4-H Project Record

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4-H Project Record

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    4-H Project Record

    (complete this form for each project)

Use tab key to move cursor to each field. Field will expand as you type.

? This Record Belongs to: Year:

? Club Name:

    Junior Intermediate Senior Years in 4-H Birth Date

? My Project is:

    ? Number of years in this project area:

    ? Date project started: (Month/Day/Year)

    ? Date this year project was completed: (Month/Day/Year)

    ? Size of project:

? Title of Project Activity Guide:

     Level I,A Level 2,B Level 3,C Level 4,D Other

    Year in Achievement Program Level:Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

    Number of lessons completed during the 1st year:

    ndNumber of lessons completed during the 2 year:

    rdNumber of lessons completed during the 3 year:

? In this project, I would like to do and learn:

I have completed this record and believe all information to be complete and accurate.

     Member Signature Date Volunteer/Leader Signature Date

     Extension Educator Date

    Date Communications Topic or Title Location Rating

    Date Exhibit(s) Location Rating

Learning Experiences Include project meetings/workshops, shows, concerts, learning

    experiences, and anything related to your project. Record all the things as you do them.

    Date What I Did What I Learned

Need more room? Add a page.


Income is all the monies you receive from the sale of services, products, and premiums for this

    4-H Project. Expenses are all the items you paid for to support this 4-H Project.

    Date Description of Income or Expense Income Expense

    Income: $ 0.00

    Expenses: $ 0.00

     Profit (+) or Loss (-): $ 0.00


List resources you used to learn more about your project. Include books, people, Internet,


Describe the life skills you have learned /practiced in this project under each “H” of the 4-H


     HEAD (managing and decision making):

    HEART (relating and caring):

    HANDS (giving and working):

    HEALTH (living and being):

This project was . . .

This project has encouraged me to . . .

    Supplemental Materials/Creative Time should be attached to your Record Sheet.

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    L. Martin Hamilton

    Alice Hevner

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