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SR 01 LOCAL vs ...

    Young Researchers of Serbia

    Voluntary Service of Serbia



    Young Researches of Serbia (YRS) is a non-profit, non-political NGO that gathers young people around common interests, ideas and goals.

    YRS was officially established 1976 as a network of organizations, societies, clubs and sections with research programmes, gathered around the coordinative office on the national level in Belgrade. Through its history the number of members changed, but there were over 50 different organizations taking part. In the 90‟s YRS leaves the organizational form of

    vertical relationships following the current direction of civil sector development. Today YRS represents the organization

    on the national level and it unites three thematically different but interconnected sectors Youth Sector, Voluntary

    Service of Serbia and Environmental Protection and Conservation Sector.

    Young Researches of Serbia have more then 3000 members, mostly young people aged 15-30. THINK BIG - do little: start an avalanche! is our motto.

    Our vision is to be the driving force for all those whose aim is to make our planet a more peaceful, just and healthy place. Driven by science and education, our mission is to contribute:

    - to environmental protection and nature conservation,

    - to development of voluntarism and its values,

    - to scientific creativity and active participation of the youth

    Our main aims are environmental protection, environmental education, youth exchange and work with young people, as well as the promotion of sustainable development, scientific creativity and voluntarism. We have organized hundreds of research projects and educative programmes for young people in various areas of natural and social sciences.


    YRS is a member of: CCIVS Coordinative Committee of International Voluntary Service, YEE - Youth and Environment Europe, ANPED Northern Alliance for Sustainability, CEEWEB - Central and East European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity, Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, and a partner of the networks YAP and SCI in Serbia. YRS is one of the founding members of the following networks: SEEYN South East

    European Youth Network and Youth CAN - Youth Culture in Action Network.

Address: Bulevar umetnosti 27 - 190531 Beograd - SERBIA

    Phone numbers: +381 11 311 66 63, +381 11 311 13 14

    Fax number: +381 11 311 66 53

    Email address: (for all volunteer exchanges related issues), (outgoing

    placements), (incoming placements)


    Working days: Monday Friday

    Working hours: 11.00 15.00

    General issues: Jelena Ristic Beronja (skype contact jelena.yrs)

    Outgoing Placement Officers: Vera Antic and Dora Gherman (skype contact vss.outgoing);

    Incoming Placement Officer: Astrid Sikken (skype contact - vss.incoming);

    Languages spoken: English, Italian, French, Dutch, German, Romanian, Norwegian

    Contact person and emergency number (not to be given to volunteers): Jelena Ristic Beronja, +381 63 105 05 05


    No. of Camp code Name Type Dates NB vols

    RS-VSS 6.1 TRSIC ENVI 17/05 30/05 12 SPRING CAMP!!!!

    RS-VSS 6.2 BIG GRABOVSKI ENVI/ART 10/06 - 20/06 10 SPRING CAMP!!!!

    RS-VSS 6.3 LUDAS LAKE ENVI 20/06 03/07 15

    RS-VSS 6.4 LEDINCI ENVI 21/06 01/07 10

    RS-VSS 6.5 ZLAKUSA ENVI 23/06 04/07 12

    RS-VSS 4.1 CENEJ DISA/ART/SOCI 01/07 12/07 10

    RS-VSS 6.6 BREST RENO/ENVI 15/07 24/07 10

    RS-VSS 11.1 KLEK RENO/ENVI 18/07 02/08 10

    RS-VSS 6.7 CAJETINA ENVI 18/07 01/08 12

    RS-VSS 11.2 MOROVIC ENVI/ART/FEST 22/07 09/08 15

    RS-VSS 11.3 REGATTA FEST/ENVI 28/07 - 08/08 10

    RS-VSS 9.1 KOSJERIC I ART 01/08 15/08 7

    RS-VSS 9.2 KOSJERIC II ART 01/08 15/08 7

    RS-VSS 9.3 KOSJERIC III ART 01/08 15/08 7

    RS-VSS 9.4 KOSJERIC IV ART 01/08 15/08 7

    RS-VSS 9.5 MUSIC FESTIVAL FEST 02/08 11/08 10

    RS-VSS 6.8 OBEDSKA BARA ENVI 03/08 13/08 12

    RS-VSS 6.9 ZASAVICA ENVI 04/08 13/08 12

    RS-VSS 9.6 TIMACUM MINUS ENVI/ART/HERI 04/08 13/08 10

    RS-VSS 9.7 VALJEVO ART 05/08 15/08 10

    RS-VSS 6.10 DELIBLATO SANDS RENO/ENVI 20/08 29/08 10

    RS-VSS 11.4 SPORT CENTRE RENO/ENVI/FEST 24/08 03/09 10

    RS-VSS 9.8 WINE FEST FEST/KIDS 11/09 22/09 10

    General conditions:

    There is no upper age limit. We accept volunteers who are 18 and older.

    The language of the camps is English.

    There are small participation fees in some camps: either because these are study camps or art workshops, or to

    cover the costs of excursions.

    Some camps (e.g. art workshops) have special requirements.

    RS-VSS 6.1 TRSIC, Loznica


    Dates: 24/05 06/06

    Number of volunteers: 12

    Trsic is a small village famous as the birth place of Vuk Karadzic, the reformist of Serbian language and

    orthography. Today it is a place very much visited by tourists. The local partner organization

    ( works on development and improvement of rural and eco tourism. This workcamp‟s

    goal is to educate local people and motivate them to be active citizens in preserving nature and other values for

    the sake of generations to come. This is the third year the camp is organized here, as the first two gave great


    Work: Volunteers will work on cleaning the woods from garbage, clearing the vegetation, marking the walking paths which are connecting Vuk‟s house and 5km distant XIV century Tronosa monastery and making wooden

    benches and tables that would be placed along the path.

    For its ultimate historical importance for the Serbian language this village has, students of Serbian and other Slavic languages are very welcome, but others interested in the culture or, simply, in environmental protection, are welcome.

    Accommodation: In a house only 50m away from Vuk‟s house, built in the same style, in the heart of the ethno village. Volunteers will prepare meals together with the host.

    Location: Trsic is situated close to Loznica in the western part of Serbia.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special remarks: Excursions to important cultural and historical points will be organized, together with visits to museums and one day for getting to know children from the local school and participating in their special event. Participation of the local volunteers will be an essential part of the workcamp.

    Special requirements: Volunteers should be nature and culture lovers prepared for long walks and hard work. Participation fee: 15 ?


    Environmental / Art

    Dates: 10/06 - 20/06

    Number of volunteers: 10

    More than 50% of inhabitants of Serbia live in villages. In recent years there has been developed a strong movement for rural sustainable development through sustainable tourism in ethno villages representing the traditional Serbian life style. The most important treasure of this village is its unforgettable view over Guca, where the world wide popular trumpet festival occurs in the summer and the mountain peak just few km away. The whole household is made of wood and material from nature and the whole small community is doing their best in preserving the valley and the mountain clean and accessible for nature lovers. They can‟t wait having you there to make friends and show you their mountain!

    Work: will be about developing the place in two different aspects: marking tracking paths, creating wood steps on steamy ground, benches, etc. As the whole household is very artistic and full of details, volunteers with art skills, painters mainly, are very much welcome to leave their print here, in brakes between hiking and chopping wood with new friends.

    Accommodation: In the house. Volunteers will cook for themselves in shifts with help and interest of the local people.

    Location: Grab is a small village in the western part of Serbia, about 12km from Cacak, 150 km from Belgrade, and just a stone throw from Guca.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special requirements: Skills and interest in landscape architecture and decoration are welcome. Volunteers should be nature and art lovers.

    Special remarks: Volunteers will be given a chance to learn about old crafts such as knitting baskets, and will learn about ways of sustainable development. Local volunteers will be involved in the work as well. Participation fee: 15 ?

RS-VSS 6.3 LUDAS LAKE , Subotica


    Dates: 20/06 03/07

    Number of volunteers: 15

    Lake Ludas, an eolic lake surrounded with marsh, steppe and forest habitats, is famous as an ornithological reserve. It is one of the oldest protected areas in the world and listed as a wetland of international importance (Ramsar Site from 1977). Apart from preserved natural values (bird, fish and wetland plant species), the area boasts rich cultural heritage (archaeological findings, rural and sacral architecture, traditional culture, especially good rural cuisine). The beauty of the landscape and of the lake with the tall reed beds represents a special value of the Reserve. This will be the 8th camp we organize here.

    Work: Volunteers will be included in the project of wet meadows revitalization by removing weed, tree branches and clearing other vegetation.

    Accommodation: in the Research Station “Ludas”. Food will be provided in a local restaurant.

    Location: Lake Ludas is located 12 km from Subotica in the very northern part of Serbia.

    Terminal: Belgrade and Budapest

    Participation fee: 15 ?

RS-VSS 6.4 LEDINCI, Novi Sad Death & Nature How romantic?!


    Dates: 21/06 01/07

    Number of volunteers: 10

    Ledinci is a 9 centuries old village with its 644 inhabitants, whose ancestors were characterised as bold revolutionists in all past occupations of the country, defending their home, the beautiful region of Srem, immersed in the National park Fruska gora. They are doing their best in keeping the village image bright, but they need help. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the Serbian history and heritage from them, especially the work being cleaning the old graveyard!

    Work: Conserving, cleaning and presenting all the values that village has to present to everyone who likes history and nature! Old local graveyard is covered with big grass and it needs cleaning and planting new plants. Some work will be done in the village center as well.

    Accommodation: In families of local volunteers.

    Location: Stari Ledinci is situated on 12km from Novi Sad.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special remarks: Volunteers should be prepared for good and quality hiking; there are a lot of beautiful sights to be seen in the Nature park Fruska Gora including a marvelous lake.

    Participation fee: 15 ?



    Dates: 23/06 04/07

    Number of volunteers: 12

    The village Zlakusa finds its place between beautiful mountains of Zlatibor, Tara, Mokra gora. It is famous for its pottery, 60km of marked hiking paths through stunning nature, rivers rich with salmons, trumpet players and well preserved ethnovillages presenting the highest form of rural tourism to its guests. Zlakusa, ranked as the most successful point of rural tourism in Serbia, will host this workcamp for the second time. Visit

    Work: Volunteers will clean river banks, the entrance to the village and footpaths from garbage. They will mark footpaths and place garbage bins, remove weeds and bushes and plant flowers. They will help in organising the old crafts and folklore festival.

    Accommodation: in fully equipped houses of the ethnovillage. Food would be prepared by the host. Volunteers

    will have the possibility to cook if they want.

    Location: Zlakusa is 12km far from Uzice in the western part of Serbia.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special remarks: The workcamp is organized in the same time as the 15th international ceramic pottery colony with many happenings and cultural events. Volunteers have the possibility to participate in a course of traditional pottery and Serbian folk dances, so they might perform in front of the audience! One day would be reserved for raspberry picking and baking delicious homemade volunteer pies!

    Participation fee: 10?

RS-VSS 4.1 CENEJ, Novi Sad Different people, same life

    Disabled / Art / Social

    Dates: 01/07 12/07

    Number of volunteers: 10

    Salas Cenej is a farming community that keeps the tradition of Vojvodina way of life on a specific way: horse riding, coach riding, wine tasting, slow-food movement organisation. It is situated in Vojvodina region known for its outstanding fertility and abundance of dark soil.

    This workcamp‟s goal is to promote understanding and solidarity among the group of slightly mentally disabled

    youngsters and volunteers (local and international) by letting them learn about each-other and cooperate through artistic workshops and games, supporting cultural exchange; encourage young people to socially interact, regardless to their differences; inspire local volunteers and young people to devote to community services. Work: Volunteers‟ responsibility will be running activities in artistic workshops (handcraft, music, dance and choreography, art and theatre), as well as organizing games, free time activities and intercultural nights. Accommodation: In a house. Volunteers will prepare food by themselves with material provided. Location: Cenej is 40km away from Novi Sad.

    Language: English and languages of the Balkan region

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special requirements: Motivation for working with youngsters with disabilities and artistic and/or animation skills and experience are desirable. Volunteers speaking languages of the Balkan region are welcome, but it is certainly not a must!

    Participation fee: 15 ?

RS-VSS 6.6 BREST, Stara Pazova

    Renovation / Environmental

    Dates: 15/07 24/07

    Number of volunteers: 10

    Geographical position of Stara Pazova is extremely convenient: it is situated between the two largest cities in Serbia Belgrade (30 km), and Novi Sad (40 km). Stara Pazova has an impressive cultural versatility and prides itself on its cultural diversity and multi-ethnic structure.

    Work: maintaining of the local nursery garden Brest. Volunteers will be cleaning the area from the garbage, pruning bushes and branches and planting seedlings. See more about the local NGO at

    Accommodation: in the building of Stara Pazova nursery garden Brest (beds and bathrooms provided). Volunteers will prepare food by themselves with material provided.

    Special remarks: An excursion to Novi Sad will be organised as well as a visit to another workcamp in Sremski Karlovci. The nursery garden is placed in the outskirts of the town, immersed in nature.

    Location: Stara Pazova is situated at 30km from Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Participation fee: 15?

RS-VSS 11.1 KLEK, Zrenjanin Bicycles for everybody public village bike

    Renovation/ Environmental

    Dates: 18/07 02/08

    Number of volunteers: 10

    Klek is a modern and dynamic village in the region of Vojvodina, with a highly developed infrastructure. It has 3000 inhabitants with a large number of young people interested about having foreign volunteers this summer to work with them on this innovative project. The goal of the workcamp is to reconstruct a classic model of bicycle (donated by village families) and organize an alternative transport program, a public bicycle, first time in Serbia and in the Balkans! Having foreign volunteers in the village would be a good way for the inhabitants to accept this new trend. Creative ideas for the promotion are welcome!

    Work: Reconstruction of old bicycles and promotion of the bicycle tracks. “Pony” was the most popular bicycle brand in ex-YU, so everybody who had one in the garage donated it to the project! In this way bicycles of high sentimental value will be made public property. Volunteers will paint the bicycle parking spaces as well, make road signs and spread leaflets.

    Accommodation: In a house of traditional look. Food will be prepared by the host, with most welcome help from the volunteers.

    Location: Klek is situated on 7km from Zrenjanin and 75km from Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade, Budapest

    Special requirements: It is desirable to know how to use tools and have basic mechanics knowledge. Participation fee: 15 ?



    Dates: 18/07 01/08

    Number of volunteers: 12

    Cajetina village is situated on the mountain Zlatibor, a wellknown tourist resort near Tara Mountain national

    Park and the authentic ethno village of Sirogojno. Mokra gora and the famous film director Kusturica‟s

    ethnovillage Mecavnik are also nearby. Zlatibor offers unforgettable scenery and a unique climate. This is the third year local enthusiasts organize the workcamp, introducing the intercultural element in the town and placing grounds for a real intercultural dialogue between the volunteers from around the world and the locals, who, unrarely, have never traveled abroad. Having had the workcamp organized there for the past two years has made a progress among the local youth.

    Work: The volunteers will clean the surrounding of an small lake nearby. The project includes revitalization of dry grasslands by cutting bushes and weeds, making the signs and marking the walking paths. Ideas for innovative contacts with the locals are welcome.

    Accommodation: In a house. Volunteers will cook for themselves in shifts.

    Location: Cajetina is a small town in the western part of Serbia, about 200km from Belgrade Terminal: Belgrade

    Special remarks: There is a possibility for long walks and lot of opportunities to discover flora and fauna of this mountain region. Local volunteers will be involved in the work.

    Participation fee: 15 ?



    Dates: 22/07 09/08

    Number of volunteers: 15

    Morovic is most famous for its 2500 hectares covered with magnificent centenary oaks and rich variety of bird species. However, people of Morovic are scarcely interested in bringing values of their hometown to the world‟s

    eyes, having lack of confidence when potentials of the local community are in question. The scope of this workcamp is to raise awareness among the locals about active participation towards the community‟s needs.

    This is the 3rd year of the workcamp and the improvement is visible.

    Work: Volunteers will clean the rivers‟ banks, make and place garbage bins and organize events with the locals, depending on volunteers‟ creativity and ideas. The workcamp holds the idea of bringing locals and volunteers

    together to know each others cultures through work, so ideas to interact with the locals and open mindness are welcome. It is preferred that volunteers have an eye for photography or filming, so that the group could make photos (or a video) that will be used for the presentation of environmental and touristic potential of the region. Hence, many excursions will be organized, hiking, paragliding…

    Accommodation: in an attractive fully equipped train wagon, adapted for living, based on the river bank. Volunteers will have the chance to cook their national meals but also to be offered many typical local dishes, made by traditional recepies.

    Location: Morovic is situated close to Sid in the NorthWest of Serbia, 100km from Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special remarks: The workcamp will be held in the same time as the 19th traditional cultural festival (food, drinks and old crafts) and the volunteers will help in the organization. There will be a cooking fish soup contest as well! Check on Facebook EKO-KAMP Morovic.

    Special requirements: Volunteers who know to sing, dance, play music instruments and are fond of street performances are welcome. As well as the ones with skills of photographing, filming and editing are more then welcome.

    Participation fee: 10 ?

RS-VSS 11.3 REGATTA, Curug

    Festival / Environmental

    Dates: 28/07 - 08/08

    Number of volunteers: 10

    Curug is one of the oldest settlements of the Vojvodina region, a village situated in wide lowlands, in the place where the river Tisa creates its greatest meander down its flow, making it a unique and picturesque sight. The mild climate and the environment had a strong influence on the people as well they are endlessly cordial and


    Work: Starting with 2003 Curug has been organising a boat racing manifestation (The regatta of Curug). Most of the work will be promoting the manifestation and helping organising it (distribution of promo materials, help in organising the race, parties and award ceremony). Other part of the work will involve cleaning the river banks of the Old Tisa river. Evenings are of course reserved for the program of the Regatta. See more about the local NGO at

    Accommodation: in the local elementary school with showers. Volunteers will prepare food by themselves with material provided.

    Special remarks: workshops about the history of the region and the nature protected area of the Old Tisa river. Location: Curug is situated at 45km from Novi Sad.

    Terminal: Belgrade

Participation fee: 15?



    Dates: 01/08 15/08

    Number of volunteers: 7

    Kosjeric is a small town in the western part of Serbia, well known for its beautiful nature. A group of young people initiated workcamps to increase and affirm cultural and tourism potentials through interaction between the citizens and the volunteers in an international atmosphere. This is the 9th year of the workcamp. Work: The idea for the music workshop is based on image and sound interaction and wider communication, as well as on a possible collaboration with other workshops taking place in Kosjeric camps (mural, graffiti and theatre workshop). The work process will be divided into three phases: a) Sound and spaces the participants

    would create music for the video material that will be recorded in various localities; b) Sound and movement

    the participants will make several improvisations together with the theatre workshop that will take in hand stage movement; c) Sound and colour in cooperation with the mural workshop; the participants will produce several compositions connected to murals and graffiti and they will be performed during the camp. There will be a mini lecture on synthesis and interaction among different kinds of art expressions. Visit:

    Accommodation: local host families

    Location: Kosjeric, 130 km south of Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special Requirements: It is necessary to be able to play at least one instrument. Motivation letter required.

RS-VSS 9.2 KOSJERIC II ARTBURG HILL (visual art workshop), Uzice


    Dates: 01/08 15/08

    Number of volunteers: 7

    Kosjeric is a small town in the western part of Serbia, well known for its beautiful nature. A group of young people initiated workcamps to increase and affirm cultural and tourism potentials through interaction between the citizens and the volunteers in an international atmosphere. This is the 9th year of the workcamp. Work: The aim of the workshop is to create permanent art installations on different town sites. The idea is to present gradation/degradation of the human living soul through its life stages. On the specific town locations, every stage of the human life would be presented through a symbol: childhood (rocking chair), love life (bench), sorrow (altered piece of rock), festivity (table) and old age. The workshop will consist of two phases. In the first brainstorming for ideas, leaning on our past experiences and building up the theme. In the second

    implementing the idea either in the studio or in the open. The materials used could be wood, stone, ceramic tiles, glass, etc. The main goal is to create discrete and enduring interactive town exhibition that is to stay with the Kosjeric locals. Visit:

    Accommodation: local host families

    Location: Kosjeric, 130 km south of Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special Requirements: basic tool skills, basics in drawing, painting... (It is not necessary to be a professional, especially not a sculptor, nothing classical anyway). Motivation letter required.

RS-VSS 9.3 KOSJERIC III STREET GALLERIES (mural and art of making graffiti), Uzice


Dates: 01/08 15/08

    Number of volunteers: 7

    Kosjeric is a small town in the western part of Serbia, well known for its beautiful nature. A group of young people initiated workcamps to increase and affirm cultural and tourism potentials through interaction between the citizens and the volunteers in an international atmosphere. This is the 9th year of the workcamp. Work: The workshop will consist of two groups organized around the idea of “street galleries”. First group‟s task will be painting murals and introducing innovations to the technical procedure of the wall painting itself. The basic medium shall be acrylic façade painting. However, interventions and experiments with the third dimension are also sought after. The primary goal of the second group work is introducing new forms of expression, graffiti art and spreading popular culture through interaction with young people. An art that‟s been marginalized throughout decades and classified as subculture gets its own legitimate place and recognition through a phenomenon of a “street gallery”. Synthesis and collaboration between these two groups is possible depending on ideas and agreement among members. According to their own affinities, the participants will decide between two groups in order to express their creativity to the full extent. First camp days will pass in getting acquainted with basics of mural painting and graffiti, as well as in exchanging ideas among participants themselves. Apart from the masterpiece, there is also a possibility of creating stencils, tags. Visit:

    Accommodation: local host families

    Location: Kosjeric, 130 km south of Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special Requirements: Participants are expected to have basic art skills. Motivation letter required.



    Dates: 01/08 15/08

    Number of volunteers: 7

    Kosjeric is a small town in the western part of Serbia, well known for its beautiful nature. A group of young people initiated workcamps to increase and affirm cultural and tourism potentials through interaction between the citizens and the volunteers in an international atmosphere. This is the 9th year of the workcamp. Work: Throughout the series of the specific performing techniques and improvisation process, the work will explore the possibilities of creating theatre images and stories in everyday life situations (on the park bench, in the restaurant, etc.) Within easytofollow theatre games and workshops, the participants will create a material which will not depend on text. Dramaturgy based on a dreamlike logic allows combining theatre images, actions,

    sound and text. The accent is put on exploring the interaction between the performers themselves and the relationship performersaudiencespace, rather than on creating a finished theatre piece. Visit:

    Accommodation: local host families

    Location: Kosjeric, 130 km south of Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special requirements: The workshop is intended for non actors, but also for experienced performers willing to

    enjoy group dynamics. Motivation letter required.



    Dates: 02/08 11/08

    Number of volunteers: 10

    Takovo village, in central part of Serbia known as Sumadija, occupies a very important place in Serbian history. Today it keeps the memory of these important events. Beside, it is a rich natural region covered with thick woods.

    This is the second year of the Festival that brings a rich and varied musical programme including traditional music from Lapland, Jewish klezmer, Roma music from the Balkans. The workcamp‟s aim is to further promote and affirm the festival, environmental protection, tourism, cultural exchange and dialogue. Work: Help in organising the festival before, during and after (prepared scenes, festival space, work backstage, info desks). Also, participants will have an opportunity to organize workshops on environmental protection awareness raising. Volunteers will be encouraged to get in closer contact with the locals, so ideas on different common activities are welcome.

    Accommodation: In a house. Volunteers will prepare food by themselves with material provided. Location: Takovo is 10 km away from Gornji Milanovac and 120km from Belgrade.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special requirements: Desirable skills in working with children on environmental protection.

    15 ? Participation fee:



    Dates: 03/08 13/08

    Number of volunteers: 12

    Special Nature Reserve Obedska Bara is the second oldest protected area in the world (the oldest in Europe) and a wetland of international importance (listed as a Ramsar site and IBA). Obedska bara, famous ornithological site, is an oxbow lake surrounded with marsh and forest habitats. Wetlands are among the worlds most threatened ecosystems and this one has been gravely degraded, the most important problem being the overgrowing and disappearance of wet meadows.

    Work: Volunteers will be included in the project „‟Return of the Ibis‟‟ of wet meadows revitalization by removing thtree branches and clearing other vegetation. This will be the 13 camp we organize here; so far because of our

    activities several bird species have returned and the working site has the richest bird fauna in the reserve. Accommodation: in the house in Kupinovo village, sleeping on mats. Food will be provided partly in the house for volunteers to cook for themselves and partly in the village restaurant.

    Language: English

    Location: Obedska bara is located 50km from Belgrade and 75 km from Novi Sad.

    Terminal: Belgrade

    Special remarks: Lectures on wetlands and Obedska Bara's recent environmental problems will be given. Excursion to a medieval church and a fortress in the area, a visit to the other cultural monuments and a trip to thnearby Belgrade are foreseen as well. Volunteers will participate in celebration of village festival on 12 of August

    (St Angelina Day). Volunteers can also swim in the lake and the river Sava, watch the birds and explore the beautiful nature of the area.

    Participation fee: 15?

RS-VSS 6.9 ZASAVICA, Sremska Mitrovica


    Dates: 04/08 13/08

    Number of volunteers: 12

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