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stroke tender - Staffordshire LINk ...

Tender Outline for LINk Stroke Services project


    Title Tender to support Staffordshire LINk to progress identified priority area Stroke Services

Awarding Authority Staffordshire LINk

Purpose Staffordshire LINk has identified Stroke Services as a priority

    area within its plan of work. The LINk would like to better understand current issues in relation to stroke services across the Staffordshire area and to progress a project that would enable a patient and public viewpoint to influence how services are planned, commissioned and delivered in the future. To do this it is seeking additional support from suitably qualified organisations that are in a position to help explore the remit and scope of the project. Background Staffordshire LINk is a developing network of individuals and groups from across the County. The LINk has statutory powers to enable it to effectively monitor and influence local services. The LINk works with and on behalf of the people of Staffordshire.

    Requirements We are seeking expressions of interest from local

    organisations to:

    ; Identify existing information that identifies local health needs in

    relation to stroke. In particular seek out any information

    regarding variations in need across different geographic areas

    or sectors of the population and different stages of the disease

    ; Identify existing information which identifies patient/public

    experience or concerns in relation to stroke services in

    Staffordshire, including barriers in access to services or gaps in

    service (e.g. analysis of complaints information or issues raised

    with PALS, information from local VCS orgs and relevant

    national information)

    ; Examine any information that identifies performance or progress

    in Staffordshire against national standards or best practice

    ; Seek the views of local NHS commissioners and VCS

    organisations and groups on the key issues in Staffordshire in

    relation to stroke

    ; Engage with the wider community where appropriate to

    understand specific issues or test known areas of concern in

    relation to stroke services in Staffordshire

    ; Identify any plans for investment, efficiency, service

    development or reconfiguration

    ; Report on findings and propose where the LINk might best focus

    its attention in seeking the involvement of local people in

    influencing services developments and/or highlighting areas for


    ; Propose the methodology by which this work might be taken

Tender Outline for LINk Stroke Services project



Timescales and contract period - We would envisage the contract taking

    place over a 6 week period and would hope for this to commence as soon as practicable. Project milestones will be established at the beginning of the contract.

Skills and Experience

The organisation procured will be expected to:

    ; Have an understanding be sensitive to how LINks work and how they

    are accountable to the people of Staffordshire

    ; A good understanding of the local health and social care economy

    ; The ability to identify and access appropriate information and people to

    meet the needs set out above in relation to stroke services

Tendering Information

     thThe deadline for responses is February 26. Tenders to arrive by email.

    You will be notified by email of receipt and notified of any outcome by March th5

    We anticipate the project to commence as soon as possible and no later than thMarch 15 thWe anticipate the conclusion and report to be submitted on April 26

Format of bids

    Tenderers should present their proposals in the following format:

    ; Organisation name

    ; Suitability to carry out the project

    ; Propose how they would meet the requirements set out above

    ; Set out how the skills and experience will be met

    ; Propose the individual/s who will carry out the work with a CV or


    ; Show how the contract will be managed internally

    ; Cost of proposal

    ; Any additional costs

    ; Preferred payment terms

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