Spa Outline

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Spa Outline

    Spa Outline

    Set up Arrive approx. 20-30 min ahead to set up

    Heat up neckwraps and place in a cooler bag or rolling cooler. This can be done at your house b/c

    they will stay warm for a really long time in the cooler.

    Kitchen detox washcloths soaked and ready in ziplock bag, socks with wet cloth in zip bag, eye

    pads in fridge, foot tubs and bath minerals, Also, Instant Manicure and Extreme Repair Hand Therapy

    to be used at conclusion of spa.

    Living room spa music playing, hand towels in living room to set tubs on, small wash cloths or hand

    towels at seats, 1 skincare set (I recommend Gold b/c it’s easy to demo), microderm, TFF, cell block

    c capsules, foot crème, Warming Green Tea Masque, Hydrating mist and flip cards on coffee table

    with game gift; hostess goody bag, magic spa bag, tickets, folders or lap boards, pens, sets

    I. Welcome promptly at scheduled start time, explain the traffic flow and plan for the night.

    I like to have the tubs set up with hot water when they get there. Let everyone sit down

    and get comfy with the water. Hand out neckwraps.

    II. Say, “Don’t those neckwraps feel amazing??” Let everyone know that when they book a

    spa today/tonight that they will get one FREE at their Spa! Use this as a lead in to “stack

    the hostess”. Go through the details of our hostess plan, stacking the examples from your

    hostess bag on the hostess’s lap as you explain each. Say, “Tonight when at least 2 you

    guys book Spas to treat your friends, ___________ will rack up on freebies based on your

    Spa purchases and her pre-Spa orders. Ask the hostess, “Hey __________, who do you

    think should definitely book a spa tonight? Anyone with really stressed out friends or co-

    workers? How about anyone who really loves free stuff?” Let them know that you will be

    sharing your calendar at the end so they can pick a “hot date” to maximize their free stuff.

    Say, “I also reward my hostesses when one of their friends decides they’d like to be a Spa

    Girl like me, so you guys watch what I do tonight and think of some questions you can ask

    about the Spa Girl Opportunity later.”

    III. Dispense Lip Apeel and eye pads. Lay heated wash cloths on their faces making sure to let

    them know if they are claustrophobic that they can lift cloth up above nose. Lead them in

    3 deep breaths and turn up music and let them relax.

    IV. While guests are relaxing, heat up socks in microwave for 30 seconds. At the end of

    relaxation, say, “Don’t you feel wonderful? Don’t you know some other gals who would

    love to experience this, too?” Tell the guests they can wipe off their lip peel with their wet

    wash cloth. Pass a laundry bag around for them to put their wet cloths in. Dispense lip


    V. Have them lift their feet up so you can move the tubs and then have them wrap their feet

    in the towel. Dispense foot crème to each guest and heat socks. Give out warm socks to

    each guest. (You can either give them socks to keep or take them home and wash them.)

    VI. Demo the green tea on the inside of each guest’s arm and spray with hydrating mist to

    activate warming. I make everyone wait until everyone has some to rub it in. They love


    VII. Do a brief talk on how BC does skincare (cornflakes, raisins, grapes, etc and age

    appropriate skincare). As you go through each level, demo on one hand of each guest.

    This way they will be able to see the results and smell, feel, etc. Share that our skincare

    is “cosmeseutical-grade” skincare and is comparable to what they would find in high end

    day spas. I demo the cleanser and scrub together. Then I give the tonic on cotton pad or

    paper towel square. Share that we have several “instant results” products that work on

    their raisins and grapes and they are going to get to experience 2 them now! First share

    microderm. Talk a little about how it works and place a small dab of buffing crème on 1

    hand of each guest. Then pass the buffer around for them to try. Give them each a few

    seconds to try it and then tell them to pass it. Then have them wipe off the residue with

    their dry washcloth and have them compare hands. Then I demo the Cell Block C capsules

    by taking 1 capsule and splitting it between all the guests with a tiny dot. You can easily

    do up to 12 guests. Then I finish their hand with the moisturizer. Have them look and feel

    both hands to see the difference. The next product you demo is TFF. Share a little about

    our newest “blockbuster breakthrough” and then give each guest a small amount to put

    somewhere on their face. Let them know that even though it can take 6 hours to see

    results, most guests will see instant results before they even leave the Spa!! In fact, it’s

    such an amazing product, BC has made it a very special hostess incentive!

    VIII. Say, “There’s one last thing I want to do before I let you shop and that’s to share with you

    something you may not even know existed a Magic Spa Bag! (show spa bag) This bag is

    incredible! Let me tell you a little bit about it. It’s available for purchase tonight and it

    comes with about $500 of full-size products, including your entire Spa Facial set, that

    Micorderm Abrasion Set that you loved, over $100 of our best-selling spa products, and

    more. It includes a professional training class on your skin and all the products that come

    in the bag, how to use them etc. All of this is impressive, I know, but it gets even better.

    This bag actually has the power to give BC Spa Girls pretty amazing rewards. What’s a BC

    Spa Girl you ask??? Well, we actually have 3 kinds of Spa Girls that can get the Magic Spa

    Bag, and I’ll just call them A, B and C. I’ll tell you about Spa girl B first because she’s the

    most common kind of Spa Girl. She’s like most of us these days and she just needs a little

    ATM any time money! With rising gas prices and the recent economic slump, most

    families need about $500 or more a month, just to keep their lifestyle the same as a year

    ago. So this is where the ATM comes in to play. By taking her Magic Spa Bag out and

    sharing the Spa Escape with others 2-4 times a month, Spa Girl B can expect to add about

    $500-1000 to her household income. A pretty fun way to give yourself a cost of living

    raise, huh? Then there’s Spa girls A and C. They are the opposite ends of the spectrum.

    Spa girl A Spas regularly 2-3 times a week to change her life. Some of the benefits these

    spa girls can look forward to are all-expense-paid luxury vacations, free cars (to keep, not

    leases!), incredible rewards like diamonds and plasma tvs, an executive level income, and

    the freedom and flexibility to work her job around her life instead of her life around her job.

Spa Girl C doesn’t actually hold Spa Escapes. She just loves to Spa herself and would love

    to get her own products at a great discount and share with a few family and friends. And

    the beautiful thing is, you can move between being A, B and C as your life needs change.

    So I know you have questions about this Magic Bag so I’m going to reward you for asking.

    We are going to play a game for about the next 3 minutes where you will get a ticket for

    every question you ask me about the Magic Bag. At the end I will draw for a prize.

    Before we start let me say that this month the magic bag is an awesome deal at only $___!

    Okay, so who has the first question?? Play ticket game. After the game draw for a prize.

    IX. Close: Say, “If the Magic Bag isn’t for you, we have some other great deals in our Spa Escape Sets. Check out the set sheet in your folder/lap board.” Explain sets and Spa Favorites offers. Ask the guests to fill out their spa surveys and then come to meet with

    you individually so that you can help them with their needs and wants!

    X. Close by having everyone try the instant manicure and extreme repair while the guests eat.

    Ask them questions to get to know them and see if they have any product questions for

    you. Go into a separate room to check everyone out individually. Ask each guest as they

    bring you their survey, “Which of these sets appeals most to you?” Then help them

    customize their order, using set selling to maximize your spa sales. Use this time to finalize

    bookings as well.

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