Municipal Energy Challenge

By Ricardo Weaver,2014-06-17 20:31
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Municipal Energy Challenge

Mr. H. Curtis Spalding

    Regional Administrator

    EPA New England

    5 Post Office Square - Suite 100

    Boston, MA 02109 3912

Dear Mr. Spalding:

     With this letter, joins EPA New England’s Community Energy Challenge and becomes an EPA ENERGY STAR partner. We are making a commitment to

    protect the environment through the continuous improvement of our energy performance. We

    believe that an energy management strategy for our municipal buildings and facilities will aid in

    preserving the environment and help us enhance our financial health for future generations. In

    partnership with EPA, we will specifically:

    Benchmark with Portfolio Manager the energy performance of all municipal buildings

    in our community

     Set a goal to reduce energy use in municipal buildings by 10% or more

    Create a local energy committee

     Promote energy efficiency in our community

    We understand that our commitment to assess and improve the energy performance of our

    community is supported by the strategic resources and tools offered through the Community

    Energy Challenge. In addition, we are aware that both ENERGY STAR and the Community

    Energy Challenge present opportunities to be recognized for success. To be eligible for

    recognition, we will share with EPA our progress and milestone achievements.

<Community name> looks forward to our partnership with EPA.


    <Name of Community Official>


    <Community Name>



    Organization Information

Please complete this sheet and send it along with the signed letter. (* = required information)

    If you have questions, contact Linda Darveau at 617-918-1718 or

*Main contact

Name and Title

    Mailing Address

Email Address

    Phone Number

*Energy Manager

Name and Title

    Email Address

    Phone Number

*Media Contact

Name and Title

    Email Address

    Phone Number

    Do you have an energy task force or energy committee? YES NO if yes, please list the contact person with phone and/or email

Do you work with any other organizations regarding municipal energy (nonprofits, energy service companies, etc.)?

    Please also note any other existing environmental commitments: G ICLEI/Local Governments for Sustainability - Cities for Climate Protection G New England Carbon Challenge

    G US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

    G Other

*Total number and square footage of municipally owned, leased or managed buildings or facilities in your community:

     Municipal K-12 Schools Drinking water Wastewater Other (describe)

    Buildings facilities facilities

    Number of buildings

    Square footage

    How did you learn about the Community Energy Challenge?

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