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    (Maintain) (repair & prevent) PRODUCTS Brown Sugar Peppermint Detox Bath 20’s line (skinlogics) 20’s skin serum Eye shadows Sugar Green Tea Masque 30’s line (gold) 20’s EyeXcel crème Lipsticks Margarita Cucumber Eye Pads 40’s line (platinum) 30’s gold skin serum Foundation Mineral Lip Apeel 50+ line (plat plus) 30’s gold eye crème Primers Therma Del Sol (Italy) Herbal Hydrating Mist All Clear (acne) 40+ plat. Skin serum Shadow CC Luxuries of the Sea Show of Hands Set Skin Equations (sens) 40+ Plat Eye crème Mascara Save Your Sole (feet) (includes lotion & scrub) Men’s Skin Care 50+ night crème Eye Liners Herbal Serenity (hands) Cuticle Salve or Oil Pen Retinol Eye Capsules Bronzers Herbal Serenity (body) Body Glue Cell Block C SPF Hide the Shine Spa Escapes (island) Herb. Serenity Ft Crm SPECIAL ACNE Microderm Abrasion Eye Makeup line PRODUCTS w. Cell C PM Remover Mens Body Line Save Sole Salve Acne Spot Treatment Plat eye Patches Lip Primer Damaged Hair Line Margarita Ft Crème Acne Body Wash Retinol for Face Wrinkle Defl Thickening Hair Line Sulfur Acne Masque Chemical Peel Lip Glosses

     BODY PRODUCTS Overnight Acne Crm Botox in Bottle Blush

     Microderm Abrasion body Foam Acne Treatmt Lip Wrinkle treatmt Eyebrow Pencl

     Cellulite/Stretch Mark crm Blemish Concealer Vit C Face Serum

     SPF for Body

    FACE STATION FUN / SPA DIVA / WHY FEET & LEG STATION SPA DIVA STATION STATION ? See your Spa ? Find a buddy to massage your back with the Nukkles. Consultant for a Spa ?? Find a buddy to massage your back with a Nukkles and Apply the Herbal ? Try on a lipstick. What are your 3 favorite colors? Facial at the sink. _______________ give your scalp a massage with the Tingler. Serenity Foot Crème to ? Experience the surprise _______________ the right foot. _______________ in the Green Tea ? Apply the Save Your ? Sample the Spa Bath & Body products. What do you ? Use the foundation selector to find your shade of Masque. Sole Sea Salve to left foot. like? foundation. What is your shade? ? Try the Cell Block C ________________________________ ________________ SPF. ________________________________ ?Sample the Spa products. What do you like? ? Put on a pair of spa socks. ________________________________ ________________ ? Ask what the #1 ________________ treatment in Doctor’s ? Apply the Margarita ________________ offices was in 2006? ? Your favorite Spa Theme is: ___________________ Foot Crème to your elbow ________________ ________________________________________ ? Ask your Spa ? Ask your Spa Consultant the 2 FREE ways to see our Consultant how to get 50% makeup line. ? Check out the Reflexology off your Beautiful Skin ? Your favorite hostess benefit is: ? Try the Red Hot Lip Enhancer on your lips Chart. Set? _______________ ? Your favorite Spa Theme is: ________________ ? What was your favorite ? Apply the Microderm ? Ask the spa consultant: How many bookings does your foot crème? __________ ? Ask your consultant how you can get your skincare for ? Abrasion to the back of hostess need to get her FREE products? price. the forearm. ________________ Who do you know that ? Apply the Cell Block C ? Write down the date you selected for your own Spa, would like our foot ? I would like to host a spa and get FREE & discounted spa Makeup or In-Office spa: products? And what line PM on the arm after the _______________ treatments. would they like? MA treatment. ? Check out the WHY bag and write down your 3 favorite _______________ ? Apply 1 tsp of the things in there: _______________ ? Who do you know that would like our different spa Instant Manicure __________________________________________ _______________ products and what would they like? _______________ scrub to both hands & __________________________________________ _______________ ________________________________________ scrub away dead skin __________________________________________ ________________________________________ ? Use the Extreme Who do you know that would like our different spa products Repair Hand lotion and what would they like? after the scrub and __________________________________________ massage in. __________________________________________

    Blue Section Bonus Point Questions:

    What Skin Care Group are you in? ________________________________________________

    What Regeneration Skin Serum are you in? __________________________________________

    What Regeneration Eye Repair crème are you in? _______________________________________

     Name 5 people you know that could benefit from the Show of Hands Instant Manicure set for dry hands: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Yellow Section Bonus Point Questions:

    Write down the day you would like to host your Spa Escape ____________________________________

    Customer service: Please write down any personal questions you have regarding your skin, makeup & body _______________________________________________________

    __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

    How would you rate your spa experience today? Scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)

     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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