an appreciation for the the team. Assists local employees to and cultural differences and values Takes full advantage of diverse Diversity views of others in the team context. understand U.S. culture and ensures that diversity of views and competencies. perspectives and skills and customer

    Has a working understanding of the local cultural norms are taken into input. Counsels team members,

    importance of gender in the workplace consideration in defining activities and assisting them to develop an

    and development. results to be produced by the team. appreciation for the value of diversity.

    Demonstrates thorough knowledge Treats all people fairly and without Supports and implements fair Ensures by example and instruction and Diversity, Equal of Equal Employment Opportunity regard to race, color, gender, religion, personnel practices, which foster an verifies through monitoring and follow-Employment (EEO) policies and their application ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, any inclusive, non-discriminatory work up, that all employees are treated in a fair Opportunity to the USAID workplace. other factors unrelated to job environment. manner. Applies EEO merit principles Knowledge and performance. consistently and applies them to all

    workforce categories. Implementation

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